Welcome Yongiway Grads!!!  Welcome to the Yongiway Testimonials!  You may fill in the form below and submit it to us on anything from ATPY to Master Course to Lymphatic Therapy, etc.  Please let your other family members know who you are, what you graduated in, month, year and how you find that particular course.  Thank you!



Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had the tumor removed almost immediately as I was in stage 1 with level 3 aggressiveness. I have been fortunate to have a fantastic and caring surgeon and oncologist who have looked after me tremendously well and to whom I'm eternally grateful. One week ago I was told I was cancer free but still need regular check ups now at 4 monthly intervals. In addition to this I'm of the firm belief that modern medicine is not responsible for my diagnosis alone. 

I was fortunate enough through friends to be introduced to yongiway in Malaysia and now my very good friend Limmy who I hold very dear to my heart as well as his supportive band of believers. Lim instilled in Myself an absolute belief in good nutrition and a very positive attitude. In addition to this during meditation sessions he performed spiritual surgery on Myself and assured me the bladder cancer had disappeared and he had undone some blockages. Yongiway is very difficult to explain but for whatever reason whether it's health, relationships, general motivation it's something I believe everyone at least once in their life should experience. My strong belief is the "Awakening the powerful you" course followed by an "overhaul" program on your body is the greatest recipe you can ever have to restoring yourself back to a great mental and physical condition in life. Coming from Australia I participated in both these courses back to back and haven't looked back.  

The other huge benefit of this course is the friendliness and friendships of the people you meet within the course. I met some of the nicest  and kindest people I have come into contact with in my life. On top of this when the course is completed you are not on your own. You are part of a Family and not forgotten. Personally I'm in regular contact with Limmy by email or meetings which is totally reassuring. I'd recommend these courses to anyone and fully intend to take my Family to be part of one of these courses. Limmy I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Love and Kindest Regards,
Mark Sheppard
( High Performance, Elite, Level 3, TCAM, TCAV, USPTA Tennis Coach).


I signed up for the ATPY mainly because of my son, Justin.  I was told many children who are rude to their parents attended the ATPY so I thought this program should be able to teach Justin some good manners.  However, I WAS WRONG!!!  Indeed, ATPY taught me many very valuable lessons about parenting  i.e. FAMILY WE ARE ONE; to DANCE with him; to UNDERSTAND his needs and wants; to LEVEL myself with him; etc.  

Besides, DR. YONG show his concerns and caring by attending to any questions promptly and reminding me constantly to refer to ATPY to deal with Justin i.e. to tell Justin to show the hidden love inside him; to remind him to have fun all round and not let his inner aggressiveness come to the fore; to re-educate him to empower himself and show consideration and love to his mom, to do things together happily, etc.  So I DARE to state that ATPY is not just another COMMERCIAL program which normally you will receive an email asking you to grade the venue, program and speaker.     

Yes it costs me a sum of money to attend the ATPY but it is absolutely one of the wisest INVESTMENTs I have ever made and I am 1,000,000,000% certain about it.

I hereby recommending ATPY to everyone who want to JUMP START yourself or FLY AGAIN!!!  If you feel you are stuck, if you believe you have no way out, if you think you are mistreated, or if you want to find out your TRUE SELF, then GOD send you HIS precious gift - DR. YONG and ATPY.  MY FRIENDS, PLEASE ACT NOW and DO NOT THINK TOO MUCH (because THOUGHT KILLS).   

I cannot wait to participate in the August 2015 Overxhaul and the October 2015 Silent Retreat: Altar Ego.

DR. YONG, Thank you so much and I really appreciate your caring and generosity.  AAH HAA! AH HA HAAAAA!!!

With Love & Hugs 


Dear Doc,  

At first when we heard about ATPY, we really had many many queries and doubt about these self healing, emotional things.   There are so many things in our life that we won't be able to understand, especially the Spiritual Surgery, instead of only doing the surgery for me, you had also helped Desmond to do the surgery for his heart.  Really really greatful and want to thank you, Doc, its really an invaluable healing/experience.  Desmond heartbeat is normal now and we are practicing the breathing method every now and then.  

All these are not something that we learn from school or understand logically.  GOD send angels to help us and you are that ANGEL, thank you Doc.  

We hereby recommending YONGIWAY to everyone out there because no matter how healthy/well we are, we are bound to have some issues/emotions that we thought had gone but still exist.  

Once again, We would like to thanks Doc Yong, Eddie, Mr Tee (who had recommend us) and all those volunteers, Mdm Loi, Shiau Ling, Hong and many many more who had helped us going though the sorrows and laughters.  

See you all in the coming July 2015 OVERXHAUL.   

Thank & Regards 
Betty & Desmond Ho



The following testimony was openly shared with the AWAKENING THE POWERFUL YOU class on 24 May, 2015: 

I like to share with this class how Dr. Yong and Pauline came to see my mom at Sungei Buloh Hospital after she had a heart attack that left her more than weak, and at worst would have left me. 

Doc came, placed his hands on her heart and pancreas. Each action of his Doc explained fully. One of the most important statement he made to my mother was to laugh if she wants to strengthen her heart. Mom did. Mom followed each advice of Doc. He also advised mom to do deep breathing and then hold momentarily. This she did too. 

I consider what Doc did to mom a miracle. From one who had no urge to live, no strength to even get up and go to the loo independently, on oxygen mask intake, and ate very little, to one who the next day was told she can be discharged and to go home. The duty doctor confirmed that she is okay and that she could go home! 

I cannot thank Doc enough for his unconditional giving (in all Doc’s work he never charges a cent as far as I know), and to Pauline who had always being a tower of strength and friendship to me.
I am fortunate to have crossed Doc’s path and to be able to see his work regularly with the many who come to attend his workshop – AWAKENING THE POWERFUL YOU. This is because for the past 10 years he had held his workshops at the hotel that I work for. 

Sheela Nagan Sales Executive Glory Beach Resort, Lukut Port Dickson   



MAY 24, 2015  

Airene’s Testimonial followed Sheela’s at the Awakening the Powerful You class on 24 May, 2015.  

I can attest to what Sheela shared about Dr, Yong’s work. In the same week Doc was with all my family members while he helped to attend to my father till his last breath. Doc can tell you each moment in time till the last breath. To see him at work to bring peace to those about to go is to believe with evidence.  

Like Sheela, all we know is Doc is always giving, always there when needed. I assure all readers who happen to read this testimonial, that Doc is indeed 100% unconditional in his work. He will also follow up to ensure that the family in grieving is well and to help them to go on with their life.  

I will also thank Pauline who inevitably will drive Doc in his visits and there to hold our hands. She is a very special friend and lady to me and my family.  

Thank you too to all YongiWay graduates who sent condolences to us and came to the wake. My family and I appreciate this time that you spent with us.  

With Love and Appreciation 
Airene (and on behalf of the family) May 24, 2015 



Testimonial in relation to Yongiway - Mark Sheppard (TCAV, TPAA, ELITE, HIGH PERFORMANCE, USPTA TENNIS COACH).  

Recently I attended the Yongiway ATPY course and followed up directly after with the overhaul program. I went into this program under the advice of a former Australian Tennis Professional and cancer sufferer. I went in with a very open mind and with a determination to give the course everything and participate 100%. Recently I had been diagnosed with bladder cancer and were looking for answers in many areas not only in regards to cancer and nutrition but relationships and many other areas in life.  

Being a High Performance coach in my field I have experienced many seminars, conferences and presentations. To me this was the most enlightening and satisfying course I have ever participated in. Very difficult to explain but I will be back and would recommend any person to experience this course at least once in your life time where the sense of fulfillment by participating in such a well structured program is absolutely second to none. Well done to the Doc, Eddy and every person concerned with Yongiway which means Simple and Easy. A truly life changing experience with incredibly devoted people.  

Kindest Regards and all the best in the future. 

Mark Sheppard.      
Kanga Tennis Coaching
Willison Park Tennis Club
59A York Street, Richmond VIC 3121


From: Danny Sherwood  

In May 2014 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and shortly after was given a friends contact details who had the same diagnosis. It took me about six months to make contact when I felt ready to talk. He told me about the doc and yongiway and he told me to get in touch. I did and within two weeks I was on a plane to Malaysia to do the ATPY course at Port Dickson. I had no idea what to expect but was committed to giving 100%. After the end of the course and completing the overxhaul, my whole mental and physical attitude had changed. I have gone from feeling lost and helpless to positive, strong and aware of my thoughts. Yongiway has given me the tools, evidence and support to continue on my journey to better health and happiness and I couldn't recommend the invaluable experience highly enough.

Received on April 22, 2015 


Dear Doc,

I had only met you last year in October, and only joined ATPY in April 2015. But I have somewhat known and been told about you from many years back when my parents first joined ATPY. They first spoke a little bit about you over the phone to Melbourne to me, but I wasn't too keen. Then it got worse, you were all they spoke about when I called home. All I wanted was to hear their familiar voices and feel less homesick, but instead it got me really annoyed to call home sometimes. Then it came to the point where they kept trying to get me to join one of the ATPY courses. It almost got to the point where I wished to never hear, see or know, of this "Doctor Yong" or "ATPY" or " Glory Beach".

I HATED IT.  Not because I didn't believe in your wonders, but I felt like it took my parents away from me.  

This March(2015) I came home from Melbourne, planned to stay for 2-3 months leaving my life with my husband and my job on hold. I had no plans to do anything but study to finish my online course. I wasn't living the happiest of marriages, and (still) do not like my job.

This is where my parents verbally and mentally cornered me, and successfully got me to agree to attend ATPY April 2015. I told myself, alright, let's see what I can find out and do with myself at this course. And it is during these 3 night and 4 days that I learnt how much my parents and sister loves me.   I also learnt that there are a plenty of things in life that don't go as we planned it to be. There's so much talent in all ourselves, it's incredible what we can do to work our way around it. Doc taught us that there's more to life than dwelling on the little things; there's always room to step back and see the bigger picture. Some things people perceive to be negative, can be a positive for others, it's all on how you look at it.  

Day 2 or day 3, my sister asked me if I am happy I attended the course. I honestly could not answer her. I obviously wasn't 'happy', I was afraid to face the day I realise something is wrong with my marriage. And then I was afraid for the last day to come, I was afraid that I didn't know what to do after I left ATPY. Everyone there were so caring and helpful, no one judges your situation. I sometimes asked myself if my 'story' is so tragic, compared to some others, but then I reminded myself that I need to find myself, and so do the rest; it doesn't matter who's life is better or worse. And the last day came, I still felt a little lost deep inside.  

But a few days later, everything somewhat seemed to sink into its own place. I managed to bring up our marriage issues to my husband, tears of pain and tears of joy we shed, but we're giving our love another chance. In the future, I may come back to you, Doc, saying I'm single again, or I have a child, I don't know. But I shall be a happier person and will take on what life has to give me with open arms (and maybe email you every now and then for guidance..)!! 

So thank you Doc, for all the love and care you give to all so willingly. You truly are a good man!! Not forgetting Doc's "disciple", Eddie, and all the lovely Yongiway volunteers who so caringly offer us tissues and buckets when we breakdown, and those warm hands that hold our hearts so that we know we aren't alone. 

To whoever reading this, if someone who cares a lot for you, asks you take time off work and not go on a holiday but attend this course, you take their word and meet Doc and his gang of lovely and crazy!! 

Avril Leow Watson 

Received April 20. 2015 


From:  jansen_0127 

Apr 13 2014
Hello doc.. 
  I need to say thank you(mutiply 1000) to u,u are the very important character in my life and my familys...becos u teaching us many many things to enjoy our beautiful life stlye...   LOVE...is the first thing i learn from u!!how to love,carry my family..i can feel very warm in my family!!is a big different change after......look my father one of the china man become a soft father..hehe!!and he will initiative giving support and talking with son and daughter...i fully suprise...because u awakening my family to change.  

  I have a very great weekend in pd...learn many thing in atpy and how to care the group of the familys...i wish that my wife also can absorb this valuable experience!! 
  And i never forgot wat u teaching me on my business way...i very happy that u and eddy always sharing modal and idea to me!!is a good powerful support my business!!Even i know  have much mission and vission are waitting me to learn from yongiway...thank you sifu.
  Finally...enjoy your trip....see u after two week...  

Sent 13 April, 2015 


FROM Andrew Florent, Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Doc,

I thought I would write something for you to put on your website as a testimonial from me.
Just over 2 years ago, at the age of 42, I was suddenly diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel and Liver Cancer.  My diagnosis was so dire, that I was given between 3 to 12 months to live.  With a wife and 2 teenage sons, I knew this was going to be the biggest challenge of my life. As a former tennis professional, I was fortunate enough to be diagnosed during the Australian Open in 2013.  A mutual friend of mine (Pat Cash) who was in Melbourne at the time had attended many of Dr Lim’s courses over the years.  Pat told me about Doc’s alternative methods, and thought it would be beneficial for me to give him a go, along with the chemotherapy I was prescribed.  Despite Doc being in Melbourne on holidays at the time, he was at my house the next day talking about his methods and what I would get out of it.  I was slightly skeptical but agreed to give it a go.
Over the next 24 months, I attended 3 of Doc’s courses in Malaysia.  I learnt a lot about myself, and how to let go of issues that I have held onto for many years.
Doc believes cancer is emotionally derived, and I needed to find the root cause.  Being able to scream, laugh and cry was very difficult for me in a room full of strangers, but I was able to overcome some of my fears.  Despite being skeptical of Doc’s ways at first, he taught me how to cleanse my body and live a cleaner life through his teachings.
My results speak for themselves – with the combination of modern medicine and Yongiway I am proud to say that I am now living a CANCER FREE life.
If Doc didn’t come into my life, I may not be here today. 

I have no hesitation of recommending Yongiway to anyone – sick or healthy, as a marvelous way to cleanse your soul and start afresh.

Thanks Andrew for the testimony.
Andrew had recommended quite a number of his friends to the ATPY (AWAKENING THE POWERFUL YOU) workshop.oc.  



Zane Yong
Hi Doc
During March ATPY, I had desired to quit smoke thru Doc psychic way.  Since then, many of Yongiway family members come to me and concern with my quit smoke progress.  They wondering, am I success 100% to quit it?  Here, I would like to share my experience and appreciation to Doc & Eddie for help to “Reset” my lifestyle~~

My purpose of quit smoke is cause wanna save money, not prefer to spend more for buy cigarette as the price of it keep increasing.  Well, that’s the first thing come thru mind~  But I see something different after been thru the quit smoke progress by Doc.  

Is been 18 years (since schooling period) I taking cigarette 1 pack (20 cigarette) or more for a day.  Everyday everything is a must to start and end with smoking.  I hate the smell as my sense of smell is high sensitive, but I can’t control it.  As some of my friends and colleague they are non smoking, I prefer to be spending time alone rather than joining to be social with them.  Same as to my own family, even they know that I am smoker, but I am paiseh to smoke in front of them.  So, I will always find excuse to stay away from them just for smoke..  I also spend a lot of time stay in daydream during smoking alone.  

I just notice that I had hid myself cause of smoking for so many years.  I didn’t realize all this till this progress of quit smoke by Doc been done on me!

As Doc said, to be quit smoke thru this progress, 90% sure success, 10% is depending on self discipline.  Yeah is so true!  Be honest to doc, I admit that I did not hit 100% as I turn to social smoker; for sure I am not as previously, a must a pack a day!  And of coz, if I set a high discipline on this, I am sure it will be 120% of quit smoke!  

But in this 90%, I become awake and feel that my lifestyle totally been RESET!  I feel like I just been free from the prison.  I start to be in social with others.  I start to get closer to my parents.  I even turn to more efficiency doing my routine as everything now become faster for me!  My mood and my time not anymore been tight by smoking, smoking and smoking!  I am FREE!!  (No, I don’t want to get back to that cage anymore!  )

Thank you to Doc & Eddie helping me thru this.. Maybe this mean nothing for others as I did not hit the 100%, but is huge for me as I gained something unexpected from the 90%.  Thank you~




From: Michelle Forbes <mforbes@boutiquehomes.com.au>
Date: Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 1:06 PM
Subject: RE: Home Sweet Home <3
To: Doc Yong Lim <yongiway@gmail.com>

Hi Doc,
Just letting you know that I have arrived home safely!
What can I say………………… AMAZING I can’t stop smiling to myself I thought I would come and leave so much in Malaysia.
But I took my memories and I now understand it all makes sense to me now! Everything makes sense!!!
 YOU DOC are simply an angel!
When I touched down and turned my phone on the hospital called to make an appointment to see the surgeon I called and said I won’t require an appointment   She said the surgeon wants to see you! My reply I don’t want to see him thanks and I laughed!  (OF COURSE HE WANTS TO SEE ME ANOTHER $160….
First time in my life I bought a book at the airport and read it without distraction from everything around me, got on the plane and closed my eyes and just floated away no thinking…..
I meet a lady called Monica at the Airport, I told her about you she’s a lovely lady her nieces needs help with anorexia I will forward her your details.
Thank-you!  Thank-you to your beautiful family who supports there papa and husband to do what he was born to do heal the world 
Michelle xoxoxoxoxo
  Kind regards,

Michelle Forbes
New Homes Consultant


wong ching shin 

Dear Ah Loc,  

Had fun shopping? Everyday without fail, I will tune into my mailbox for you mails. Like others, I enjoyed your sharing!  

This morning before I started of with my work, I drafted a mail which I thought of forwarding once completed.  Is a mail of my appreciation to you - Doc and members of Yongiway.  Coincidently, I did touch on family bonding as well!  

Here you go:  

Good morning! Today is boxing day! A few days from now the new year will kick start! 2013 has been a year of constant change for me......   Back home, mom ended her business and became a full time housewife. We finally stayed  under the same roof instead of commuting between the house and the shop house. We also have a new member to the family, my little niece XInyi. She is so adorable and her  presence brought the family closer together.   Although there are still arguments from time to time, I realized that family bond is not breakable just because of our differences. We are like magnets that drawn to each other presence. I stopped complaining about the shortcomings and the pressure I felt, instead I am thankful that each of my  family members are independent in taking care of themselves and contributing to the family. We reach out to each other differently but beautifully. Our efforts are with least strength but yet wholeheartedly. The lightness of the burden felt is because we share the love of bonding!  Each of  us know we are family!   

  At work, change of management, change of superior and change of business processes is indeed very challenging. 

I have to realign my work flow and adapt to new requirements from the new team. I am glad I have learned the  universal principles from Doc. I adapted the new reporting formats, flexible to changes required and quick in responding. With these, I am working well with both the old and new Management team!    In social life,  I have to say I made more friends that I lost count of how big of a family we have become. There people from different walks of life and different age group. I am suddenly a “Sister”, “Aunty” "Mentor"and  ”Lou Poh” to people that I met. I am glad that I can share and give guidance of my experiences gained in Yongiway.  At the sametime they have touched me like never before.   

I see myself in some of them, the fickle minded me, the super” kan Cheong” me, the stubborn and angry me,  the”yes” person in me and also at times the lost person in me. I am glad I can see it in their eyes because I finally made the effort to slow down and breath, to relax and learning to say "No" (Pansy aren't you proud of me!!) and most important time saver is I am less fickled! Decisions are made faster and when I think less about it, I made  a better choice too hehehehe!  

I am not trying to be perfect, but be the Agnes in my own way. I love to see happiness and laughther in each and every  different faces so I will continue to learn and share and lend my hand in possible manner...bringing spark back into life!   

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to part of the Yongiway Family. It gives me a greater sense of fulfillment and loved!  

Thank you again Doc,

Hugs and Muacks..

Agnes Wong.  


Testimonial on Mastery – Wong Kam Leng 

Those who knew me were surprised that I will join Mastery 2013 as repeat. I myself would back out when recalling the burden that we have to carry every morning. My main reasons were to give my brother support and encouragement and also to have a better understanding of mastery. It was worthwhile and great results for me and no regrets at all.   
The carrying of table in early morning was a big burden but I encounter it was not as heavy as last mastery which surprises me. But the burden was actually heavier than last year! When we came back on 2nd day after the walk, I cried as the understanding hit me that my family burden has lighten due to better understanding & cooperation within my family members, be it in my real family or mastery family. The young ones were able to take criticism on their punctuality and improved.  We supported each other and build the understanding as a family 

I did the can car as simple as I can remember from my experience last year. Last year I did not sleep because of it and the car did not move even an inch. This time my creation moved a distant and it gave me a great sense of achievement and trill even though it was not the most beautiful & farthest one.   

I must mention Money Game which is the most memorable & hilarious event and I will laugh whenever I think of it. The game will always remind us not to be greedy & easily mislead. Doc, you are the best sifu and mastery workshop is the best.   

Thank you Dr Yong.
Kam Leng  


vero Abdullah 

Dear Doc ,   

It's amaze me tremendously on my 2nd mastery which it happen the same with sister Kam Leng. I ve got to a point that carrying a table on the shoulder is part and pieces of life journey that everyone encountered. It's a reflection of how heavy is the burden on each one shoulder or hand when carrying it. And believe me or not , I was sooooo over reacted and excited for being a first time stealing experience in my life and how I overcome the situation and play along with my family members.I kept on laughing and laughing and I laugh during my sleep when I think about how I did it together with my family.   

I agree on doing it as I was worry on my family members of being exhausted and at the same time taking the consideration of Ruby condition at that point of time. She vomited and it's quite normal of some ladies having morning sickness, This reflection of Ruby's make me see how strong she is and at the same time it kept me reflect on the memory that I ve got during my pregnancy of 7th month and I keep on doing my work till late wee hours in the morning just to overcome the burdens of my late husband work and some more with his health condition does not permit him to work late like I do. From this point, I ve got to understand what life is all about and to be flexible at certain point, no matter what, health is the utmost important than having lots of money in hand. Money can't buy happiness. As what you says doc , is myr500k / myr1 million enough ??? You keep saying this to me and i think living in simplest way is the key to avoid stress and unnecessary thinking syndrome hehehehehehe. 

Thank you doc for teaching me patiently thru out my first journey with Yongiway until now.  
Thank you so much to my dearest brothers and sisters in Yongiway for giving me time and patience to change and adapt to my enormous anger in me plus with my "X" rated words .... Hehehehe  

Big hugsss n kisses 


Stephanie Tan Hem 

Hello Doc   Sorry for sending this last minute testimonial. I wasn't planning to send one until I read others testimonies and I decided to come out from my shell. The main reason I did not intend to write a testimonial because I am a bad writer. I usually try to avoid from my weaknesses and push the responsibility to others. But now I am awake. I like what Charlene said "if we can go through All That, what CAN’T we go through?"  Since I have gone through all the activities in mastery, what can't I complete such a simple task to write a testimonial? Moreover like what doc said.  Being a champion is not about winning or No. 1 but to go through the challenges and complete it. So I will not write a winning testimonial or be No.1 for perfect English and grammar. I just need to write how I feel and complete it. :)   Starting from the championship game…Carrying table, a bottle of water and a flower pot was a very big challenge for me. There were some tall members and smaller size members in my team. Being a tall member in the team has more disadvantages in this game because the smaller members could not to reach their shoulder to the table to share the burden. The burdens for taller members were much heavier and painful compare to the smaller members. My shoulder and arm were aching on the second day. When I reflect this game to my family, tall members represent my older siblings and smaller member represent myself. I've realized my older siblings have been carrying heavier burden for my family and I was running away from it by giving excuse that older siblings should have more responsibilities than me. After this game, I've learnt that I should change my view and as a one family we should carrying the burden equally. If one is carrying all the burdens by himself, it would impact his health and I will have full of grief and regret later.   The formula-can car game. I was inspired by a young boy who is >20 years younger than me managed to make his car move. I was very confident at the beginning that I can make my car move as I used to dismantle my bro's toy car to see how it operated.  But after 2 days with 2 hours sleep, my formula-can still couldn't move. My formula-can car is good looking from outside but bad from inside. I felt how useless I am. By looking at the young boy, he has much less experience than me but with his simple mind he managed to do it. This game implies to my career. I always wanted to build own business. I was confident, full of business ideas but after thinking so much, I begin to lose confidence and then finally no action has been taken. I do not want to repeat my mistake again. It is not too late. Doc has advised those whose car didn't move to give another trial again. I am now re-creating my formula-can car again and as well builds my business plan again. 

  The most enjoyment moment was the psychic games especially for the drawing one. I was very impressed with myself. I never expect that I would connect with angels and used my hand to tell a story about others. For my own story, the drawing of my sentimental item (a watch given by my father) has solved a question of many years in my heart. A message in the drawing said "I am happy. Are you?".     Final championship game has proven that my senses have improved. I used to be afraid of dark. In my past experiences, I will never walk more than 10 steps if I could not see anything. When I was blindfolded in the jungle, surprisingly I could adapt quickly and relied on my senses to walk. I was able to feel and imaging the uneven path of the jungle walk. I had no more fear in the dark and I volunteered to be blindfolded again for second time in the game.   Overall, I would like to thanks Doc for millions times. Thank you Doc to heal my mother from pain and gave her a good time before she passed away. Thank you Doc for helping my husband Philippe to grow, not turtle anymore. Thank you Doc for pulled me out from the sinking hole. I am now more happy and stronger than before. I think I am addicted to your teaching and I will see you again soon.   



P/S: Geezz… I took approximately 6 hours to complete this testimonial. Such a simple task.


serina hijjas

Dear Doc  

Embarking on Mastery one should go with an open mind ready to see,feel,touch, sense and experience what unfolds for it is as much a revelation of self where we are at this very moment and what we can be in the future. For me it was as much seeing my weaknesses and potentials as it was to bring my children and open their eyes to their possibilities. A humbling experience all around and the one thing i have learned, the moment we give of ourself without asking is the moment we gain the most. The project to make the car was indeed an eye opener, seeing the various cars built by the modest hands of all that participated, especially by the young children and the older ladies taught me creativity knows no creed, age or gender. I am especially inspired by a lady of over 60 years who built a tiny formula one car from coca cola  can, that travelled far beyond the starting line for it showed me her ingenuity and her willingness to attempt anything new put in front of her.But all the works inspired me as they all showed individuality and creativity not often found. I am reminded now everyday  from the mastery course to adopt a more flexible , accommodating aptitude and opportunities will unfold that we might often pass.The course opened my children’s eyes , for the first three days they wondered what they were doing at this course ,but by day three they became involved and became part of the family and understood the benefits of the mastery. Truly an unforgettable experience. I have a small scar in my palm to remind me, whilst making  my  car, that this is a turning point in my life. By the way thats the first time I have won a prize in my life in the car project, ha ha. I have won building competitions but the car project was for me regaining my own confidence as an individual.   



Philippe HEM

Dear Dr Yong, 

There are no words strong enough to express my sincere gratitude for all the things you have done for me and Stephanie. After going through these hard times in our lives, we have finally found the light in the tunnel and we have the will to live our lives to the fullest no matter what.  

Since the APTY course, we have been to the OverXhaul course and finally the best of all, the Mastery course.  

Thank you to all the logistics that has been tremendously helpful to help us go through this whole week of mastery. The knowledge that we have acquire during these 7 days is invaluable. The realization of the potential that each one of us has is infinite...Thanks to Dr Yong and Staff, we are all realizing that nothing is impossible in life...All we have to do is trust our angels and stop thinking...As simple as that!!! I feel blessed to have met Dr Yong for the last 4 months and I will continue to seek his knowledge for the rest of my life... 
Also a special thanks to Eddy, a true mentor and friend to me and Stephanie...But somehow I have always seen him as my big brother...Even if he looks smaller than me AHAH...Hence, I will continue to seek advice from him to help me go through my ups and downs in life.   

Dr Yong, you are a life saver and a true teacher of how life must be lived. The whole world should seek you knowledge and advice for the good and the better.  

In love and light, 

Philippe and Stephanie.  


Philippe HEM 

Hello Doc,   I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Before sharing I would like to sincerely thank all the logistics and Masters for supporting us during this whole week.    What a week it was indeed!!! A very tough week to be honest (physically)...But guess what...I am still alive...I have to admit I was quite resistant before coming to this mastery because I had absolutely no clue of what was going to happened. I remembered Stephanie and myself arguing about that before coming to Port Dickson...She was so excited to attend the mastery...I was on the other hand trying not to think too much about it as my level of stress was increasing when approaching glory beach resort...   The most important thing I have learned during this mastery is that I realized I have so much to learn about myself. I believe I was a selfish person. But I also remember not always being this way...I remember arguing with Dr Yong about the boat and storm story situation during APTY...I was asked whether I would jump into the water to try and save a person drowning knowing surely I was going to die and leave my family behind...My answer was: “Why would I sacrifice my life for someone who does not even know I exist?”. I would even argue with some other people by saying: “You say that you would do it but you really have to mean it when you say it...If this was a real situation, would you jump into the water?” During the last championship game, I believe I showed another side of my personality...After getting my family safe and over the finish line, I suddenly had the need to go and help other families...Today, I naturally continue to apply this momentum of “generosity” up to the point that Stephanie had to slow me down a little... (I am referring to apparently huge tips I was giving away to local Thai people in Phuket during our holidays a week after the Mastery)...But the feeling of helping another person is intoxicating...You can’t really get enough of it...It’s like when you are helping one person, it gives you the energy to help another one...  

  During the Yang game, I realized that talent can come from anywhere and from the most unexpected person...I also realized that the most unexpected person could miserably fail...For me, building a car with some cans did not represent a huge challenge...The only challenge for me was to make it move...During this process, I learned how to trust my angels...I remembered talking to my tree and angels asking for help to make my car move...And there it was, a nail lying next to my plant which I have later on use as the main item for my propeller car. But again, when I compare myself with other students, I did not do a good job...Main reason...I DID NOT ASK...I know I could have done a so much better job if I had just asked a little more about the rules of the game...   Dancing around the tree revealed something I have been trying to hide all my life...Something about myself I do not like at all...A sort of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of person. I am usually very calm most of the time, but I also have tendency to take a lot on me and explode or become even violent when I reach my limits...It does not happened so often thank God...but I know that it still lies somewhere within me. Being a true master is to manage my anger and not let other people affect me...I think I still have a long way to go on that issue...   So many things I have learned during this mastery that I wouldn't be able to put everything on paper...But what I have mentioned above are the 3 most important things I have learned during the mastery about myself. Although we have learned so much during this week, I still feel that I have so many other things to learn about my true potential in life. Stephanie and I are applying for the Business psychic mastery next Year and we can’t wait to be at Port Dickson one more time...Dear Doctor Yong, we are sincerely great full to have you in our lives.    To all new Masters, Congratulations and I hope to see you all soon.   

Hugs and Love, 


Lester Ling

Dear Doc, 

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have a blessed Christmas back in Melbourne with your family Doc! I've yet to meet Aunty Clara and James! 
First thing in the morning when I wake up, I'll check your emails! Haha. It's like a routine already! So I don't mind you sending me emails as each email have good message everyday. 

I'm very happy today because, what doc been doing (giving back to the society), I've been doing quite the same thing too! 

All these giving back to world mindset came to me around 18-19 years old. 
Back in Singapore when I was studying there, I've a piggybank on my table too, leftover coin will be put in there and when it's full, I'll give it to any charity I like to give on that day, churches, MacDonald's charity or etc. 

Almost the whole year this year, I'm working in a franchise food store in Aussie. The whole stall in the city is mostly taken care by me. Toward the end of the day, any food that is leftover that can't be heat up to be sold the next day or can't be sold frozen. I'll put them into a plain bag and give it to any beggar or any poor guy on my way to the train station. It all depends on the leftover food. I'll do at least once a week or up to 5 times a week. Each time after I give the food, that feeling of happiness in my heart is priceless. I know I had settled someone dinner. It just make my day. 

Yesterday was Christmas Eve. I withdraw some money from ATM and walked around the city to give to anyone who can't have a good meal for Christmas but after an hour of walking, I can't find anyone. & then I got home and rested on sofa. I wasn't at ease, I was feeling so restless, it's like a feeling of not completing something on this special day. Without much hesitation, I got up and drove to a nearby grocery place and walked for half an hour and it's still to no avail. I then drove to another bigger suburb grocery place, after an hour of walking, it was still empty handed. I drove home sad but knowing I did try.  So today, I'm gonna do the same thing. 

Doc, I would like to thank you so much! I first met you 7 1/2 years ago. As you always say, a very angry boy. I would not say I am something today but I did everything 'my way' (the song) and I'm happy of myself. Aunty Val said she's proud of me cause I did everything my way. 

Just to share with doc something I did in October & I'm very happy I did it. I worked hard throughout the year to save enough money to buy tickets for my grandparents to come Aussie to visit me and bring them tour around. I paid for their tickets, accommodations, food and etc. My grandparents asked me to save the money but I think to myself, if anyone is hardworking, earning back the money isn't a big deal at all but no matter how hard I work, I CAN NEVER WORK BACK MY GRANDPARENTS TIME, so I belanja them here. They took care of me when I'm little. 

As for mastery, I paid for my mum, she didn't want to go because she said she doesn't want to waste my hard earned money but I lied to her. I said, I paid Aunty Pauline already and she had no choice but come. At the last day of mastery, she was so happy, she said she's never been so happy in her life before, it's during the universal blessing. And that's enough doc. It's priceless feeling again. Well, what's a mastery course compare to her paying all my courses all these well, right? 

I was studying aerospace in Singapore because I always like aviation but when I came to Aussie, I tried farm and settled into a franchise food stall after a friend of my introduced me to the owner, Singaporean lady. She trained me for 2 days and trusted & believe in my capabilities so much that she gave me the key of the shop after the 2nd day end and asked me to open the shop on myself onwards till before Uncle Eddy & Aunty Ah Hong's wedding & Mastery. I do everything & anything in the stall. Now I'm working in another restaurant, Malaysia restaurant. I like restaurant so much because I always like to cook & serve. The smiles and compliments of people eating the food is priceless too(of course the food have to be nice lah) & compliments of my good services, I'll make me feel over the moon. I always like the idea of owning restaurants! One of the place I want to work the most before venture into restaurant / cafe business next time, is MACDONALD! Robert Kiyosaki once said, MCD have one of the best system in the world. I couldn't agree more. When I hear doc said about the leverage about Muhibbah, my eyes were like wide opened. Maybe in a couple of years, I'll talk to Uncle Noel. Haha. 

Thank you so much doc for your guidance & inspiration. 


PS: if possible don't share forward to everyone. Paiseh lah. But if doc want to forward then forward lah, I'm okay also



Jansen 的感言 _______________ 上完这个课程,发觉不是一个句点,而是一个开始,我的人生的另一条路的开始! 在还没去pd之前,我会因为工作而去工作,没有改变过,工作是我一天里的12小时,有时14小时!!好多时候我地 忽略了家人,总觉得他们很烦,很罗嗦,因为工作上的压力而改变了我对家人的态度!!而且精神真的好累,对所 有东西都不感兴趣(除了工作)哈哈!! 
现在回来了,从15dec那天开始,我每晚临睡前都很怀念在pd的那个星期,我怀念是那种 无压力的自由感,虽然 我们从5am-2am才睡,但我很享受!!我才知道那个才是真正的我,所以我在这个月内,把我学的交完个一个工 人,有他来领导我的生意,我做回他的助手,这反而轻松很多,可以有更多的时间让我去创造更多的事业,谢谢,在 一个星期里改变了我的人生,我会重视我的家人!!我会控制我的工作!!我会走出更精彩的路,感激你和eddy还 有一班领导我们的mentors...谢谢 (猪肉粉会discount30%for mastery member)haha 

The English Translation: Hehe  
Jansen's reflections  _______________  After this course, the find is not an end, but a beginning, the beginning of another way of my life!  Before not go pd, I will work away because of work, has not changed, my job is 12 hours a day, sometimes 14 hours!! Lot of the time I ignore the family, they always feel pain, very wordy because of the pressure of work and changed my attitude towards family!! really tired but the spirit of all things not interested (in addition to the work) Haha!!   

Now back from 15dec that day, I remember the night before going to sleep very pd of that week, I miss the sense of freedom that no pressure, although we went to bed from 5am-2am, but I really enjoy!! I know that is the real me, so I'm in this month, the pay of a worker, I finished a school, have him to lead my business, I do back his assistant, it will instead be a lot easier, you can have more more time for me to create more business, thank you, in a week that changed my life, I will value my family!! I will control my job!! I will be out of a more exciting way, thank you and eddy there is a group leader of our mentors ... Thanks  (Pork powder will discount30% for mastery member) haha 


Charlene Ong

hey there Doc & beloved Masters/mentors...  

sorry for the late testimonial.  been trying to submit via the Yongiway site but the testimonial form appears to be down or having some bug.  

anyway here is my input :) thank you & all the hugs in the world. 
_ _ _ _ _ _   

MASTERY 2013  

  At its most basic, Mastery was for me  a series of First Times. Good thing I went in with an open mind expecting nothing except to be surprised. And surprised we were.   I had never made a car from scratch before. Never made a cake before – by that I mean my hands had never even mixed eggs and flour together. Never walked into the damn water with my damn shoes on while carrying a table! ( my first thought was “oh no my good sneakers will be ruined” – luckily they appear to be OK haha). The entire course is a study in unusual experiences: how many people in the world have run around a tree wearing a garbage bag yelling at the top of their lungs?   I particularly enjoyed the psychic art session. My drawings and the drawings of those I paired with were so startlingly accurate when read that most of us cried. It was as if someone had taken the contents of our heart, the private drawers where we lock our innermost thoughts, and laid them out on paper.   After all that we have been through, one of the many things we now know is: if we can go through All That, what CAN’T we go through? I know now that I have the ability to go about life even with my chronic eczema. Because that is what I did during the course. I was initially fearful I’d let my mates down due to my skin condition or discomfort etc holding me back. But I ended up giving my all and being an active, contributing team member. Seldom in life have I ever felt really proud of myself: even without my eczema, I have self-esteem issues that began way back in early childhood.   Yet I know that I can leave these issues behind. That I am capable, I have talent and energy to give to this world, and when I give my best, I DESERVE TO FEEL PROUD OF MYSELF.    

It has taken me 27 years of life to say this. Just thought you should know that.   May the angels be with all of you. And may the Universe bless you always.    Thank you to Doc Yong, and to these Masters especially: Jeremy for being a wonderful mentor,  Ah Hong for her revealing reading of my tree/plant, and Edward for a special bit of advice that I will always  remember.    

P.S. I would also like to add that Lester looks stunning as a girl, and hopefully we have not seen the last of him in a sequinned bra.


Angela beibe

Hi Doc,  

Thank you for the wonderful class. I am so glad that I can join this class in this young age.  

All the while in my life, I am standing in a very high position. I could not accept any failure in my life and I am always "satu jalan". In the 1st game( yang game), when the 1st car had done,  I seriously have no idea how it can move and that time I only thought that, it's alright, as long as I can get the car done.  I am so lazy to throw away the thing I had done and do it again. It always happen in my life. For example, the past relationship that I had, I don't want to make any changes, that's why I had waste my 7 years on someone that is not suitable and not bring me far. After that, I saw everyone is putting effort on making the car. I finally take out the courage to throw away the 1st car, I try to make the 2nd one and at last I finally success on the 3rd one.   

2nd game who inspire me the most is championship. Suddenly the strong men in our group had changed to others group. We are so panic that time because throughout the mastery,  we always rely on the men in our group. Adapt! We adapt the situation very quickly, then go on the championship. After the jungle walk, we started the championship. the time we started to speed up, one of our member fall down and fainted. That time, it was like falling down from heaven to hell. I cant accept any failure in my life but now one of my family member is down. I know I should not put the wining at the 1st place anymore. Like the 1st day, the angel card I took, "surrender". I go to her and feel her heartbeat, help her to do healing. Help her to get up again and we finally reached the destination. Although we are the 2nd last team, but we all enjoy the process while going to the destination.  

This championship taught me how to let go the pride and learn how to surrender and be humble.  

Stop thinking, start action! Fear and worry is in the future! All these principle, I am applying in my life.  

A big thanks to Doc for the teaching and gave me many advise on things happened few months ago. Next is Ah Hong, big thanks to her, treat me like a sister, give me many advise, guide me, and be with me at my tough time! she is so patient to listen to my sharing. I am so lucky to have her as my mentor and go through the process with me. Furthermore, is my main mentor Agnes. Few months before, she had done tarot card reading for me. The advise she gave, always remind me, and I want to learn from her. She is so success in her career and she also put many effort in helping the people in yongiway. She is so lovely and successful. I am so lucky to have her as my mentor, and I had learned a lots from her in this mastery. Of cause, Pansy and Mathieu who guide us throughout the mastery course.  

With love and hugs, 


Airene Wong  

Dear Doc,  

I had no idea what Mastery course is all about. Was wondering what are we  going to do with all the things and materials that was asked to bring along? I was enjoying doing my shoes, I will get up from bed early to do my shoes, when i had the idea. Glad to show you my shoes if you did not see that night.  

But when it came to make the car, I was complaining and had no clue at all. Struggle and manage to make a nice looking car but tak boleh jalan!  Worst was when we were asked to make cake with one side of the eye cover, I was sweating from my head,did not complaint but almost in tears how to? I have never make a cake in my life, good in eating and comparing only.  

Carrying the table has taught me to distribute all chores within the family. Had fun and some argument when carrying the table. It was a little difficult because of our different height.  
With my weak knee I went on to do all that was asked to. When we were blind folded, I was afraid to fall and kept holding my Jess, Especially going thru the tunnel, (Which was the children's slide!), was afraid of my backside being stuck in there.   

During the championship, Annie was very caring,she guided and held me not forgetting Stanley & Jeremy,both of them took great care of me too. After we finished the walk, we were to run to the finishing line but I saw Noel fell,my heart broke. I was very touched ,all of them came and help me when I passed out. Thank you Long Jaw,he was with me through out the jungle walk.  

After the Universal Game,that night we (Just Do It) went out for supper and drinks. It was a beautiful time,where we exchange our views for being here. Thank you Doc, you have shaken us all and taught us this" Bees don't fly in a straight line."   

Glad I took time off to attend. Have been sending healing to family members.  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  
Love & Gratitude,  

Lew Yoke Wan 

 Dear All  

I would like to Special Thank You Doc and All in there in Master cause. Event my English is not so good but I wish to write some thing in my heart.    The first day went I come back. I find that I Miss all of you in my heart   The thing that I fill in my heat is I should independent on my own event I love my husband   Thank you Doc and Mastery Family Sea House who give me a name CAROL. I Miss You all hope all are happy and peace in there in there life, Which I wish too with LOVE AND PEACE HUGE    Again I Like say Thank you a lot Doc      From ME CAROL BE HAPPY AND PEACE IN LIFE LIGHT 


tai jeannie 

Hi Doc,  

Enjoy your holiday and valuable time with your family as well as replenishing your energy for a greater year to come!   Firstly, I like to thank you very much for all your patience as well as all the guidance that you have given to me. I will learn from there as well as my mistakes and I have indeed learned a lot from helping out in the just concluded mastery as well as all the ATPY & all the courses that I have attended.  At each ATPY there is definitely something new to learn. I myself was also very amazed that I could read the trees and the drawings and the feedback was they told me what I've said was true and all I know was observe the surrounding of and the trees and drawings and that it just came to my thoughts and I said it out immediately what was in my mind. I am also very pleased that I could be of help to someone. All the other masters are also my teachers as well as I have also learned from them when something happened and what we should do. I have also learned from others mistakes. I hereby wishes to thanks all of them also. I thanks ling-a-ling for that and also your teaching as well. Once again thank you very much. I can't express how grateful I am to have met such a wonderful and generous unselfish si fu like you who have taught me so much all the time.     For your information, since the day I've injured my fingers to the stiches in hospital and until todate, I don't even feel a little pain at all and thanks to your teaching and the universe, I have applied infinity on the wound immediately upon getting up as well as also thanks to Eddy as I also ask him to do infinity to my wound immediately and the bleeding also has stopped and can go about doing everything even forgetting that I have hurt my hand.  My finger is healing now and that no medicine was applied on the wound except that I do tornado in and awakening out as well as infinity to the wound everyday apart from taking the antibiotics given to me by the doctor. And another wonderful and amazing things is that I do not even feels any physical body pains at all even after the mastery until todate. I will continue to learn as much as possible and hope to be of help to anyone in the future. My salute and appreciation to you and uncountable sincere heartfelt thanks to you from the bottom of my heart. And Doc, please do not hesitate to scold or point me out if I have done anything wrong so that I know where i was wrong and could learn from my mistates to be a better person. Once again thanks very much SIFU! I will always remember what you have taught me.   Love and Hugsss Jeannie (013-324 6346)


Philippe HEM 

Dear Dr Yong, 
There are no words strong enough to express my sincere gratitude for all the things you have done for me and Stephanie. After going through these hard times in our lives, we have finally found the light in the tunnel and we have the will to live our lives to the fullest no matter what.  
Since the APTY course, we have been to the OverXhaul course and finally the best of all, the Mastery course.  
Thank you to all the logistics that has been tremendously helpful to help us go through this whole week of mastery. The knowledge that we have acquire during these 7 days is invaluable. The realization of the potential that each one of us has is infinite...Thanks to Dr Yong and Staff, we are all realizing that nothing is impossible in life...All we have to do is trust our angels and stop thinking...As simple as that!!! I feel blessed to have met Dr Yong for the last 4 months and I will continue to seek his knowledge for the rest of my life... 
Also a special thanks to Eddy, a true mentor and friend to me and Stephanie...But somehow I have always seen him as my big brother...Even if he looks smaller than me AHAH...Hence, I will continue to seek advice from him to help me go through my ups and downs in life.   
Dr Yong, you are a life saver and a true teacher of how life must be lived. The whole world should seek you knowledge and advice for the good and the better.  
In love and light, 
Philippe and Stephanie.  



Hi Doctor Lim.
I'm Nelsen Lee. Through these 7 days workshop, I'm learned what is called "Championship Family". I'm getting to understand my own personal problem which blocking the way to be success! 
From now on,  I will care my family and friends with sincerely. Apply adaptability, accommodation,  flexibility and agility in life! Thanks Yongiway workshop.  


Jasmine Gan 

 It has been a tough yet fruitful week to me, not just been tested mentally and physically but also learnt the skills and knowledges that never taught in school.. the class is full of laughters and tears.. we all have great fun during the activities which until now i still can't stop laughing for some classic playbacks hehe. Love you Doc for your inspirational teaching and kudos to the mentors who guided us all along the journey to becoming a master.  I will use the skills and knowledges that i learnt from this course in pursuit of a better, happier and healthier life. =)  


inaara imran 

 Hi Doc 

As far as testimonials go, i'm not sure how to write one exactly, but this was my experience of Mastery:  
I thought Mastery would be exactly like ATPY, and I wasn't certain that I should go because I'm worried for my exams and how I will score for them. Mastery began at 5 in the morning and tended to end at around 11:30-12 at night. Waking up so early, and sleeping so late was something I wasn't so accustomed too, and in the first 2-3 days, I was late for family meetings and also for class. Each class had a certain goal, and each game taught a memorable lesson. The keywords here were accommodation, adaptability- how well you could adapt to a situation, and agility- how fast you could adapt to a situation. Most classes were taught, before families grouped together to discuss things, or share feelings. My group was quite soft-spoken, and naturally, we didn't have screaming or shouting, just constructive criticism. But I learnt a lot. Being stubborn and keeping your head up, while trying to convince yourself that Mastery isn't what you need- is wrong. It is not the winning state of mind. Stop thinking so much, and just start doing. Start feeling. I made considerable progress through my days at Mastery, and grew closer to my family because we all learned to take care of each other, and follow after your lessons and speeches. Your teachings of chakra balancing, or healing the body and mind, or even making art from sentimental objects- was eye-opening, and made us all the wiser. What had most of an impact on me, was how you taught us to care for others, and treat others. Not to treat them how you wish to be treated, but how they wish to be treated. Reaching out to others, whether to heal, whether to shed light, or whether it is just to help them realise who they are- that was truly amazing. I'm so glad you could help me become who I am today: a happier, stronger and more self-confident person than I have ever been. I hope to see you again in the future, or attend a business mastery in the future, because you have truly helped me so much and I'm so grateful for your warmth and kindness. 
Thank you, and take care 
Love Inaara 
P.S I've finally begun to cry :)   


from: Mandy Lee <wordsmandy@live.com>
to: "Dr. Yong" <yongiway@gmail.com>
date: Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 11:31 PM

Hi! Doc.Yong

I am happy in ATPY.
We have learn all about laughing
love to go to ATPY forever.
You are super clever Doc.
Thank you very much.

From Jun Zhun, Seremban, Malaysia:

from: Jun Zhun <gameinn5@live.com>
to: "Dr.Yongiway" <yongiway@gmail.com>
date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 6:35 PM
subject: Hello Shifu

I wanna share something about me to you.
Ever since i join yongiway,i had been very obsess on getting people to come for ATPY. Probably i'm over selfish of this. Cause i want to have friends to practice ATPY's lesson in life.

I always remember every word you said to me but there is 1 words you said to everyone of us that i forgot. You always say "life is beautiful". Feng Shui class you did mention never get obsess on Feng Shui because life is so beautiful. Yes is true that now i laugh more and cry more. I thought life is all about being happy is by laugh and let go(expressing out the feeling).

Today,i had a drink with my ex Music Instructor. She reminded me something.
The beauty of life. I am not able to social with many people very well. This morning,i had breakfast with Eddie,Laksa PohKim them. End up now,i've only realize that the beauty in life is not just about laughter but the stories of life is also 1 of the beauties of life. I realize when you are not teaching,you didn't talk about what you can do or readings you know. Instead,you share with us the stories of yours and also people you know. And now,i'll will study the true meaning on The Beauties of Life.
The feeling i have now is so miracle. Feel very lucky to have so miracle people as friends/family
Veron,she's like a sister,Sherley too
Edward,like a shifu to me
A grandmaster(you) who always guide me when i have questions or problem that i'm facing.
Prof.Ibrahim, a god father who always call me Little-J(feels warm)
Eddie,a person who always makes me wanna laugh.
Pansy,who always correct me when i did it not correct.
Lester,remind me never cut anyone in our life(cause we never want to be kick away)
Pauline who always gives me a sweet smile though she's super tired
And some Megan's family's children treat me like i'm a family member
If can,i will wanna hug you with the tears i'm having now and tell you again,THANK YOU!

With love and hugs


From Thoy Chai How

Thank you very much for the whole Mastery Course.

There's more than works to thank you all and really feel the difference before and after.

What do I Learn ?

By the way, until now I still not sure that what I did was right in the Formulacan game, I felt that I
have short cut that game by not delivering a "car", but simplified it to a can. However, I realize
that I did not win the game because I

- under estimate the opponents,
- did not go all out in shooting out the can,
- worry that the can might hit the row of audience that facing me and therefore make some
reservation in the execution. This THOUGH KILLED ME.

This incidence symbolically telling me that in each of the business / any daily dealing, I should
be more focus, not giving in, go all out in each execution, be more decisive, and must not letting
any human factor to influent the execution/ decision.


In the games, we faced many human factors that influenced our results. i.e: there are slower /
weaker members in our group. But, these games let me realize that no matter how weak they
are, they are our family members, which is assigned by the Universal and not at our choice.
Therefore, we have to accept it and deal which it.


All games reflex our real life, many incidences / happenings are not as what we plan for, but we
are not excluded. Therefore, we must practice doing all things, the good, the bad and ugly, with
joyfully. Event if we are sent to hell, I still believe there's room for joy.


In many situation, we are blind at the state that our eyes are open.
We must trust. By trusting on others actually is trusting our own five plus one senses.

That's my first few self realizations, and I believe there's more to come.

Hugs with love


Hi there everyone.
I'm Jyun from Seremban ^^
I hereby wanna give big and special thanks to Edward,Sherley,my bro,logistics and of
course Doc.Yong

At here I wanna share my experience of ATPY and Mastery.

ATPY(Awakening The Powerful You) 23/11/12
Before ATPY,I was a person who never know my own problem and I was in deep deep
lost. Pressure from my family,lifestyle and life.I totally don't know what to do in my
life.Before ATPY,I was only know how to earn money and entertain myself with games
and alcohol.All i know about family is,earn more money and give more money to family
is call care.Money can solve many problem.Until a day I was feel so lost..Angels
brought me to my bro and my bro intro me to Edward and Sherley.I was totally don't
know what is the this course about but I follow my heart and my heart tells me to go
on.And I successfully made it to ATPY.From ATPY,Doc had taught me the importance
and how to love a family.Family is us and family is 1.1 is family and family is us.Never
EVER cut any of them out.Cause that would not be as a family but just a bunch of

Mastery at 09/12/12.

My friend Edward always tells me 'Mastery!Master yourself'
From Mastery,it was very tiring course for people just use eye to see it.But for me,is not
tiring at all cause everything from it,it was totally more than worth it.It is something that
not money can be buy or bought because in this Mastery,Doc have no stopping himself
and keeps on helping each and everyone and I can assure that this is something that
not just money can buy.The amount to attend this course is not good money for any
businessmen in this world and why would and old man like Doc keeps on doing it for so
many years.This not what money can buy at all.So during the class,I tell myself not to
waste any moment of Doc's class and words.
"Trust and flow...Stop thinking cause thoughts kill...You can do it...Express youself and
don't be so Hati Batu..."
The day of graduate from Mastery is a day that I don't want to leave because it was so
warm like a family and the love that came out from everyone.But I must keep on going
so in 1 day I can give my own family the same feeling that Doc taught us.Mastery is not
the matter of name at all...For me,Mastery is a course that can brought up the talent in
everyone to let everyone realize the talent in them can do such amazing results and
even every of themselves don't even know will able to achieve such results and that is
what 'miracle' ...
At here I wanna end my sharing with some words:

Never give up on things that you think it was impossible.You can do it because you
have the talent!!

Never give up on people around you because nobody wants to being give up.They are
wonderful people too.

Never give up on ourselves.Love ourselves first is the only way to love people around

In end,I wanna say to Doc,I love you Doc,you have enlighten my life again like nobody
did.Because of you,my life just from upside down to normal back I've climbed back to
my own path.
You will always enlighten me up.





Good day Doc, Eddy and Pauline,

First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything you all have been doing for us.

Sorry for this late response since finishing the Silent Retreat program. For the past week, my mind was just couldn't calm down, couldn't organize to write some word, all due to the Silent Retreat process that mixed up the feeling, emotion....

The Silent Retreat program was really the best program that I have ever followed. As for me, it make me

1. Realize that I am myself was lost in many aspect of my own life. I come to know how much I have buried myself and keeping myself away from my life. I was so focus in providing "life" to my marriage and family (wife, kids, wife's parents) until I myself lost and forgotten. Thank Doc and Eddy, is was because of you that I'm able to know "Thoy".

2. I was shook and unable to say a word when I look at my portrait after Doc and Eddy read and enlighten me of what's happening to me.

3. I was also advised by that "Thoy inside that portrait" to balance up my life by the two words that been given to me.


Yes, I need the STRENGTH to keep life moving, and yet there are many things in life not going my way and I need to SURRENDER and follow the flow in a way without reluctance and bitterness.

4. I strongly believe that I can be a happier man by that 3R process in Silent Retreat program

REALIZE - awakening and knowing the exact me.

RELEASE - taking out the bitterness and unhappiness me.

RESTART - accept the advise and go on with new life.

What's NEXT? Pease put me in the list of your Mastery!!



然后他就帮我讲解了许多有关的一切。。。。我第一次上DOC的课程是“MASTERY COURSE”然后在课程

以前的我不明白“PORPUSE OF LIFE”是什么,但自从我上了DOC的课程让我明白到什么是我的人生以及

DOC,再一次的感谢你because you safe my life...以及很荣欣很荣欣我能够认识到你,虽然平时
DOC 你真的是我的“超级偶像”谢谢你,我爱你!

I was diagnosed breast cancer last year. At that time I was living in fear everyday and it was the worst
moment of my life. Maybe it’s because my time is not up yet that I happened to cross Doc’s path. My first
impression when I first saw him at his PJ CENTER was … WOW! COOL! (T-shirt, short pant). Then he
explained many things to me…The first workshop I attended was the “MASTERY COURSE”, and he did a
SPIRIT SURGERY for me in the workshop.

All these while, I never knew what “PURPOSE OF LIFE” is until I came to his workshop and start to
understand living life and eventually found myself again. Because I understood the importance of good
health and cherished everything that I have, I’m now living life very happily.

I really thank Doc very very much. I supposed those who’re diagnosed breast cancer would surely be asked
to “POTONG”, but I was very very lucky that I don’t have to go it. All because I put in 100% into the
regime that Doc taught me.

Doc, once again I’d like to thank you for saving my life … I’m very honored to know you. Even tough we
didn’t chat much whenever we meet, but you’d never fail to care and ask how I’m doing. I’ll always
remember the words you spoke to me.

Doc, you are really my “SUPER IDOL”. Thank you once again, I love you!


Hello Doc,

You are right :) There are too much emotions within me. This morning when i woke up, i decided to be positive and happy. It was very sunny and beautiful outside, i started to appreciate everything around me. I did one thing at a time and i enjoyed even doing the house chores.

Today, i didn't think too much, worry too much, fear too much. I want to be positive and stay this way always :) I want my happy, healthy self back. I believe the universe/god is looking after me. The little flowers outside the house are starting to bloom and they are beautiful. The weather is not so cold anymore :)

The universe is being very kind to me. Doc, Thank you very very much for the replies, and for always listening to my shits.... Hehehe...i know one day soon, my shits will turn into fertilizer...hahaha! And i am anxiously waiting for the day when my health will be restored. Right now, i feel lucky that i do not have cancer, i am not bed ridden, or in a vegetable state.

What i have is just bleeding and i can still continue with my daily activities :) I am thankful and lucky that i got to know you, Doc..for you never fail to be there for me. Thank you Doc, I am so touched with all that you have done for me. You are really a good father to me :) Hugs! Hugs! And muacks! Muacks!


Mei Fern :)


Dear Doctor Yong Teng Lim,

I am Anna Wong Nga Yang (now rename as Nga Ying). I am born and brought up from a small village in Sibu. My family is poor, so I need to help my mother to cut rubber tree, plant vegetable, feed pigs, etc. that is to say, since childhood, I did not have enough sleep. I need to wake up at 4am and sleep at midnight. After completing form 5, at the age of 17, I alone leave my family and work in Kuching.

Due to personal affairs, I cannot sleep. I start taking sleeping pills on and off. Five years ago, I am taking sleeping pills and other medicine every night to let me fall asleep. Without the medicine, I cannot sleep. I have diabetics, heart block, high cholesterol, fatty liver, and overweight.

Mentally, I am suffering. I quarrel and flighting with my husband everyday. I am full with hatreds, unhappiness, and many times I try to kill myself and luckily I didn't die. I have a lot of burdens - from family, business, sons, daughters, marriage, etc. I have 8 children to brought them out.

I am always shouting and flighting with my husband. Sure he is same to me. I never laugh. I only smile to people. During end of May, one of my friend told me that there is a workshop conduct by Doctor. She has attend the class before. After attending, my pressure will be release. I immediately ask her to find out when there is a class. I was inform that it is from 7/6 to 10/6. I immediate enroll myself to join the class. I contact Eddy and he pass me to Pauline. I fly to K L on 6/6 and go to Port Dickson. I enjoy a night there. During noon at 7/6, I meet Doctor and told him that I cannot sleep and is on medication. He ask me to stop the medicine from today.

I am a successful woman. When I am prepare to do anything, I am 100 percent committed. I come with empty cup. I do everything what Doctor ask me to do during the workshop.

I didn't sleep for the 3 nights at port dickson without medication. After the course, Doctor told me Trust and Flow. Don't take sleeping medicine again. I trust him and the angels. After 10 days, ie on 17/6, I start sleeping again. I have good sleep for the last 2 nights. How wonderful it is.

After the ATPY, angels start comunicate with me in the form of smell, messages, image on the ceiling and walls. Since 7/6, I didnot quarriel with my husband again. I know how to laugh, joke, joy. My daughter notice my changes and she is going to send me to join all the courses conducted by Doctor.

During the pass 10 days after I join the ATPY, lots of miracles on me.

1. I can sleep now without medication. I am on sleeping pills for 38 years.

2. I am joyful and thankful everyday and at anytime and anywhere. No more emotional.

3. No more hatred, unhappiness, and more healthy. I let go all evil and unhappy things.

4. Lost 3 KG without dieting. just follow what Doctor ask me to drink and eat.

5. I laugh everyday.

6. My right eye is nearly blind 10 years ago. Suddenly I see angels image at wall with my right eye yesterday. The message to me is that my right eye will be recovered. This morning, my right eye start to see things and only 1 night time, my eye sight has improve to 70%. what a great thing!!! Prove can be given as I just has my eyesight check on March and I am going to have another check out on 20/7 before going for the overhaul course.

Millions thank to Doctor to guide me to eternal life. I will be joing the overhaul on 20/7 to 22/7 at klang.

With Love & Joy,

Anna Wong Nga Yang @ Wong Nga Ying

19th June, 2012 at Adelaide



Thoy Chai How' Testimony. click here


Ong Michael

Dear Doc

Warm greetings from Jez Lyn, Eugene, Celia & myself....

Firstly, I would like to record my utmost appreciation and universal thanks to your good- self and your fellow Masters & team members for all of your untiring efforts & assistance during the recently concluded ATPY at PD frm 8 Mar to 11 Mar 2012.

Doc, I came to your ATPY session with as much reservation and as much optimism and openess. After going thru the entire session over the days with the 100% effort & focus as per your request I'm glad I attended as I left with a fulfilled heart and mind, full of joy, relief and the feeling of being very happy indeed. Importantly is the bountiful lessons/ knowledge we learned from you.

When I was diagnosed with a mitral valve rupture which categorise me as a heart failure patient and led me to having pneumonia attacks twice last year, life suddenly took a downward turn for me as I have a young family, drastic changes in my daily life activities, etc and the dreadful fear of needing to go thru an open heart surgery to replace my ruptured valve and leading to a lifelong medication regime which will have its consequences and inconveniences as advised by the heart consultant that attended to me. I have a 2 year timeframe to decide when to do the surgery. The turmoil I faced made me become a withdrawn and even more impatient and hot-tempered person thus affecting my personal life, friends & colleagues and worst of all my own family members.

It was thru my family's support and encouragement especially my wife that finally got me to meet with you last year in December 2011 and you did surprise me from your appearance and your forthright approach when we met. I layed out my predicaments and you gave me a commitment and challenge to help me change and improve my health condition thru your alternative methods. I left after our meeting feeling skeptical and yet at the back of my mind thinking what other choice do I have??? Part of me was the fear and my lack of confidence of going thru some regime of your workshp which my physical self cannot be exerted etc, due to my heart condition. Finally I joined, together with my 8 year old daughter. I was surprised at the response of my daughter to the various activities we endure during the workshop and I can say at the end of everything, now, today there is so much understanding and confidence she gained for herself and towards our family, needless to say, my own appreciation, loving care and understanding towards her improved so much that our home environment has certainly lighted up a lot with laughter and more laughter...( no more the "pang sai beh chut" bulldog face ....heheh)...

As for myself, you drove me beyond my fears of being able to exert myself physically, overcoming my negative mental blocks during your workshop, relieving me of my emotional fears and pain that enable me feel so much better like a young "chiku" as described by my wife. You put me thru a healing process by carrying out a spiritual surgery on my heart witnessed by all participants, and my experience of the "discomfort" and heaviness I felt all this while on my chest was gone, and replaced with a calm and feel good factor. I tested myself thru some physical barriers and felt very normal. By carrying out your easy recommended breathing exercises for the next 2 to 3 months, I can't wait to carry out my next medical checkup with my doctor and positively look towards a better result of my condition. In fact, I have actually stopped taking my daily compulsory dose of medication and to date, I'm just moving about my usual daily activities without the thoughts of being a sort of a "handicap" person.

My colleagues in my office probably thought I'm off my rocker...I'm laughing more and being a clown again after seeing my moody side of me for the past months...good thing is everybody is enjoying an enlightened environment and importantly I feel good and being happy again....thanks to you Doc, I'm seeing life differently now, very much on the positive side and I will defnitely make-up time and by leaps and bounds, to love my family, friends and my life....

Once again, thank you " Sifu " for turning me, this "sei for" into a young chiku with full of zest again...

I would like to, on behalf of my family and myself especially, to extend our heartfelt universal thanks and lots of love & kisses....

From Michael & family....


Pauline asked: What is your impression of Doc when you first met him ha? I have to pause to think..could not find the right words to describe as there wasn’t much I could say. When I first saw Doc, I did not realize he is “Doc Yong”. I was too engrossed with the hug greetings around me . Doc was sitting at the edge of the low stage talking with a group of ATPY participants. That’s all I can recall ....but things has changed as I get to know him more. Here is my version of Doc Yong ..hahaha!

A man in sixties, he is seen mostly in T-shirts and knee length pants. No socks no shoes, only a pair of slippers taking him through walks of life. A rounded face with little hair, his wisdom lingers on in his head. His eyes are piercing but softened by a pair of empathy brows. Never fails to answer, be it a question, concerns, disagreements, challenges or advices, with his smilling face. His smile is so wide, that it mellows the heart…his laughter’s are profound that it will wake you up...HaHahahaha!!!

Sturdy and steady, he walks with a rotund tummy contributed by our Malaysian “SiuYeh”.
Ask Doc, and he can tell you what’s good to eat and where to eat. Mahjong is his favorite pastime, often playing with his graduates. Though I am not fluent with the game, yet I find it amusing, fun and filled with love. The player’s are whimsical in gestures, full of punch lines, gag lines, tag lines and laugh lines as they speak. Waggishly pulling each others leg and at the same time lovingly sharing each others company....Muaacckk Muaacckk.

Doc’s credo abides the universal law. Following the flow and letting go is often the hardest to comply and yet it is the most significant effort to wholesome health! His ways are devoid of motivation, auto-suggest or altering the state of ones mind. Instead it triggers self realization for empowerment ~ perceptible, palpable, appreciable, noticeable and self-evident to those whom comes along with an “Open mind”.

There are much more to Doc’s work and I am on the discovery path which is an endless journey. Already, I am 2 years late since the day I heard of Doc’s work! I will be able to share more as I walk the path. Not only because I have greater span of knowlede or experiences but also being more conscious of my own senses and able to express myself openly. “Being True” - this is the best gift I could give to myself!

Doc, thank you with loads of hugs and muack muack.... You are who you are – “D” Doc Yong. As much as you have given and shared with us all, please remember that we are here for you as well. After all, we are all your masters too right, 


I was first introduced to ATPY in 2009 by one of my closest friend, Pansy.

At that time, things were going very well for me, but I wasn’t happy. I constantly complained about every single thing in life and I didn’t know why, but I felt angry. As time flew by, I got more and more angry and unsatisfied with my life. I was angry, sad, and depressed all the time. I felt like I wasn’t myself anymore. I lost direction in life and I didn’t know who I am. Everyday, I would just drag myself to work and at the workplace, I complained like nobody’s business, too.

Early this year, my situation did not change and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I knew that I needed a break in everything and I needed help. I read a lot of motivational books, but it all didn’t help. That was when I recalled about Yongiway’s ATPY. I started reading about ATPY’s testimonials through the webpage and the more I read, the more interested I am. I checked the ATPY schedule every month, but somehow, something stopped me from attending it. Then July came and I told myself that I want to change and be a better person before August (my birthday).

I still remember seeing the happy and relieved look on Pansy’s face when I told her I’m interested to attend ATPY that month. Hahaha..She made calls, registered me and even accompanied me during the 4days of ATPY.

I was really blur-blur at ATPY and during the first 1.5days, I thought that there was really nothing so special about this course. I find Doc funny and I enjoyed the activities. That was all! It did not help me to resolve my problem. Friday afternoon came and in one of the games, I finally understood my situation and life journey. It really, really hit me hard and I cried like hell. From then onwards, I see myself changing to be a better and more sensitive person. I plan less, I think less, I try to apply adaptability and flexibility in my life, in my workplace. My boss and my friends see the changes in me Although I’m still sometimes a bit blur, but somehow, I understood myself more, I’m more forgiving and communicative.

Doc. Yong is really SIMPLY THE BEST!!! ATPY is just awesome. It’s fun and it’s really worth every single cent.

Here, I’d like to thank my dearest chimui, Pansy, for introducing me to Yongiway ATPY and for listening to my complaints for so many years. I should have attended ATPY earlier. Stupid me!

Thank you Doc and Pauline, you’re just like daddy and mommy to me. Not forgetting Eddie, Ah Hong, PohKeam, Laksa, Mdm Pendek and all the masters who were there to help me find myself again BIG- BIG *HUG* and *MUACKS* to you all. FAMILY WE ARE ONE!!

******************************************************************************* Hugs hugs to Doc and Yongiway Family :)

"I was once lost but now I am found. Was blind but now I see." The joy of belonging and sighting is beyond words. Everyday my heart flutters with joy and peace when I think of Doc, Eddie, Ah Hong, Pauline, Poh Keam, Laksamana, Uncle Long Jaw, Philip, Elizabeth, Edward, Shirley, Pansy and Mei Fern. Your presence has lightened up my journey in life!

Past 2 years were the worst emotional turmoil that I have ever gone through. Not a day pass with real sense of happiness but only with anger, discomfort, dissatisfaction, senses shut, spiteful, full of hatred and slowly losing grip of myself. I kept asking why am I in this stage? It’s getting difficult to live my life – or is there any, to live for?

I wasn’t listening when Pansy ask me to attend ATPY back then. She can nag me forever but I just wasn’t listening! Only recently, when she and Mei Fern signed up for Silent Retreat – I heard myself saying that I need to and I want to join them. I can still remember Doc’s SMS when I check with him if I could attend since I have not attended ATPY. “Its ok, important is dat u come”. I can feel the warmth in his responses and more determined to participate :)

3 days of Silent Retreat is great! Is a real retreat that one can present to oneself. Without hesitation I applied leave from work and sign up for another of Doc’s course ~ 4 days of ATPY. What is Silent Retreat and ATPY all about? You will have to sign up to experienced it yourself hehe! But I can definitely share with you the changes that I felt in me.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I am now able to say “I love U”. For all that I am, I am not a star but I am just me. I smile with joy as I am finally finding peace with myself. At work or at home I learn to dance around conflicts and arguments. Although my family members are dead worried of me being conned (Hahahaha) I just smile and tell them not to worry as I have faith in Yongiway and that they should have faith in me too for doing the right thing. “Mommy don’t worry, I am still the baby girl you gave birth to. I am now more determined to live the life you have given in the way I believed in :)

Once a while I might wander off, but: Doc, your profound laughter will wake me up! Eddie, your big smile will give me warmth. Ah Hong, your generosity is my blessing. Pauline, your softness is my comfort. Laksamana and Poh Keam, your loving care is melting me :) Philip and Elizabeth, your giving is boundless. Uncle Long Jaw, your smile and patting is the best stabilizer! Edward Si Heng, your open arms presents me with a place to continue practicing. Shirley, you natural self reminds me to do what I feel and think less! Nathan, you are in all ways training my patience – something I lack of terribly :) Pansy and Mei Fern, being who you are, you bestowed me with 2 loveliest “Ji Mui”

Thank you for all your love, support and generosity. I am grateful to be part of Yongiway.

Hugsss Hugsss from Me. (Agnes Wong, Class of 2011)


Mdm. Lau, Sibu

我在2008年被诊断肝脏中有肿瘤,剩的时间不多。这个消息令我有那个世界 末日的感觉,人生没有了希望,只有绝望中过日子。没料到我在绝望中却见 到了一道光,感谢神,此时派遣了MDM. LOI姐妹来探望我。在她引领下我 才认识DR. YONG。

经DR. YONG的开导,讲解及参加他的课程,我才渐渐“醒”过来。慢慢的我 不只是看开了,而且也放下了很多。我也更珍惜我自己。我体验到生病受苦 折磨的是我自己。

我万分感激DR. YONG以及爱我的家人,令我坚持勇敢的活下去。祈求神继 续保佑医治我。我要快活的过每一天,让每一天都是我的快乐诞辰。

I was diagnosed liver cancer in the year 2008 and was told that I didn’t have much time left. To me, it was like the end of the world, and there is no more hope anymore. Everyday I would live in disappointment. Then I saw light without my expectation, thank you LORD for sending Mdm. Loi to visit me which then led me to Dr. Yong. After going through Dr. Yong’s counseling and workshops, I slowly AWAKEN. I eventually let go a lot and released a lot. And I cherished myself even more as I went through the sufferance of being sick. I really thank Dr. Yong and my family for helping me to have the courage to live on. I also pray for God’s blessing to continue healing me. I want live happily everyday and make everyday a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Hello everybody, my name is Aaron Teo. I’m from Kuching.

I can still remember 7 years ago in a conversation with Eddy about gambling, he mentioned the name Dr. Yong and his class about teaching us how to have better winning odds in casino game. It reminds me of the movie “God of Gambler”. Without hesitation, I followed Eddy to the “gambling” class. Dr. Yong came to pick us up at the airport, when I 1st saw him, guess what I was thinking at that time? Tell you the truth; I was thinking “This can’t be Dr. Yong!” T-shirt and short pant, that’s a bit too low profile. Well, that’s how I met Doc.

We had a bit of chit chat after the class, Doc mentioned about one thing which interest me. He told me that “Table can walk”??? I asked him who will be able to do it. He answered me that I will be able to do it myself. I asked back “Do I have the ability to make it walk?” His answer is “yes”. Then I’d like to see for myself if I really have got that kind of ability which I myself don’t know. So in 2004 I went with Eddy to do his 6days 5 nights Mastery Course in Santubong Resort, Kuching.

Do you know, the Mastery Course is really unbelievable. I really make the table move during the course. Not just that, I also learnt a lot about the universal energy and principle. After that I took up a few other workshops like Reiki Master and Teacher, I-Ching Card Reading and Psychic Mastery.

Early 2011, my mom had a growth. She was diagnosed cancer after scanning. The doctors from both the government and private hospital said that she needs to be operated. On 1st march afternoon, I took mom to the General Hospital. The surgery is on the next morning, 2nd march. I visited her at 10pm, she was about to sleep. Chat with her for a little while, and then she asked me to go home. I look at her face expression as I walk out slowly, she was very brave. As I walk I cry, till I come to my car and that’s when I took up the phone and called Eddy. At that moment I couldn’t talk anymore. Eddy got me to talk slowly, and I told him everything. He advised me to cancel the surgery immediately. He said if we operate, it is not cancer that is going to kill her, the chemo and other factor will kill my mom. She is over 70 years old.

I’m supposed to take my wife and children to holiday on 14th-18th March. Because I heard there are many Cancer being cured in Doc’s ATPY workshop, I decided to cancel all my holidays. And on 17th March I took mom to do the 3 and the half day ATPY course. We both went through the whole ATPY process. Doc told me not to worry, my mom will be fine.

I, mom and my whole family would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Yong for all he did for us, and his gift to the society. I do not know how to repay you, so I’m going to practice what you’ve taught me in my daily life. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Eddy and all the logistics.

Million thanks to you, my most admired and respected Dr. Yong.

个位读者你们好,我是来自Kuching的Aaron Teo.

记得7年前和Eddy的谈话中无形中谈起了Dr.Yong。那个时我们是谈到赌博的话题,从Eddy 的口

中听到Dr.Yong当时有教人如何在赌博桌上占上风,所以立刻让我想起了一部戏 “赌神”,二话

不说就和Eddy一起去上Dr.Yong的“赌”课。我和Eddy到了机场,Doc (Dr.Yong)来接我们,当时我



课完之后我和Doc聊了一回,在话中Doc说到了一个话题让 我很好奇,他跟我说“桌子会走路



6天5夜在Santubong Resort, Kuching举办的Mastery Course。

你们知道吗?这个Mastery Course真的是太不可思议。在这个课程里,我真的让桌子走动了。


几个课程如Reiki Master and Teacher, I-Ching Card Reading和 Phychic Mastery。


私人医院,医生都说一定要动手术。3月1日下午我带母亲进了政府医院,因为3 月2日早上就
















Name: Catherine Lim

Date:  24 Jan, 2011


“Detox”, I’ve heard this word for many many years, and have also spent a lot on purchasing many different so called “detox” products and medicine. As a result, my fluid retention, constipation, skin itch, dark face, low blood pressure and giddiness did not reduce, but got worst! The scary part is couple of months ago; I went for a check up due to a frequent back ache and found that I’ve got kidney stones on both kidneys. I know that too much medication can bring harm to our body, but can’t be help; it’s the traditional way of thinking that one must take medication when one is down.

When Dr. Yong announced last October that he’ll do a “Detox” workshop called OVERXHAUL, honestly at that time I only take it as “try it out”. When I look back, it was really embarrassing.

Throughout the 3 days OVERXHAUL workshop, I followed strictly to Dr. Yong’s regime. We drank cleansing drinks made of fruits and vegetables juice and also enzyme. We did the ANTIOXIDANT REJUVENATION THERAPY, together with Colon Cleansing, Coffee Enema, Liver Cleanse and Kidney Flush. (How we do it? Haha! Go enrol and find out yourself). We also did breath work and coughing.

Let’s talk about my urine first. On the first day, it was dark green and very smelly. Second day onwards, urinated a lot, color and smell has also reduced. Third day, still greenish but this time with some sand.

A lot of waste, cholesterol, parasites and dark colored stuff came out from the colon cleanse and coffee enema. It was really scary. Wow! Just imagine these “terrorist” within our body for many years. How would it affect our health if we did not eliminate them.

I had flu for a month before the OVERXHAUL. During the breath work session, I had a lot of mucous and vomited a lot of yellowish stuff. It was really amazing!

In these 3 days, my blood pressure went up, (of course for high blood pressure, it will come down), my legs are not swollen anymore, my nose is cleared now, the hearing is also better, the kidney pain has also reduced and I lost 3KG! What a benefit! Of course, 3 days is never enough if you want better results. Therefore, we must continue to practice what we learn from the workshop to ensure good health.

These are all the evidence I had for myself. There are others who also had their own experience and different effect. I won’t say much, all I can say is Dr. Yong’s OVERXHAUL is really unique, economy yet effective. Sounds simple, but we must go through the process and experience to understand the essence of it.

I’d like to thank Dr. Yong for having the OVERXHAUL workshop. I consider my very lucky because I had the chance to understand how to overhaul and repair my body before it breaks down. Hopefully in future more would go and do the OVERXHAUL to learn from Dr. Yong to ensure good health. 听排毒,排毒这两个字听了许多年,也曾经花了不少钱购买那些所谓的排毒产品,吃了一大堆排毒药物。结果,身体水肿,便秘,皮肤痕痒,脸色暗淡,低血压导致 头晕,这些毛病不但没改善,反而越来越严重。更让我害怕的是,几个月前我发觉到我的两边肾部位时常都会疼痛,后来去医院做了检查而被告知两粒肾已住了不少 的小石子。。。 我知道吃太多的药对人体很不好,但是没有办法,传统的观念,有病必须吃药。。。 去年十月份就听见Dr. Yong说要办排毒的课程( OVERXHAUL ),不瞒你们,我当时确实只抱着那种有就来“试一试”的心态而报名参加的。现在回想起来,真是“脸红”与“惭愧”! 在三天的排毒课程 (OVERXHAUL )里,我很投入的跟着Dr.Yong所安排的一切环节。我们所喝的排毒饮料都是新鲜的蔬菜水果汁与酵素,去做抗氧化护理,再配合洗肠,咖啡灌肠,洗肝,洗 肾脏。。(怎么洗?哈哈!改天你们自己来就知道了。)还有呼吸法,咳嗽法。。 先说我的尿液吧!第一天,它是很深的青色,又臭。第二天开始,它的颜色和气味转淡了一点,很多,可是很混浊。第三天,颜色还是带点青色,可是我发现到有些 小沙子。。 做了洗肠和咖啡灌肠所排泄出来的废物,有油,寄生虫,有黑色的“青苔”,真是壮观!看了简直会起鸡皮疙瘩! 哇!试想想,这些长年累积在我们体内的恐怖分子,在我们不知情的情况下,没有把他们一一的请走,将来我们的健康会出什么状况?? 在我还没有去这个排毒课程(OVERXHAUL)之前,我得了伤风感冒,拖拖拉拉了将近一个月都没彻底的康复。结果,在课程当中,我们学了观想呼吸法之 后,我流了很多很多的鼻涕及呕吐了很多的黄色粘,很是奇妙! 这三天里,我的血压升高了,(当然那些高血压的反而血压降低了),双脚不再水肿,鼻子不再诸塞,耳朵也没回音,肾部位的疼痛也减轻了许多,而且体重也减轻 了三公斤,这简直是一项大收获!当然,要得到良好的效果,三天根本不够,所以,得到了这些知识之后,我们必须持之以恒,方能掌握我们的健康。 以上所写的只是我自己本身的见证。其他来自不同地方的学员们当然都有不同的反应和得到了不同的效果,这里我就不说了。 Dr. Yong的排毒课程( OVERXHAUL)确实与众不同,经济有效。看似简单,但是我们必须亲身体验,经历其中,才会领悟及得到它的精华。 我要感谢Dr. Yong开办这个排毒课程(OVERXHAUL)。我很幸运,在我的身体健康还没出现更糟糕的情况时,知道如何去清除它,修补它。希望将来有更多的人能够 去上这个课程(OVERXHAUL),跟Dr. Yong学习,为我们的身体健康加油!



Name: Lee Mun Hon, owner of Kong Sai Restaurant (广西仔老板),012-2984038

Date:  24 Jan, 2011


巴生两天半的排毒健康疗理课程,在Dr. Yong清澈和风趣的讲解教导下,使我对排毒,健康,还有自己的身体状况了解到更多。两天半的排毒和疗理后,我的血压回复了正常。本来85kg超重的体重 也减轻了2kg。更重要的是缠绕了我8年的颈椎疼痛在Dr. Yong的护理下也减轻了很多。我相信再继续调理,不需太久就不必在为自己的健康烦恼了。在此要谢谢Dr. Yong!

The 2 1/2 days OVERXHAUL workshop in Klang plus Dr. Yong’s clear and interesting way of presenting has allow me to understand detoxification and good health. And also understood my body even more. After the 2 1/2 of overhaul, my blood pressure went back to normal. I’ve lost 2kg from my actual 85kg in weight. Most importantly was the neck pain which has been haunting me for 8 years has reduced a lot under Dr. Yong’s regime. I believe by continuing the regime and treatments, soon I won’t have to worry about my health anymore. Thank you Dr. Yong.

Lee Kim Hong, owner of Kong Sai Restaurant (广西仔老板), 019-3290382

经过了在巴生的OVERXHAUL, 我感觉到我的肚子轻松了很多,没有以前那种胀胀的感觉。非常好的课程!真的是让我了解什么是健康,以及如何去照顾好自己的身体。

After the OVERXHAUL workshop in Klang, my stomach felt very light, I do not feel bloated anymore. This is a very good workshop to attend! It really showed me good health, as well as to maintain my own body.




Name: Shiau Ling Wong

Date:  25 Aug, 2010


谁是Doc Yong?真的像你们说的那么厉害吗?那么神奇?像神那样?Yongiway是什么咚咚?做什么的?真的能改变我吗?真的能帮助到我吗?真的吗?是不是骗 人的?那么贵!我没钱!我很好!为什么需要那样的课程!

以上都是许许多多人心里的疑问吧!不过,我就简单多了!我寻找的是快乐的人生。或许是因为我笨吧!所以每次都傻傻的去。不过,我所追寻的幸福真的被我找到 了!hehehe...

记忆是美好的。智慧是无价的。爱是最有能量的。有多久没真正爱过了?爱父母,爱兄弟姐妹,爱爱人,爱子女,爱朋友,爱身边的每一个人? 而最重要的是你爱你 自己吗?还要恨多久?还要气多久?还要埋怨多久?还要逃避多久?人生不就是50/50吗?如果是伤心与快乐,你选择哪一个?还是站中间?不上不下?如果你 选择了快乐,该怎么快乐?快乐是什么?幸福真的那么简单吗?

上天赐给我两个美丽又可爱的小酒窝。所以,我的笑容从不吝啬。hehe...不过,直到认识DocYong我才真正体会到发自内心的快 乐!快乐是无价之宝!快乐是无法言语的。快乐是真的很美好!hihihi... (不好意思,我太陶醉在快乐的感觉里了)

不过,之前的我可经历的许许多多的‘灾难’。人生的道路走来可不简单呀!我说人生如场戏。回过头看,真的有太多太多的无奈。过去是无法改变的。而我们却常 常停留在过去!我也一样!释怀不了被伤害的一切!活在恐慌的我真的很无助!

两三个月前,是我最黑暗的岁月!好害怕哦!没人能分享。又有谁能了解!不过,有个人轻轻敲敲我的msn。时时刻刻都在关心我。清楚让我明白我的恐慌!那个 人就是DocYong。

两 年前我第一次参加ATPY到最近的THETA。对我而言每次都有无价的收获。我长大了!不再是那个小女生!不再是躲在黑暗里的小女生!我长大了!不再停留 在被爱情伤害的青春少女!我长大了!清清楚楚珍惜现在所拥有的一切。你们呢?还在徘徊吗?还在犹豫吗?还有那么多时间去流失吗?

我也清楚知道要报答DocYong最好的方式就是活出精彩!或许很多人对DocYong有很多看法。或许有许多人还在迷迷 糊糊。更可怕的是,还有人对DocYong的误解!DocYong到底是谁?DocYong就是DocYong。hihihi...他是人!是个头发没剩 几根的‘年轻帅哥’。wakakakakaa...穿着短裤普通T-shirt整天嘻嘻哈哈特别的master。他也会哭,他也会生气,他也会骂人! hihihi...他也和我们一样,不同的是,他的付出不是你我他能比的!DocYong是我人生中的一盏灯。不要让我们的无知去衡量这位特别人物。不要 让我们的狭窄去伤害这位为我们付出的‘父亲’。不要因为我们的si beh gao断送了那些需要帮助的朋友!问问自己哪真的是你想要的吗?你开心吗,当你批评他人时?那就是你的人生意义吗?hehe...

我 真的很幸福!等了两年,我的anata也来参加ATPY。真的是无法形容的幸福。我很幸运!身边总是围绕着许许多多关心我的朋友。我看到自己所拥有的一 切。我领悟到‘我是谁’!这些日子,我低落时,Eddy真的谢谢您!从不厌烦的听我blablabla...hahahahahahaa...虽然我知道 你很烦了,可是我就是喜欢对你发牢骚!hahahahahaa...谢谢你,Eddy。谢谢Yongiway家族。我们一起加油吧!Go! Go! Go!

Who is Doc Yong? Is he really that powerful? That magical? Like a God? What is Yongiway? What did Yongiway do? Can Yongiway change me? Help me? Is all of these real? Or is it a lie? So expensive! I have no money! I'm fine! Why do we need that kind of course!

These all the doubts that many people have! However, I’m much simpler! I am looking for a happy life. Perhaps, it is because of my stupidity! So, every time I just go there like a fool. However, I finally found the happiness that I searching all this while.

Memory is beautiful. Wisdom is priceless. Love is powerful. For how long, you never been love or trying to love someone? Love your parents, love your brothers and sisters, love your beloved one, love your children, love your friends, and love everyone around you? The most important is that do you love yourself? How long do you still want to hate someone, angry with someone, complaining, or even running away from everything? Doesn’t life is 50/50? Between sad and happy, which one will you choose? Or you choose to be in the grey areas? If you choose to be happy, how will it be? What is happiness? Well, is happiness really that simple?

God gave me two beautiful and cute little dimples. So, I never being stingy with my smile. hehe ... but until I know Doc Yong, I only realized how awesome it is to feel the joy from the bottom of my heart! Happiness is priceless! Happiness cannot be described in words. Happiness is really beautiful! hihihi ... (sorry, I was too reveled in my own happiness)

However, I went through a lot of 'disaster'. The path that I taken in my journey of life is not that easy! Life can be so dramatic. When I look back, there’s really too much frustration. We can’t change the past and yet we often choose to remain at where we used to be! Me too! I can’t let go the past and all the hurt I got! I felt so helpless when living with fear all the time!

Couple of months ago, it was my darkest moments! Oh, so scared! Nobody I can share with. Who can understand! However, there’s someone knocking on the door of my MSN. Care about me all the time. Let me understand what am I fear of! That person is Doc Yong.

Two years ago, is my first ATPY and till today, I attended THETA. Each time I went through the courses, is like a priceless harvest to me. I have grown up! Is no longer that little girl! Is no longer a little girl that hiding in the dark! I have grown up! No longer remain in the days that hurt by love! I have grown up! Cherish everything we have now. How about you? Still lingering? Still hesitating? Is there any more time for you to waste?

I also know the best way to repay Doc Yong is to live life to fullest! Perhaps different people have different views on Doc Yong. Perhaps many of them are still lost their way. And the most awful thing is that there are people misunderstood Doc Yong! Actually who is Doc Yong? Doc Yong is Doc Yong. Hihihi ... He is human! Is a ‘young and handsome man’ that only left a few hairs on his head! Wakakakakaa ... Is a special master that always wears an ordinary T-shirt and short, laughing and joking all day long. He will also cry, get angry, and even scold people! Hihihi ... he’s like us, the only difference is that the scarifications that he made compare to all of us! Doc Yong is like my guardian angel in my life. Don’t ever judge this special character. Don’t ever let our negative thoughts take over you and end up hurting the 'father' that sacrifice so much for us. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to outreach our friends outside there just because of our ‘si beh gao’ character. Ask yourself; is that what you really want? Will you feel happy if you criticize others? Is that the goal in your entire life? hehe ...

I am really happy! Waited for two years, my ‘anata’ finally participated in ATPY. I really can’t express all this happiness in words. I am very lucky! There are always friends that care for me. I saw everything I owned. I realized 'Who am I'! Those days, when I'm down, Eddy really thank you! You never felt tire to listen to my blablabla ... hahahahahahaa ... although I know you're bored, I just like grumbling in front of you! hahahahahaa ... Thank you, Eddy. Thank you Yongiway family. Let’s work hard together! Go! Go! Go!


Name: Jason Lim

Date:  25 Aug, 2010


Hello everyone,

All the courses have helped me mature to what i am today, however the one that seems to have affected me the most would definitely be the Business mastery. As i have never really had a thing for studying the yongiway courses have always helped me stay strong through difficulties and let go of problems i've coped with in the past, as a fact in school i completed a career pathway program that gave you the results of what is best for you as your future job, i got a businessman and since then i've always had a strong interest in it, the fact that i was completing a course of business management this year helped me to understand some things about corporations but never taught me about business in itself. After i attended the business mastery it seemed as if my whole future suddenly opened up because i knew what i wanted to do in life and what i wanted, during these 7 days i learned more about business than the time i did in my business management course, i experienced business firsthand and understood the concepts so easily, in the world they make business seem so hard but in truth BUSINESS IS EASY i hope that in time to come everyone would be able to experience this course as it contains the information on business that everyone must come to understand if they not only want to be successful in business but also successful in life. thank you all for giving up your time and reading and i'd also like to thank my dad for allowing me to fly in to KL so i could attend this course

Love and Hugs

Seng/Joey/Jason Lim


Name: Catherine Lim

Date: 18 Aug, 2010


其实我对DOC所提供的课程有千言万语想要表达,可是却不知该从何说起。。。 因为内心里所充满的喜悦,感激,可说是无法用语言来表达。。。 当我看到这个一脸慈祥的‘老人’,无怨无悔的伸出援手来帮助任何一个需要帮助的人, 那无私的精神,让我们感动,也让我们惭愧。。。 ATPY 让你从痛苦中释放,找回你人生中的快乐。。。 ATPY 让你从恨海里释怀,找回你的健康。。。 ATPY 让你找回曾经失落的自己,认清自己的道路。。。 ATPY 使你灿烂的人生更加充满阳光,亮丽。。。 这三天半的ATPY课程,给你所需要的答案,给你看见奇迹。。。 所以,何必迟疑??

There are thousand of words which I'd like to express on the workshops that DOC provide, but just don't know where to start... That's because no words can describe the JOY and GRATITUDE I have in my heart... When I see this "old man" whose face is full of KINDNESS, let out his helping hand to help those in needs without any complain and regrets, The spirit of unselfishness, touched our hearts, and we feel ashamed of ourself... ATPY allow you to let go of your pain, and find your happiness in life again... ATPY allow you to be free from your hatred, and find your health again... ATPY allow you to find back the lost you, and recognize your journey again... ATPY will let your glittering life be filled with more sunshine, sparkle... This three and the half day of ATPY workshop, will give the answers you needed, will show you the miracles... So, why hesitate?


Name: Lee Yi Qian

Date: 18 Aug, 2010


Hello everyone,

Meeting a Grand Master like doc is like a miracle of life. If my family and I had never met with doc, I can't imagine my life now. I used to have black face everytime i woke up from bed, but after ATPY and Mastery and every other courses, i woke up from bed with a Hehe ^.^ face. Doc Yong has always been special whenever comes to conducting his classes, but the Business Mastery has been the most outstanding ones and the one which get me most into working for something.

Every game played in the Business Mastery served their own purposes, but The Begger game has affected me the most. To be honest, i am a person who are really very "ai bin" hehe. so, for me to be a begger and beg for money, it will be the last thing i will ever want to do in my life. However, i still do it with my full effort. Along the game, lots of dramas have came into and joined the fun. ALL these dramas that comes in, actually spiced up the game even more. The experience i've got from this game, will last forever in my life because, i have learned a huge lesson from it. The lesson is "When you are facing huge problems and you needed help from the others, please, let go the ego in you and beg for help. Or do you want to bring this pride and ego of yours with you and fight with the problems that you can't handle alone and let the problems be and end up costing you the whole business or whatsoever?" This word "Humble" has been the biggest word that hitted me the most throughout the course and changes me as a person.

Therefore, i hope everyone out there can give yourself a chance to learn from Doc Yong and benefits from it. To those who doesn't believe or loves to judge and question Doc's work, please bare in mind, what Doc does is helping people unconditionally and bringing people's family together without asking for a return. Doc will never be let down by all these unfair judgements and will even continue to help people who needed a hand in life or anything. Last but not the least, thank you to my father, laksa and my mother, pohkeam and my sister and brother-in-law SR & R for being so supportive and thank you aunty Pauline, uncle Eddie, and everyone else who were there to help me when i am down, and for those who i have not mentioned, please don't take it personally hehe. cause if i were to list one every single one of you, even 10 pages will never be enough. Thank you everyone, Thank you Doc from the deepest of my heart.


Name: Eddie Sim

Date: 10 Aug, 2010


Hi all, thanks for reading my testimony. It's been 7 years now since I first met doc. At that time I only know how to fight and take drugs. A really really LOST n MABUK man, a man who knows nothing but ANGER, HATRED N BITTERNESS.

Today, under Doc's umbrella, I've develop myself into a multi skilled person. A man who is able to do many constructive things with LOVE, JOY N HAPPINESS. And one of the most important skill which I've just develop recently is to be a REAL BUSINESSMAN via the BUSINESS MASTERY COURSE.


The lesson behind every games and exercise he played with us really hit us hard like a sledge hammer, till we understand the NAME of the game, the RULE of the game, and to PLAY the name of the game - BUSINESS!!

Once again, through the BUSINESS MASTERY, I understand the word "HUMBLE" and why it is so important to be humble if you want to be successful in business. The ODDBALL APPROACH and THE 9 PILLARS to a successful business is really an eye opening to me. I can now understand why people fail in business and why partnership turn sour. I can also understand why Doc always like to say "I can't understand why people like to work for someone", cos I too now can't understand why after knowing that business is never a RISK, it is the way you THINK that makes it a risk.

Thank you Doc, Pauline, Papa, Kim Poh, Laksa, Joanna n of course dearest Ah Hong for always been the WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. Thank you so much for your support and friendship. If it has not been for you all, I believe myself n many would have been very lost n down.

Last week we were having teh tarik after the night session of The Theta Healing Workshop. The food n drinks was really nice. The place was clean with nice ambience n the service was good. But no business cos choices of food is restricted. So doc suggested to the owner that they need a burger stall to attract more business. But they can't afford it now n they've got children to feed n Raya is coming up. Without hesitation, Doc took out ONE THOUSAND RINGGIT n say "you need a burger stall to survive, please allow me to sponsor you one."

Those who loves to judge n question Doc's work, these are my words from my heart to you all after witnessing his work for many years. To me, his work is beyond healing n teaching. He brings families together, he brings friendship together n he brings people together. Even though most of them never bother to appreciate, or even hantam him. He'll still laugh n move on with his work. He'll never allow anything to put him down in helping people, for it is not just his CALLING, it is also the satisfaction he get which no money in the world can put a price to that.

Thank you very much reading. Have you been doing your BREATHWORK lately? Hehehe...


日期: 2010年8 月10日

見證: 大家好,感謝您閲讀我的見證。打從我第一次見遇見林洋等博士已經有7 年了。那個時候,我只會打架和吸毒。是一個真的迷失了自我和醉醺醺的人 ,一個什麽都不懂而只懂得憤怒,仇恨和痛苦的人。

今天,在林洋等博士之下,我已經成爲一個擁有多項技巧的人。一個能夠用愛,歡樂和幸福去做很多有建設性的事情。而其中最重要的技能,就是最近我從生意主宰 課程中學習成爲一位真正的商人。


在每場比賽和活動背後的的意義裏,我們真的受到重大的打擊,就像大錘一般,直到我們明白遊戲的名稱,遊戲規則,和玩遊戲的名稱,那就是 – 生意!!

再一次,通過生意主宰課程,我深深了解"謙虛"這個字眼,爲何當你要在商場上成功是需要謙虛的。那個另類的方式和9個在商業裏成功的支 柱真的令我大開眼 界。我現在可以了解問什麽有人會生意失敗和商業夥伴關係變得緊張。我也可以了解爲何林洋等博士常愛說:“我不明白為什麼人們喜歡幫別人打工”,因爲現在我 也無法理解這個道理, 直到了解了生意永遠不會有風險,而是我們自己的思考方式使到生意有了危機。

感謝PAULINE,爸爸,KEAM POH,LAKSA,JOANNA和當然親愛的AH HONG一直翅膀下的一陣風。非常感謝你們的支持與友誼。如果不是你們的話,我相信我和多數的人已經迷失了自我和感到悲哀。

上週,THETA(θ)波治療課程后,我們去吃宵夜。那邊的食物和飲料都很好。哪個地方很乾淨和擁有美好的環境與氣氛而且招待又很好。 但是沒有什麽生意因 爲菜單的選擇很少。因此,林洋等博士就建議他們需要建立一個漢堡包攤位來增加生意。可是他們現在沒有能力而且還有孩子要養育,加上HARI RAYA將來臨了。林洋等博士在沒有任何的猶疑下,拿出1000零吉說:“你需要一個漢堡包檔來生存,請允許我贊助你。”

那些喜歡判斷喝質疑林洋等博士工作的人,這全都是我多年以來見證了他的工作的心底話。對我來說,他的工作是超出於教誨和治療。他集合了 家庭,集合了友誼和 他集合了人。即使多數的人都沒有感激他,甚至還中傷他。他永遠都不會允許任何事情去打倒他去幫助人,不只是因爲上面的呼喚,這也是他所得到的滿足感,是不 能夠用金錢來衡量的。



Name: Kelvin

Date: 10 Aug, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Many moons ago the world was blessed with someone special. This is YT, a guide to show others a path to love, joy & happiness.

No one is perfect, we’re human and all humans have frailties.

For me, it’s quite simple. If someone or an event causes me disquiet, I look inside myself to search for what needs healing! When I blame others for how I feel, I give away my own ability to find inner peace and happiness.

As I see it, there are 4 stages to happiness: 1 . Acknowledge that I have a problem 2 . Accept responsibility for how “I” feel 3 . Forgive those involved and myself 4 . Unconditionally love all involved, especially myself Sometimes this may not be easy, but it works every time!

Life is a fascinating journey and each of us decides how we travel. It is a rich tapestry of travellers who meet, pass by or have a relationship of some kind. Each encounter is an opportunity for personal growth and development. Also life presents us with challenges – the more difficult the challenge, the greater the learning opportunity! Yongiway has faced and continues to face challenges – aren’t these fantastic opportunities for all involved to develop & grow oneself! To practice no right / no wrong, 50/50, 99/1 and “We are One”!

Many of you know my family & me personally and we have been members of the Yongiway family since November 2005. As individuals and as a family, we have faced some very difficult challenges in recent years, but we’re all the better for the experiences! Throughout, YT has been there for my family and words cannot express the warmth & gratitude we all have for him and what he seeks to do.

In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter what others “think”, what really matters is how I “feel”!

May the light continue to shine brightly on YT, Clara, Jason & James and shower them with much happiness & fun!

Hugs to you all,



日期: 2010年8月10日

見證: 嗨,大家好,



對於我來說,這很簡單。如果有人或事件使我不安,我自己在内心尋找自己有什麼需要癒合!當我責怪別人如何看待我的感覺,我運用自己的能力以找到內心的安寧 和幸福。

照我看來,幸福分成4個階段:1。承認我自己有問題;2。承擔“我”感覺到如何的責任;3。原諒那些涉及的人和自己;4。無條件地愛那些涉及的人,特別是 自己。有時候,這是沒那麽簡單,但它卻時常都有作用。

人生是多麽美妙的旅程,而我們每一個人決定自己的路程。對於旅客的相見,經過或是產生了感情,這是一個豐富的掛毯。每遇到遭遇,都是給你成長和發展的機 會。生活中出現了挑戰 – 越是艱難的挑戰,越是有學習的機會!YONGIWAY已經也繼續遇到挑戰 – 這不是給讓那些涉及的人一個美妙的成長和發展自我的機會嗎!去實踐,沒有對於錯,50/50,99/1和“我們是一家人”!

很 多人都知道我家人和我個人,自2005年11月一來,我們一直都是YONGIWAY的家庭成員。作爲個人和家庭,近年來我們都面對了一些艱難的挑戰,但我 們也因爲這些經歷而變的更好!自始至終,林洋等博士一直都在我的家人身邊,我們對他的溫暖和感激,和達說渴求的事,我們在語言裏是無法表達得出來的。






Name: Kim Huat

Date: 4 Aug, 2010


Take a deep Breath, and say HahaHaHaHAhAHAHA..... are u reading? or laughing? come on, life would be DULL if u just read only!

Yongiway had teach me and show me that life is not only just one way, but more than one u can take... which is simple and easy. Life is not just about studying, working, having children to pass the day. It means more than that. They even help us and brought up back the important thing that most of us have lost it, Family, Love, Joy, Happiness. It had show me a hope and a new life, which i been looking for.

Now I laugh more that i use to be. HAHAHA... And Me and My family relationship is getting better, specially me and my dad... Even My house is laughing HAHAHA~

In the bottom of my heart, I really want to say thank you to everyone that involve the volunteer, the staff, the participants, and the founder of Yongiway, Doc.

Thank you.

I also want to say that, I feel LIFE AGAIN.

The L -Love
The I -Ivy
The F -Family,
The E -Environment, the laugh, and the feels.


I also attended the Business Mastery recently, it was great. A one week course cover the 7 years of working experience, 3 years of degree studies, 2 years of master level and more. within 7 days, many thing happened. it is a really Great Grand Glorious course. Of course the exprience is invaluable, it couldnt be found beside in Yongiway. There is one activity that is really really great during in the course. I just couldnt forget the experience that i had(so do the others i think). To say the truth, I did really think of trying that activity but didnt dare to, but now i did. Muahahahahaha!

W-e laugh more than use to be, W-e learn more than use to be, W-e work more than use to be...

This shall not be the last of ME, HAHAHAH...

thats all...

Thank you everyone,




日期: 2010年8月4 日

見證: 深呼吸,然後哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。。。。你在閲讀?還是在哈哈大笑?如果你只再閲讀,生活豈不是很納悶!

YONGIWAY 讓我看到人生不只是受制成一種方式,而是可以超過一種,那就是簡單又容易。人生不只是以求學,工作和有子女來過每一天。它意味著更多。它甚至幫助我們和把 我們失去了最重要的東西給帶回來。家庭,愛,歡樂,幸福。它給我看到了我一直在尋找的希望和新的人生。





L – LOVE (愛) I – IVY (艾維) F – FAMILY (家人) E – ENVIRONMENT(環境,笑和感覺)


我最近也參與了生意主宰課程,真得很棒! 一周的課程,包含了7年的工作經驗,3年的學位課程,2年的碩士水平等等。在這7天裏,發生 了很多事情。它真的 事一項很棒,很壯觀,很輝煌的課程。當然,那些經厤無价的,除了在YONGIWAY裏,別的地方是找不到的。當中有一項活動是真的真的很棒的。我就是無法 把這個經歷忘掉(我想其他人也是)。老實說,我真的有想過嘗試去做那個活動,只是沒有勇氣而以,但現在我做到了。哈哈哈!









Name: Eddie Sim

Date: 3 Aug, 2010


Hi all, thanks for reading my testimony. It's been 7 years now since I first met doc. At that time I only know how to fight and take drugs. A really really LOST n MABUK man, a man who knows nothing but ANGER, HATRED N BITTERNESS.

Today, under Doc's umbrella, I've develop myself into a multi skilled person. A man who is able to do many constructive things with LOVE, JOY N HAPPINESS. And one of the most important skill which I've just develop recently is to be a REAL BUSINESSMAN via the BUSINESS MASTERY COURSE.


The lesson behind every games and exercise he played with us really hit us hard like a sledge hammer, till we understand the NAME of the game, the RULE of the game, and to PLAY the name of the game - BUSINESS!!

Once again, through the BUSINESS MASTERY, I understand the word "HUMBLE" and why it is so important to be humble if you want to be successful in business. The ODDBALL APPROACH and THE 9 PILLARS to a successful business is really an eye opening to me. I can now understand why people fail in business and why partnership turn sour. I can also understand why Doc always like to say "I can't understand why people like to work for someone", cos I too now can't understand why after knowing that business is never a RISK, it is the way you THINK that makes it a risk.

Doc, you've always been the WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. Thank you so much for your teaching, support and friendship. If it has not been for your teaching, I believe many would have broken down. Like I always say to those who come and question Doc's work, "The LAUGHING and CRYING alone will take you a long way in life. Can you put a price to that?"

Thank you. Eddy Sim.


日期: 2010 年8月3日

見證: 大家好,感謝您閲讀我的見證。打從我第一次見遇見林洋等博士已經有7 年了。那個時候,我只會打架和吸毒。是一個真的迷失了自我和醉醺醺的人 ,一個什麽都不懂而只懂得憤怒,仇恨和痛苦的人。

今天,在林洋等博士之下,我已經成爲一個擁有多項技巧的人。一個能夠用愛,歡樂和幸福去做很多有建設性的事情。而其中最重要的技能,就是最近我從生意主宰 課程中學習成爲一位真正的商人。


在每場比賽和活動背後的的意義裏,我們真的受到重大的打擊,就像大錘一般,直到我們明白遊戲的名稱,遊戲規則,和玩遊戲的名稱,那就是 – 生意!!

再一次,通過生意主宰課程,我深深了解"謙虛"這個字眼,爲何當你要在商場上成功是需要謙虛的。那個另類的方式和9個在商業裏成功的支 柱真的令我大開眼 界。我現在可以了解問什麽有人會生意失敗和商業夥伴關係變得緊張。我也可以了解爲何林洋等博士常愛說:“我不明白為什麼人們喜歡幫別人打工”,因爲現在我 也無法理解這個道理, 直到了解了生意永遠不會有風險,而是我們自己的思考方式使到生意有了危機。

林洋等博士,你一直都是我翅膀下的風。非常感謝您的教誨,支持與友誼。如果不是你的教誨,我看很多人都會受到挫折。就像我常對於那些來質疑林洋等博士的工 作的人說:“就凴哭和笑的就可以讓你在生命中有個很長旅程。你能用金錢來衡量這嗎?”



Name: Ah Hong

Date: 3 Aug, 2010



但是经过了这次的生意主宰课程,一切关于我自己的都开始起了变化,尤其是我的观念。我发现到一直以来是我的想法和观念让我在生意上挣 扎。现在,经过了在生 意主宰课程中的了解后,我只知道我的前进是具备了明确的宏愿和任务。最重要的是我还具备了Dr.Yong的生意指南。

Doc, 非常感谢您一直以来的引导和支持,我现在明白要成功就要先了解自己的性格,自己的敖迈,自己的火气。。哈哈!!

最后,我要在此感谢Eddy, Pauline, Carissa, Kim Po, Laksa, Joanna和我的父母一直以来的支持。我爱你们!!



Name: Carissa Soon

Date: 1 Aug, 2010


Carissa Soon, July 30, 2010

When my mum did her first ATPY, I was about 8 years old and that was the first time I met Doc Yong. Since young, I have been following yongiway. But I only did my first ATPY when I was at the age of 11 and after that all the other courses throughout my years. I am now 17 years old going on 18 and I just did the BUSINESS MASTERY. Doc has been telling me to set up my own website to sell fashion wear since young but I didn’t have the guts to do it. Since I am taking Business Studies this year, then I decided to have a website selling fashion wear with ah hong. Thanks to Doc for being our mentor, my mum and eddy, everything went pretty well with our fashion website. Therefore, after a brain storming week at Business Mastery, it has helped me to understand lots of real life business concept and strategies. Most important of all is Doc taught us on the Business Principles and what our own VISION and MISSION can make us achieve in the future. Business Mastery is PRICELESS as it is something you will never experience in your lifetime. DON’T MISS OUT IF THERE IS ANOTHER BUSINESS MASTERY!  Lastly, I would like to thank you Doc for your guidance all these years and I really appreciate it! And Thanks to my parents and all the aunties and uncles! LOVE AND HUGS! Pls: Visit http://fashion-coolture.blogspot.com Your fashion is there waiting for you!!! Hehe.


日期: 2010年8月1 日

見 證: 我的媽媽參與她第一次的喚起沉睡的你 (ATPY)時,我大約8嵗,這也是我第一次遇見林洋等博士。從小,我就隨著YONGIWAY 。但我第一次參與喚起沉睡的你 (ATPY) 是在我11嵗的時候,然後隨著的幾年裏,我參與了其他的課程。我現在17嵗,將踏入18 嵗了,和我剛剛才參與了生意主宰課程。多年以來,林洋等博士一直都告訴我去設立一個時裝網站銷售時裝物品,但我卻沒有勇氣去做。由於我今年在念商業課程, 我決定設立時裝網站,和AH HONG一起銷售時裝物品。感謝林洋等博士當我們的導師,我媽媽和EDDY,我們的時裝網站一切都良好。因此,一周的生意主宰課程,它幫助我了解很都現實 生活上的生意原理和戰略。最重要的是林洋等博士教導我們經營原則和了解我們自己的抱負和目標,讓我們能夠在未來的日子裏達成。生意主宰課程是無價的,因爲 你無法在你人生當中經歷的。如果還有生意主宰課程,請萬物錯過!最後我要感謝林洋等博士多年來的指導,我真得很珍惜!我也要感謝我的父母和所有的阿姨與叔 叔!愛與擁抱!請遊覽http://fashion-coolture.blogspot.com,您的時裝在那等候您!!!哈哈。



Date: 31 July, 2010


TO READERS OF YONGIWAY Last week I went to Business Mastery! Guess WHAT? IT WAS PURE AWESOME!! WOAHHH!! LAUGHTERS more than tears for this course.. You will learn how to build business from totally nothing at all.. Beside that, we learn to be a real BUSINESSMAN.. Whatever we did was out of EXPECTATION!! There was one best game, from my personal view, that game is best game that doc ever ask us to play.. (secret) it was great Great GReat GREat GREAt GREAT!! It was a great week of business journey.. Trust and flow and it will get to it.. I missed a week of class and I am really left behind.. Even Though I know I will be left behind, from the bottom of my heart, I still chose BUSINESS MASTERY.. THINGS WE LEARNT ARE PRICELESS AND I DON'T THINK ANYONE WILL SHARE THEIR BUSINESS SKILL WITH YOU.. Thanks to everyone who support me throughout this course and THANK YOU TO YOU MUMMY FOR BRINGING ME THERE! LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. THANKS DOC!! AUNTY PAULINE, MADAM PENDEK, AUNTY VAL AND UNCLE LAKSA AND AUNTY KEAM POH AND OTHERS WHO WERE THERE TO HELP US..



30 July, 2010


Name: Clara Lim

Date: 31 July, 2010


Hi Yongiway Graduates

I am writing this from my heart and soul, sharing with you how I feel about Yong being away from me and the boys so much.

I hope as graduates of Yongiway in one form or another, you have being ENLIGHTENED and develop the WISDOM of being better in HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND LOVE. You are all fortunate as you are closer to Yong then me or Jason and James.

First of all let me re-iterate as I have had over the years, Yong and I had an agreement that he helps the world and this will take a lot of time from home even before we married and again understood after marriage and having a family. We are comfortable with this arrangement.

Yes, we do miss Yong very much. Yes, sometimes we do like him to be home, this is a natural feeling. I will be a liar if I say the boys and I don’t miss him. Yet, we get to and have been with Yong in his travels and involve in his teachings whenever we can, and understand that Yong is very passionate about his journey to OUTREACH TO THOSE IN NEED OF HELP UNCONDITIONALLY. In this matter, the boys and I willingly encourage and inspire Yong to go ahead to be there for people of the world. You are the lucky ones; got to know, learn, understand and benefit from his UNIQUE AND ODDBALL YONGIWAY PRINCIPLES OF LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

We are very open about this, Yong shared with me his agony of not just being away but also the hurtful comments he came across, some of his graduates back chat about him – for example, how can he talk about “FAMILY WE ARE ONE”, when he is always away from home. Let me say that Yong is an honourable and caring man, never fails to contact home each day wherever he is since he started his journey “OUTREACH TO THE WORLD IN NEED”. We as his family supports WHAT HE DOES AND WHAT HE REPRESENTS whole heartedly, never an issue.

We are always pleased to hear of so many success stories and how they have move on with their lives in a happy and positive ways whenever he is back home to spend quality and valuable time with us. The story of his work to help a paralyse lady to walk after 7 years being in a wheelchair, and the latest one about the lady Yvonne in coma for 45 days. His prompt response to Singapore to help was remarkable and now the lady is out of coma, gives us a warm and fussy feeling of fulfilment, and it goes a long way in our hearts as family to see family united and able.

I can also share his feeling of sadness and broken heart, each time graduates practice jealousy, hate, anger, and backstabbing. He keeps all his emotion and thankless feelings inside. Once he said to me, “I am happy if only one in a thousand benefits and go on with living life to the fullest, if a cancer patient comes to me and overcomes it; if children can now have a chance to be successful; if people are free of hate and anger…etc etc”. That’s all Yong ever asks for, he is a sincere, genuine and most giving man I have ever known.

I find it hard to understand or sympathise with those who benefitted have now rubbished or betrayed him. He taught Lymphatic Drainage, Psychic Art, Tarot Card, and many other oddball skills, some now earn good and regular income from this. He saved many from the brink of breakdown or ill health, yet they plunged knives into his back. As Yong always said, “FAMILIARITY CREATES CONTEMPT”. Perhaps Yong’s way of sharing openly allows this disharmony of behaviour.

He is now nurturing Jason, the elder boy, to be in a journey like his. Yong is so happy because Jason has now come to better understand and accept his Pa as a very genuine and caring father who devotes unconditionally his life to helping others . Jason himself decided to take a GAP Year, and walk with his pa. Jason wants to learn all he can in the gap year so that if anything befalls his pa he will be able to continue as such. Jason came back from the most recent Yongiway Business Mastery with awe of his pa’s teachings and his ability to deliver in the most unique and oddball fashion. Yong is proud of his son, proud that he is now so close to him. To those who read this, you are fortunate and lucky as you will see how Yong show his son, Jason, his ways and means to outreach to the world. From all angles, Jason’s report card from this trip to Malaysia and doing the Business Mastery was overwhelming (those who missed out really missed out this opportunity to learn from a Great Teacher), he will be better than his pa. Hehehe.

My appeal to graduates and readers, stop questioning the journey Yong undertakes, it is a calling from within for those who wishes to learn, will undoubtedly benefit from attending to his teachings and his givings (for example, counselling which I believe is always free). All I know is, “EVEN IF YOU HAVE BETRAYED AND BACKSTABBED HIM, HE WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED HIM. THAT I KNOW YONG WILL STILL DO IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY…” He is a kind soul.
Thank you for reading.

Clara Lim
30 July, 2010.


日期: 2010年7月31日

見證: 您好YONGIWAY畢業生


我希望作爲YONGIWAY不論是哪种形式的畢業生,你已經被啓蒙和你所開闊的智慧,那就是得到更好的健康,快樂和愛。你們都比我和 JASON與JAMES幸運,因爲你們更接近林洋等。

首先請讓我重申,我已經在過去幾年裏和林洋等有了共識,那就是他去幫世界,也因爲這樣,他將會長期在外頭,離開這個家。這個共識早已經在我們倆結婚前達 成,甚至結婚和組織家庭后,我們再次明白這個需要。我們對這種安排感到舒適。

是的,我們都非常挂念林洋等。是的,有時候我們都希望他能夠呆在家裏,這都是很自然的感覺。如果說我和孩子們都不想念他,那我肯定是在 撒謊。然而,不論是 他的行程或是涉及他的教誨,我們都會盡量與林洋等同在,並了解到林洋等對他的旅程,去無條件地幫忙有需要的人,是非常地熱情的。在這件事情上面,我和孩子 們都心甘情願地鼓勵和激發林洋等前進,為世界人而存在。你是幸運的;有機會知道,學習,了解和從他的獨特與另類的YONGIWAY無止境地享受人生這個原 則裏頭獲益。

我們對此事都看得很開,林洋等和我分享他的痛苦,不只是要遠離,還要遇到對他有傷害的批評,有一部分畢業生在背後中傷他 – 例如,他怎麽能夠談“我們一家人是一體的”,而他自己卻總是不在家。讓我澄清 ,林洋等是一位守信用和關懷的人,自他開始他的旅程“無條件地幫忙有需要的人”后,無論在什麽時候,他從來都不會忘記每一天與家人聯絡。我們作爲他的家 人,會全力以赴地支持他的工作和他作的代表,從來都不是一個問題。

每當他回到家裏陪我們時,我們總是很高興地聽到這麽多的成功故事,以及他們如何高興地和積極地繼續前往他們的人生。他的工作故事去幫助 一個癱瘓了7年的女 人從輪椅起身走路,以及最新的是關於一位年輕女孩,YVONNE昏迷了45天。他迅速地回應去一趟新加坡給予幫助是個卓越的現象,那年輕女孩已經從昏迷中 蘇醒了。這件事情給了我們一個溫暖和模糊的滿足感覺,和這些家庭的感覺一直在我們的心坎裏,看到家庭團結和有能力。

每當畢業生有了妒嫉,仇恨,憤怒與中傷的行爲,我也能夠分享他的悲傷感覺與破碎的心。他總是吃力不討好地將他的情感和情緒收起來。有一 次, 他對我說,“如果在千分之一裏只有一位獲益並無止境地享受生活;如果一位癌症病人來找我病痊愈了;如果孩子們現在有機會成功;如果人們能脫離仇恨和憤怒等 等等,我已經很高興了。”這就是林洋等唯一要求的,他是真誠的,真正的,和他也是在我認識的人裏付出最多的人。

我覺得很難理解或很同情那些獲益的人,現在卻在背後出言不遜或背叛他。他教淋巴引流,靈感藝術,塔羅牌,和其他許多另類的技能,有些人 現在還使用這些技能 成爲定期收入。他救了很多從邊緣破裂或健康欠佳的人,但他們卻把刀插到他的背部。正如林洋等常說的,“熟悉創建蔑視”。或許林洋等公開的分享方式允許了這 種不和諧的行爲。

他現在正在培養JASON,我們的長子,步他爸爸的後塵。林洋等感到很開心因爲JASON終于能夠了解和接受他爸爸是個非常真誠和有愛 心的爸爸,他爸爸用 他一生無條件地去幫助別人。JASON他自己決定採取空檔年,與他爸爸一起。JASON要盡力在這個空檔年裏去學習所有東西,好讓他能夠繼續他爸爸的信 念。最近JASON從YONGIWAY生意主宰課程回來,敬畏他爸爸的教導和他的傳授能力,提供最獨特和另類的時裝。林洋等為他的兒子感到驕傲,並因爲他 兒子現在與他很親近而感到自豪。對於那些現在讀到這個的人,你是幸運和幸福的人因爲你將會看到林洋等如何教他兒子,JASON,他的方式和方法去推廣到世 界各地。從各個角度,JASON這趟從馬來西亞回來所交出的成績單和參與生意主宰是獲益良多的(那些錯過的真的錯過了從一個很棒的老師身上學習的機會), 他將會比他爸爸更加優秀。哈哈哈。

我向各位讀者和畢業生呼籲,停止質疑林洋等所承諾的旅程,這是上面呼喚他做的,至於那些真心要學的人,無疑地會從他的課程和他的付出 (例如,輔導,我相信 是永遠免費的)中獲益。我所知道的是,“即使你曾經背叛過他和在背後中傷過他,但如果你需要他的時候,他一定會在那裏。我知道林洋等永遠仍然會全心全意地 做。。。”,他是一位仁慈的靈魂。




Name: Clement Wong

Date: 31 July, 2010


Dear Doc.Yong, Like many teenagers.I had tense relationshipwith my family.ATPY helped me to put a stop to this.It's "Yongiway" technique.I attended the workshop in July 2010.I nearly quitted half way and i am happy enough to say i made the decision to stay until end. Yongiway simply means easy way to me.I dedicated myself to the workshop,follow closely Dr.Yong's instruction and poured my inner feelings out totally during the workshop together with my family. I am definitely a psychologically healthier young man now than before i attend the workshop.i let go all the unpleasant feelings accummunicated in me over the years.Thank to YONGIWAY! I recommed whole heartly to you all out there,to parents who find their children difficult to cope with and vice versa,to come forward bravely and let miracle happen!If you don't try to save your family and win each other,no body will! I will be most willing to BRIDGE!

Doc.Yong is the founder to both ATPY,Business Mastery and man others.After attending the ATPY,I just can't resist another Dr.Yong's workshop,a week long.Business Mastery,a workshop to prepare you to become a successful businessman,with course content beyond your imagination and with high return more than you can bargain for. Forget about the tradisional,convential BA,MBA and like which bring you no where.Exploiting the powerful 'inner' you and preparing yourself entering the cruel.realistic world of business by enrolling to this 7 days Business Mastery Course.I hope i am selfish enough to keep this to mself but then i think i will regret and if you hesitate to enrol,you will regret as well! Go for it today and you will not regret tomorrow!Let Dr.Yong exploit your potential,which you may not known yourself.


日期: 2010年7月31日

見 證: 親愛的林洋等博士,像許多的青少年,我與我的家人關係是惡劣的。喚起沉睡的你 (ATPY)讓這段不愉快的關係劃上據點。這是YONGIWAY的技巧。我參與了2010年7月的喚起沉睡的你 (ATPY) 課程。我差一點就在中途裏放棄了,但我非常高興我決定留下來到最後。對我來説,YONGIWAY僅僅意味著簡單的方法。我把我自己呈獻給那個課程,緊跟林 洋等博士的指引,在課程裏與我的家人釋放出我内心裏的一切。比起之前,現在我絕對是一個心理健康的年輕人。我釋放出所有纍計多年不愉快的情緒。感謝 YONGIWAY!我發自内心地介紹給大家,那些覺得對自己的孩子束手無策的父母或是相反的,勇敢地前進,讓奇跡發生!如果你不嘗試保存你的家人,贏取對 方,是沒有人會的!我將非常願意成爲那個橋梁!

林洋等博士是喚起沉睡的你 (ATPY),生意主宰和其他的課程的創始人。參與喚起沉睡的你 (ATPY) 之後,我無法抗拒林洋等博士的課程,就是一星期的生意主宰課程。這個課程是要幫你準備成爲一位很成功的商人,課程内容是超出你想像的,比你預計中得到更多 的回報。忘了那些傳統的,常規的學士和MBA所令你迷失方向。參與這個7天的生意主宰課程,能發掘那内心強大的你和準備你自己進入那殘忍,現實的商業世 界。我希望我可以自私地把所有的一切留給自己,但我想我會後悔,如果你猶疑要不要參加這個課程,你也一定會後悔!今天就去,那你將來就不會後悔!讓林洋等 博士發掘那可能你自己都不知道的潛力。


Name: Wynn Teo

Date: 30 July, 2010


I've been with Yongiway since 2003, this is my 1st time writing a testimonial. Mainly because my writing skills are terrible. Hehehe... paiseh.

But after the Business Mastery I just attended, everything about me started to change, especially the way I think. I realised that it is the way I think that has stop me from progressing in business. Now, with the understanding I had from the BUSINESS MASTERY CLASS, I will only move forward with my clear vision and mission and most importantly the BUSINESS TEACHING N PRINCIPALS by Dr.Yong.

Doc..thank you very very much for your guidance and support, I now understand that if I want to be successful, I have to understand myself 1st, my character, my ego, my cili padi, hahaha...

Lastly, I must thank Eddy, Pauline, Carissa, Kim Po, Laksa, Joanna, n my parents for supporting me all these years. I love you all. Hugs

姓名: Wynn Teo

日期: 2010年7月30 日

見證: 自2003以來,我一直都與YONGIWAY同在。這是我第一次寫見證。主要的原因是我的寫作能力很差。哈哈,不好意思。

但在我參與剛完成的生意主宰后,我的一切開始產生了變數,尤其是我的思考方式。我意識到,是我的思考方式阻止我向商業界裏邁進。現在,借由我從生意主宰裏 所掌握的知識,我只會與我明確的目標和任務前進,最重要的是林洋等博士所教授的生意教學與生意原理。

林洋等博士,非常非常感謝您的指引與支持,我現在了解到如果我要成功,首先我需要了解我自己,我的性格,我的傲慢,我的小辣椒個性,哈 哈哈。

最後,我要感謝EDDY,PAULINE,CARISSA,KIM PO,LAKSA,JOANNA,和我的父母對我這些年來的支持。我愛你們。擁抱。




Date: 27 July, 2010







































~I found myself~

How i met ATPY?

TRUTH In My LIFE T-The R-Right U-Understanding T-The H-History

And learn from a process called LIFE ~

Now i know WHO AM I?

Through the game i know, I'm the person who always L-LAUGH for bad, and forgot laugh for L-LOVE.

Feel I-ILLNESS coz forgot my I-INTELLIGENT,

Feel F-FEAR coz forgot my F-FUN,

Feel E-ENDLESS coz forgot to E-ENJOY my ~LIFE~

Thanks to ATPY once again. Thank q so much.. BIG HUGS

ATPY LET ME KNOW ABOUT ~WAY~ World Around You, Whole Around You.



Name: Lee Sahn Rhouw

Date: Friday October 30, 2009


All of my family members attended ATPY course years ago. They always encourage me to attend as well and telling me how good, how powerful, how great the ATPY is, blah blah blah. And of course, I will always find many excuses not to attend this course. WTF is always the first thing appeared in my mind whenever ATPY was mentioned. Why should I depend on this course to make myself better??? I don't understand. Is that I afraid of making changes? Is that I afraid of letting people know how weak I am??? Is that I afraid of knowing myself more???

And now I'm scolding myself, why am I being so stubborn not to attend this course earlier. I lost my direction in the journey of my life and I'm getting so frusfrated of myself. Blaming this and blaming that but to no avail. I do not know where am I and do not know where should I go. I'm so down and most of the time I feeling so unhappy. Thanks to this great course that I finally know what should I go for. I started to see how colourful my life is, how great I was. Building up my self confidence, see things and think more positively and not to become "SATU JALAN" anymore. The "Rose Rose, I Love U" really open me up !!! Life fill with more laughter is really fantastic. Doc, thanks for your "HAhahahahahahAHhahahahaha".....and every single things you taught !!!

I definately will attend all the other courses. See you there !!!

Name: Ricky Pong

Date: Friday October 30, 2009


I thought I was a happy and positive thinking guy. However, this course awaken me I'm actually not. I chose to ignore everything bad or something that i do not want to recall as I always thought that thre's a saying "it is good to forget the bad and remember the good things happen in your life. It makes you feel better, always". But all these ignorance turned to anger in which buried inside my heart. It is sad that I don't even understand myself. After the October's ATPY, I realised that I acted like a "clown" all this while where I always makes people happy and most important makes myself happy in order to cover up all my sadness and anger. This course makes me understand well that being myself will lead me to live with direction. Also, I realised remembering the bad will reminds oneself not to repeat it in your life and FORGIVENESS is vital.

Thanks to my future papa and mama in law and wife for bringing me here. The greatest thanks to ATPY as I learnt nothing but the best and the most important thing in the world - "ONE FAMILY". My relation with papa and mama especially papa is superb now. Thanks Doc.

Guys, remember the phrase: "there must be reason/reasons for something happens in your life".

Name: ricky chua

Date: Thursday October 08, 2009


awakening the powerful u is a excellent course .. after i attend it my relationship with my dad is marvelous now.. furthermore i am more confident and happy in my job a my job . So my advice do attend the ATPY course it's a must to attend if not you experience it's a guarantee you will be change new you to face this challenging World. Thank you DR. Yong for have this spectacular course in malaysia...

Hi YT,

So pleased to hear that ATPY was another great success! Those who truly engage and follow a path to greater understanding and unconditional love, enjoy life to the full! Alas, it is much simpler than most realise!!

Saturday was great evidence of having great fun as Andrew & Chai were joined in a Civil Partnership. The ceremony was light hearted (10.30 am) and continued through lunch & party to 2 am. Barb stayed with us for a few days, Michael was as happy as we've seen him for a decade or so and Jonathan is developing into a lovely, confident man. It was wonderful to watch Andrew & Chai - 2 individuals so natural, happy & in love! It was a day to remember, packed with joy & fun!! Given what my family has been through recently, it was clear evidence of what you teach and the benefits of walking the talk. It seems to have rubbed off on all the youngsters that regularly visit the house - they all help each other etc & definitely have fun! I guess that's why we are all members of the Yongiway Family & have so much respect for you!

Can you remember what you said to Andrew when you met him for the first time? You simply said that he should travel for 2 years. That's what he did and you would be delighted with the outcome!

I can't honestly say that life is easy for Barb but she is making great progress with her journey. When we were chatting over the weekend, she said how difficult it was for her to admit to her learning difficulties - she's taking a vocational course for her job in caring for adults with learning / mental difficulties. There are so many things that didn't go well for her in her early life that she is facing those fears now - well done her! I know how much it means to her that we are there but she just needs to lead an independent & remote life from the 4 of us. It's not what the 4 of us would have chosen but I can honestly say that we are all at peace with how things are - ATPY et al has helped us all!

Barb's off to the Arctic Circle (via Sweden) in January / February for 3 weeks - going with a group of women.

Jonathan's off to Spain for a few days with Emma - they've been going out for 16 / 17 months and seem happy together. Jud was saying that he'd like to travel when he finishes uni next year - wow, that's gone quick!!

Michael's got 3 small parts in a play - amateur dramatics - there will be 9 public perfomances in November. He is going to display his artwork in the Foyer.

As you can guess, life is busy for me but great to see everyone developing their life as they want to. Work is significantly less than it was so need to do something about that. We all need the bucks to live!

Enjoyed the short break last month - got in some great walking along the coastal path & weather wasn't too bad - dry but very windy.

Have booked a cottage in Cornwall - 1 to 8 Oct - will be on my own for most of the time & plan to get in some walking - it's just a few fields away from the coastal path. Felt like having a retreat from it all!! Azize may pop down for a couple of days.

I'm sure the Psychic Mastery is great fun but alas, I doubt that I'll be able to travel your way this year - have to be with you in spirit!!!

Better get on with some work.

Trust all is good with you & your family.

Big hugs,

Name: Richard Hii

Date: Monday September 14, 2009


My name is Richard from Kapit. If not because of my wife and my good friend, Edward's arrangement, I would not have attended the ATPY. Through this, I have feeled a great change in me. I have insomnia for how long even myself can't remember. I forgot what "a good sleep" is anymore. I feel life on earth is suffering and my heart is bitter and sad everyday. Maybe it's fate that brought me to Dr.Yong . I've just completed the ATPY course on 10th to 13th of september, and coming back to Sibu on that evening. I want to thank Dr. Yong with all my heart that for the first time in who knows how many years, I've had my first good sleep. If you talk about my life right now, I feel that everyday I'm breathing new air and I can see the sky is blue again. I feel happy instead of despair. All I want to say is that life is meaning. So anyone out there with problems, please don't give up yourself, give yourself a chance to live. That's what life is for, to live free and happy. Dr. Yong , I'!

m in great debt to you .

Name: Cynthia Lim

Date: Wednesday September 02, 2009

Here I am again, after just 3 months from the last course of Psychic Mastery, I attended the Super Psychic Mastery. What a revelation! As I am working and living outside of Malaysia, my holidays back home are so precious and I love to spend every minute with my family. However, as one progresses with the years, there are aspects of life which becomes truly important apart from loving your family, living life with joy & happiness, is searching, learning and understanding yourself. From attending the SPM, yet again I have seen and experienced amazing transformation within myself. I have learnt to be truly happy and at peace even when I am alone. This is so important for me living outside of family circle and far from home. Many times in the past, I have shed tears of loneliness and isolation. But now I am happy to be alone and not feel lonely. To me this is truly an amazing transformation and know that it will not be just temporary shift for me but a real understanding of myself!

lf. I even find happiness in the daily tasks at work, smiling when attending boring meetings and alert tending to even the most tedious work. In each of the seemingly meaningless activity, I take joy in fulfilling it, knowing that it is all part of accomplishing a bigger picture in life. Hence, nothing is dull or meaningless. I used to grumble at all the tediousness of certain tasks, but then again it adds to achieving a job well completed. For all of you in the corporate world trying to make a career, you will understand when I say the hardest is when dealing with obnoxious corporate climber. In every corporate environment there is always one such character if not more. With all that I have learnt from the Yongiway courses, I am to be dance with them and deal with them in most effective ways, accept them for who they are and still be happy at work.

I try to attend all of Yongiway's courses which are so different from one to the other as they fulfil varying needs. To sum it all, each course brings out different aspects of oneself. I would love to share my experience with anyone who is interested. Please do not be shy, as I was the same before I attended any of the courses in Yongiway. Now I am able to open my arms and heart to share and reciprocate. I am neither cynical nor guarded nowadays. Trust and flow with love and joy, see how it changes your life and the way people gravitate to you.

Once again, from my bottomless heart :-)) I would like to thank Doc, Pauline, Lee Hong, Edward, Lee Chun, Nick and all who attended the courses for having impacted my life and made it joyful and meaningful. Thank you.

Name: Richard Ho

Date: Wednesday August 19, 2009


Good Day to Dr. Yong and all the yongiway family. Thank you for allowing me to share my experience and opinion regarding the courses. I have attended most of Dr. Yong courses which inclusive of ATPY, Silent Retreat (Alter Ego), Psychic Mastery, Master Course and Super Psychic Mastery. My (5+1) senses just get stronger each time since 23th of April 2009. Many of my friends asked me why I keep going back to PD (Port Dickson) and what is so fun about this course??? I have to reschedule all my appointments and meeting so that it does not clash with the courses. So it have to be very-very fun and meaningful to me RIGHT? If not you think I’m Dumb to waste my time and money. What can the course do? Ah….I will give an ice-breaker on all the courses that I have attended.

ATPY is the foundation of our Inner Self pillar so to start. Been so skeptical at the beginning and NOW I realized why it took me so long to go for the first one. People have this Fear Factor (Kiasi & Kiasu) of if someone knows how they feel and be seen. Some thinks of religious factor (contradiction) teaching because was told that Dr. keep spirits in the course. The changes each participant goes thru is different and some even labeled him as a Witch Doctor. But all these are not true and you should come and see yourself. Dr. teaches us to communicate with spirit angels so that it can guide us on our daily life and protect us from danger.

The Silent Retreat is a course to really understand each person true self. There are things I thought I know but I actually don’t know and things I thought I don’t know but actually understand. It is so funny sometimes when we see our true self. The Egoistic (Guai Lan) character in me crucifies my happiness towards a better life. There is so much of “Mine” concept that I am holding on. If only I can let go and be contented with what I have. Life is so much more beautiful.

Just as I thought that I have already know myself quite well from the Silent Retreat course. Mastery course is something “Beyond of my Beyond” as I have learned so much from it and understand myself even more. . All of a sudden, I felt that there is so much more for me to transform into a better living being. It “demolishes” all my “Belief System” of the spiritual world. When you bring with you an empty cup to the Mastery, then you will fill up so much more. I could get so close to Annie and she is always by my side. When I starts to open up my 5 SENSES suddenly…. Wow Wow…and WOOOW ….JUST AMAZING. There are no words I can describe during the 7 days in Mastery.

And of course the Psychic Mastery (foundation) and Super Psychic Mastery, the MYSTICAL of them all!!! It is just AWESOME. I went thru another round of processes and possess whatever you want to call it (trance). Dr. keep revealing the EVIDENCE ….EVIDENCE… EVIDENCE…. .during the course. Due to my thinking process (a thinker) it took me quite a while for the KNOCKING TO GO IN and eventually grasps the essences of the activities. I have a strong analytical mind and always analyze situations or projects and been thinking too much. Until my 5 senses +1(Black phone) are blocked by the mind. Thank you Dr. as I am NOW ready to “TRUST AND FLOW”…. (finally) When I can trust and flow there is no mountains I cannot climb or no illness I cannot cure.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the Yongiway family especially (Dr.Yong, Pauline, Carrisa, Irene, Eddy, Ah Hong, Edward, Mdm Pendek, Lee Hong, Nick, Lee Chun, Laksamana, Poh Keam, PY, Poh Fong, Michelle, Venicia, Veer and many more). Sorry If I have missed out any of the logistic member. There are so many joyful faces because of U(s).



All the above is patented and only my opinion of the courses. So if you do not become more happy, healthy & wealthy after the courses that means you have not fully understand the essence of it or you have returned to the box again! Then my advice is please come back for the repeats.

Name: Wong Shiau Ling

Date: Wednesday August 19, 2009


Hi, everyone. I am shiau ling or high high (for anna). I would like to share my feeling n experience frm atpy, psychic, silent, mastery n Super psychic.

My first atpy was like a nightmare for me. I was so scared bcoz i going crazy, most of the time i cant control myself frm feeling down. but i m so lucky to have eddie n mdm lim to caunselling me. thank you to both of you for being there for me. After 1st atpy i thought i understand doc teaching but tat is not true. It just the 'beginning' of healing process for me. The pains inside me tat burden me for so many yrs was 'taken' out through the process.

Then I decided to go for 2nd atpy. Wah lao! Tis one more increadible! I smell my 'sai'. My si beh gao n si beh li hai. I thought i m the 'master' now. I would like to thank you mdm pendek n pauline. without both of you i wont go further yongiway courses. i feel so sad when pauline cry! Then I decided to go for psychic mastery.

Honestly, i was confused, blur n lost. Doc said i like to control ppl i m si beh jealous. Hey, I really obbiting in love with the psychic mastery. Thank you doc, u let me know who am i. Ur teaching is so speacial. I get the answers n my mind become more clear!

Before I go to silent retreat, MJ mati! I was so sad. One day, suddenly my ling a ling come, STOP BLAMING. we keep on blaming this n that but we never reflexed. I told myself i don want to be like mj living in his childhood. i don want to be like his father, hurting own children. But I would like to thank you to all the 'pains' inside me for making my journey more colourful bcoz i will turn 'it' into fertilizer.

I have conflict with my 8 yrs old little boy. Thanks to LeeHong, you let me know how to dancing with my boy. You let me know how to dancing with 'the teacher'. Doc is true, ying always win yang.

During silent retreat, i never realize tat i was tat LONELY. I was crying like hell when listen to YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I scream for doc to help me!!! I was so scared n lonely. Doc, thank you for being there for me n everyone. Frm the course, i realize tat i have to action not just bla bla bla. 'VICTIM' tis is the word i learn frm master (u know who u r). Dont feel u r the victim. No right no wrong.

Two weeks later, the 'SURVIVAL GAME', the mastery. Wow! 1st two days i really want to runaway! Mee Lang mama ur supports, i c my mom. Mr Wong i c my dad. Ah Hin n Kenny i c my boy n brother. Pansy i feel my sister, mandy. All of sudden my family members always there for me. Thank you to my loving husband. Interesting games tat make us wake up! Everyone is bravo!!! I see my yiyi, Catherine become more lovely. Doc is really a master teacher!!!

I would like to thank Hong Leong for ur sharing, learns a lot frm u. Nik, thank you so much (Inner fighting spirit). You wake me up for the championship game!

For the 1st time i feel my peace n calm in life. The TOUCH is so true. To see is to believe! Without doc, i will never get the feeling for the rest of my life. REBORN!!! A brand new me, SHIAU LING.

SPM - Super Psychic Mastery, for those who still doubt about doc teaching, attend the course n get the answer by urself. SEE, FEEL n UNDERSTAND. This old man doc Yong willing to share n give to help us. I can feel his tiredness. Pls stop talking nonsense about the courses.

After go through all the Yongiway courses, I see, I meet, I learn n yet I understand. So many thank you inside me to all of you. My lovely husband, ur financial support (hehe), my son, my parents, my brother thai n the most special sister, Mandy, thank you so much for ur understanding n knowledge. To Eddie, Edward, Mdm Pendek, Pauline, LeeHong, Hong Leong n Nik, thank you will never enough for all of you. And my special thank you to Pansy thank you for being part of my life. Doctor Yong you are my DORAEMON!!!!!!HAHAHA

I love you all so much.

Hugs n loves to all logistics n yongiway family, WE ARE ONE.

Name: Pansy M Yick

Date: Sunday July 19, 2009

Dear All,

I wish to share my part on the ATPY July 2009. Like Aida, I was super skeptical about the course even be4 attending it. Needless to say, my first 2 days I wasn't 100% participating in the activities. It was only the 3rd day that I realised no one has understands me better than Doc and his Masters. I was blown away and regretted that I didn't give the course 100& participation. However, after the counselling with Doc after the course, I have realised even more and my 'detachment' from my family. Am still working on improving my relationship with my mum but still avoiding my dad. Uh-oh....

I sincerely hope that the August ATPY will bring some enlightenment in my parents when I bring them there!!! Doc is right about we can't choose our family members and it is up to me on how to live with them.

Good news is I am more aware of the people and the surroundings around me and I am been practising the methods from ATPY. I feel lighter (emotionally, not physically yet!! hahaha!!) and truly blessed to have met Doc and the Masters at ATPY.

Thank you John, for introducing Doc and his teachings to me. And I apologise for THINKING that you are a Con Man in the beginning!! Now, I understand why you were Super Excited about the ATPY and now, I sound like a Con Woman when I share the ATPY experiences with my friends. Hahaha!!!

I will share my ATPY experiences with my friends and hopefully, they will attend the course soon!!!

Thank you, Doc Yong and the Masters at ATPY!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!! Will be needing your support and love during the Mastery Course next week!!


Name: Richard Ho

Date: Thursday July 16, 2009

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Dr.Yong and all the Yongiway family members (u know who u are) for been so supportive and caring for Annie all these times since 2006/2007.

I was very skeptical when Annie first tells me about ATPY course. I actually told her that she might get con or voodoo during the course. The entire course was like a SECRET and the members are not allowed to share out their experiences or what happen during the course. So to me this is sure Con-Case (gone case). Anyway, I just hold back my fear as I didn't want to hurt her feeling, so I let her go for the first ATPY course. To my surprise, after just 4 days she has transform into a LIVELY PERSON when she returns although her eyes were swollen. So I asked what happen during the class and she just smile and were dancing in front of me. She told me "You go for the classlah...I cannot review anything to you until u experience it yourself” ! $%&%^*%^"...I was upset but I was glad she was so happy. I could feel the happiness that flows out from her heart. She asked me that she wanted to attend all the other classes by doc and I said sure go ahead if you are so happy after!

the course I will be happy to see you happy too. But deep inside, I was telling myself damn.. so expensive !!.

But now I realized it is worth 1000x of your money and I am serious. Because my wife was never happy after she found out that she had cancer since 2003. Each time when I tell not to think of her illness she would said aiyah… u don’t know how I feel because you are not the one with the sickness. So I really had very hard time to console her feeling until the Magician Dr. Yong and the circus team members (clowns & animals) appeared.

Annie became more and more happy and cheerful. I told her I will also attend the course myself to see what the heck is this circus performing (joking). Unfortunately, throughout 2008 I was too busy and I keep cancelling my ATPY course (sorry). And only towards 2009, I told Annie I will be able to make it this time and I promised her. So finally, I attended the April 2009 course and I realized why Annie was so happy and cheerful all this time. Doctor Yong and the family were very supportive and very nice people. Immediately after the 1st course I told Annie that I will cancel my hectic business schedules to try to complete all the course doctor has. She was very-very happy that I went for the course and so glad that I understood the true meaning behind ATPY.

Sad to said today is the 49th days since Annie had left us but her Spirits and Courage to fight till the very last breath has awaken me and many others. One thing that I learned from my wife is NEVER-NEVER-NEVER give up HOPE even when everything is going against you. Dr. Yong always said that things happen for a reason and there is NO RIGHT NO WRONG. This quote seems simple English but the essence inside it has a very deep and powerful meaning.

I’m not part of the marketing/Sales team and I don’t have commissions writing this testimonial. But I hoped that people out there who want to have a better quality and happy life, please COME to attend this ATPY course. These 4 days course will be the greatest transformation of ONESELF provided you finish all the activities. My red phone just rang me to ask me to write this testimonial on behalf of ANNIE Wang Kuei Ling as she wants me to tell all of ‘YOU’ out there whether ill or not ill to at least come for the 1st ATPY course. Dr. Yong and the family behind ATPY are genuine people and NOT “con” artist(s) as I first also thought.

Thank you Dr.Yong and Yongiway family to be with Annie till the very final moment and even the 3 days at the funeral procession. Annie said “THANK YOU VERY MUCH…. TILL WE MEET AGAIN”

Richard Ho writing on behalf of L.M.O Annie Wang 16/07/2009 4.50 a.m

Dear Doc. Yong,

Dont know how to put it in words but really want to thank you for openning my eyes and heart to understand what is the real meaning of "love". You also make me understand that there is always another way in looking into a same situation. How i wish i was there in ATPY with Annie. Thank you so much too for whatever you have done for Annie. Thank you for helping my brother John. I will be back in your course to learn more about myself. You are a great teacher. Thank you again.


Lily Ho

Hi Doc,

I am Siew Ming (Ah Kiong's daughter). Hope you still remember me.

Doc I want to thank you and this is from the bottom of my heart. I have never felt happier than the 3 1/2 days in ATPY. The few days there also make me learn so much and I am surprise that I am so receptive to what you taught us.

In the past I have so much anger in me that some I thought I have forgotten and some I was unable to let it go. But now I feel so much lighter and for the pass few days I can feel my own temper is much calmer.

Again Doc...I want to thank you again. I will do my best and be myself as I want to live longer and live more happily. Thank you so much Doc. You are the best teacher I even met and I am so glad I met you.

With love,


dear doc,

i knw my attitude at atpy is not good,kinda "rude" perhaps,honestly,it reli pissed me off,i couldnt understd y shud i go thr to be lik crazy,forced to shout or cry thr,in front of ppl sumore,is v embarrassing. i don understd y shud i do this and tat,etc. i don reli cooperate.

but, after all, in d bus on d way to lcct,i think and think and think, and i finali got d ans tat i wan,i understd everyth,i understd wat r u trying to teach us thr,i understd ur intention of asking us to do this and tat,hopefully it wasnt too late for me to understd.haha..

at 1st,i was reli reli angry,reli hate to b thr,feel v stressful,juz d whole team gv me d motivation to stay thr,as i shudnt waste their money,let d whole team being disqualified.so,i stayed. and eventually,i felt thankful tat i finally stay til d end,i learnt a lot,i got a lot of things thr tat i nvr nvr knw/understd/get b4.

and these few days, i keep on thinking,and i notice tat i reli feel lighter now,i knw how to think,how to put myself into oths' shoes. thanks for teaching me these.

after seeing thoz ppl,expressing their sadness so over thr,me,bobo and oscar knw tat,we shudnt think we r pity,unlucky,we shudnt complain our lives,as there are many many many ppl's lives unluckier than ours,far more terrible than ours. wat we got are juz a small little "string" only,if compare to them.we shud appreciate wat we hv,shud appreciate as we do not meet d unfair life lik thoz pity ppl. b4 joining atpy,i nvr nvr think thr is ppl can be tat "crazy",4gv me to use this word,as i dono how to describe their sadness.especially when they express their feelings.godness,it was reali scaring and shocking.

doc,u shudnt be doc,u shud be god.haha..thanks for helping me,teaching me,and thanks for d warmth u gv me..i reli reli reli appreciate it sincerely.i will try my v best to behave myself,don owes think negatively,this is d only way i can thank u..i knw u wudnt wan to see me to continue to be lik tat, i wont disappoint u.will show u d new me next time when u see me ^^ :p


Name: Catherine Lim

Date: Tuesday June 16, 2009

i m happy today. I brought my boy to go for breakfast with big pang (my husband) tis morning. Very honestly, i felt shocked that i could b so 'yin' while i talked to him. we didn't talk to and see each other over the years. esp. my boy. my pity young boy. and i was shocked when big pang holded my boy's arm and asked him whether he ever did the medical check up. my boy unswered his father "thank you, i m ok."

My heart really melt. i m so guity & felt so sorry to my boy. i m hati batu over the years...now i know, a mother is a mother. a mother couldn't be a father.

Big pang send a massage to my boy b4 he left for KL. he said sorry to him that he didn't take care of him and hope he can accept and forgive him....

Thank you THE ONLY DR.YONG. Hugs

Thank you all the YONGIWAY members. Hugs

Name: Jon Ho

Date: Monday June 15, 2009

Hi to people that are reading this hope it will really help you all understand what is family...........Before my sister in law ask me to join ATPY( Awakening The Powerful You)........I felt i was like SH*T, smell stinks and my life is fill with anger, jealous, hatred, ego, cold blooded and even i go for drugs,cheating womens money,robbing from my company that i work.........Since i was 9 i kept runing away from home cause i hate everything beside me and even tells people around that my family past away.......cause i felt everything around me was so unfair........my family have no time for me, no love for me, no understanding of me.......and i kept runing away from them 20 years. Then my sister in law try help me and recomended me to ATPY( Awakening The Powerful You ).

When i arrive to airport and meet this Doc Yong that time my first toughts was WTF who the hell this guy is, like people just come out from Kampong short pants carrying a back pack like youngster going for backpacking.......

I call up my sister in law again to make sure is he the right guy i am meeting and he look more sick then i am and i say he is so wierd around here........My mind kept thinking this is not right i kept saying to myself i am not sick why the hell am i here sigh.........

When this Doc Yong start teaching its really amazed me and i got shock, i really found my true self and the inner self of me.....And all the while i was thinking that i was not sick at all but its not true, His teaching really wake me up and hit true my heart and i was telling myself thats this Doc Yong was the Best Doc i ever met that really HEAL everything about me. When i went home I hug my sister in law again and i tell her thank you so much for her helping and so sorry what ever i did to the family. I found My Family back and i am so happy that i am really chatting with my family that i hated so much and and i use to scare of them when i try to talk to them but now its really so different.

I was so regret that i didnt even have time to say sorry and thanks to her, i can only help her to get lesser pain and accompany her beside her for 2 weeks only, this lesson was really too much till that i really cant accept it and forgive myself.......

Doc Yong really Thank you for teaching me so much and i had really found whats the feeling to have back my FAMILY, LOVE, FRIENDS. I told myself Doc Yong i wont let anyone down again in my life and as i have make a promise to you and my sister in law that I will Follow you around and help those people that need help......You are The Best Doc Yong.

Special Thanks To my (God Mother) Lee Hung, Lee chuen, Pauline,Veer, Nic, Eddie Sim, Ah Hong, Calvin, Edward, Madam Pendek, Mr Yang And others Master and Logistic Thank you for being so patient with me and kept teaching me what is the meaning of Family, Love, Friends.


With Love Jon Ho


Name: Cynthia Lim

Date: Friday May 15, 2009

It was so good to see again all the graduates new & old alike, and all doing so well. Words cannot describe the camaraderie that I had felt being amongst old friends! Especially seeing Doc again after all this time and he's still the ODD BALL! Thank God for that, as I constantly have to struggle with conforming to conventions and stifling myself climbing the Corporate world, for my career sake. Meeting Doc & all graduates made me come back to reality and that is... I & ONLY I ALONE CONTROL MY LIFE! Therefore, my life is to be lived to the fullest & happiest that I can be. I have found back my true self and the peace & calm that had eluded me seems now much a reality and that it is within myself that I have to look into. In fact, now the phrase 'Look Not Within, But Without' rings true and I comprehend now its meaning.

Thank you, Doc, Lee Hong, Pauline, Venetia for being there and helping me find myself again. Being in foreign land (no matter how long I have been outside of Malaysia) still makes one feel lonely and easily lost. I vowed to always reflect, realize and actualize what I have learned from Doc & live life, be happy!

Having gone through the Psychic Mastery recently in May 2009, I was totally amazed at how my senses seems to have expanded and life seems really wonderful and I felt much more alive, happy and yet more at peace with myself! I am sure some of you, even Graduates are wondering what Psychic Master course is about. To everyone it is different, but for me, it is a channel of how one can be at ease with oneself and expand our senses to discover life and all things beyond. Therefore, it is a journey of discovery of life!

Thank you again Doc, my love, hugs and regards to you and all Graduates.

With love,


Name: Catherine Wilks

Date: Friday April 17, 2009

I met Doc through a friend in London at 25 in 1999, in the 45 mins we had chatted we laughed i cried and i knew that his soul was something unique and special...whenever i go through my daily life i think of his words saying live your dreams, make them come true, and they are, with Docs wisdom and guidence i have learnt to stay positive, with persistance you can achieve anything, to let go of what you dont need but more importantly to love..I have since met the man of my dreams, am about to launch my dream project and can only thank Doc from my heart for all his support and encouragement and hope to see him again sometime soon regards catherine love to all xx i miss you xx

Name: William Walker

Date: Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 10:57 AM

To: Doc Yong <yongiway@gmail.com>

Hope all is well with you and your family..just a quick note to say hello..all is well here..still going and we've had our up's and down's as everyone has, but still up..I feel that your writing a book..or papers..if so great..it's about time and thank you..I must write some of the techniques I have developed over the years for people always ask me to..not taught in schools etc but should be recorded for the health of all..but as I tell many..and what I learned from you..the beginning or the real cause if there sickness or pain is from within themselves..and for this I thank you my friend..I will keep up the teachings and wisdom from the precious time I was with all of you for the rest of this life..don't feel you have to answer this email..for I know you get many each day..but it would be nice to hear from you and know your ok..please give my hugs to all my sweet family there and tell them I love them...Take care my friend..I learned the most after I left all of you..always..Bill


Name: Mandy

Date: Wednesday February 25, 2009

Be simple, be natural and be real. Doc. is REAL. His touch, his voice and everything is so warm and gentle. I love him for who he is and this lead me love myself for who I am. Don't think, taught kills. I've stop thinking that much. I express myself more. I hugs and express my love to my colleagues and family. I shared with them all the great thing happen in me espeacially this ATPY 19-22 February 2009. I've make a decision to spend more time with my girl. How! there's always other alternative of doing thing hahaha...before attending this course, I really doubts my ability. I'm so afraid of making 'extreme' decision as I've being thinking a lot of 'IF' I do this what's going to happen 'IF'... I've being thinking a lot as I've being trained to think and be so structure in everything I do. First day of the course, Master told us.. throw everything that we've learn in school .. like a new cup, empty cup. so funny, I really do what they told me to do. hahahaha.. I !

never regret of doing that as I've filled my cup with new energy and colourful drinks. I'm so afraid of drinking coffee as it make me dizzy.. after the course.. hey not bad.. coffee is really not so bad as I've taught. DON'T THINK!! Yah.. enjoy life to fullest, the grass is green, the sky is blue and the rainbow is so beautiful. While I'm writing this, I'm looking at Doc. face. Nothing is impossible. It's we ourself need to create the possibilities. I'm really feeling great doc. Loves, hugs & mucks to docs and Yongiway familys from Mandy, hubby and baby amber & Wong's family :)


Date: Monday February 23, 2009

A song for ATPY especially for Doc, Eddie & Edward

Starry,starry night, paint your palette blue and grey, look out on a summer's day, with eyes that know the darkness in my soul, shadows on the hills, sketch the trees and the daffodils, catch the breeze and the winter chills in colors on the snowy linen land. Now I understand what u tried to say to me. How u suffered for ur sanity. How u tried to set them free, they would not listen they did not know how.Perhaps they'll listen now. Starry, starry night, flaming flowers that brightly blaze.Swirling clouds in violent faze, reflecting my eyes of China blue. Colors changing hue, morning fields of amber grain, weathered faces lined in pain, are soothed beneath the artist's loving hands. Now i understand, what u tried 2 say 2 me lalalalalalala.......

'vincent' make me understand wat atpy do.'mei kui mei kui wo ai ni' make me dance n sweating n happy.then doc tell me discipline,eddie - harmony & humble and edward - never give up.n i'll let my family knows tat i will be strong not to go backward anymore.its hard but i will never give up......

thank you to everyone who ever in my life.

big big hug to doc n all logistics.

Name: The JONG's Family

Date: Thursday February 19, 2009

YONGIWAY - A bridge over troubled water.

My wife Michelle, sons Benjamin and Byron, and daughter Valerie are very proud to be part of the Yongiway’s family. We’re very new to Yongiway and yet to understand more about what we have learned. There’s more, a lot more to learn and to understand completely the quintessence of Doc Yong’s teaching. However, as Yongiway graduates, we believe our job is to outreach and SHARE what we know with others who seek or need help.

THE ATPY (awakening the powerful you) is not a motivation course. Doc Yong described it as the ‘crème-de-la-crème’ of his many workshops. To my superficial knowledge, it is an approach or process in helping one to bring the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of one’s being into greater harmony. We’d witnessed many participants came with sickness was magically healed or shown improvement without medication over the 3 ½ days course. Those came physically well found themselves revitalized or rejuvenated after the process. One not feeling physically sick does not necessary mean one is emotionally or spiritually well. By going though the ATPY process of holistic and spiritual approach, one began to understand that most illness is emotionally based; that HEALTHY stands for HEAL THYSELF – let go the mental and emotional pains and agony hidden inside you. Cry out aloud. I felt the knife-cutting pains by hearing my children heartbreak cries; my children felt the pains !

they never had before by seeing their iron-hearted father painfully sob and their loving mother weeping away helplessly. Hatred and anger gone, compassion and forgiveness arising. Father and son began to understand each other more and reconciled; mother and daughter feel sorry for each other for being negligent. The feeling of the purest form of love and joy that was lost longtime ago is found again. Husband and wife reconciled or became more loving; the black sheep of the family lost and found as they began to understand FAMILY, WE ARE ONE. Smile of pleasure passed across the face on those suffering from depression as they began to understand the teaching of LIVING LIVE TO THE FULLEST. Guided spirit or angel is always there to help. Doc is there for the reason you need him to be.

Free from the shackles and chains, unburdened and relieved, you’ll discover the wholesome you, the true you who wants to live life to the fullest; the powerful you that you are the master of your own destiny.

To make you master of the teaching of the universal principles of LIVING LIVE TO THE FULLEST and to master the magical skills of self-heal or to heal and or to seek the attainment of the highest individual human potential - YONGIWAY MASTERY COURSE is the way. You will acquire the ability and the knack to become a master and a healer with extrasensory perception. That ability or the knack is something that goes so deep into your being and it becomes part of you.

To seek for self-realization and for clarity and awareness that leads to enlightenment – you can find some answers in the SILENT RETREAT – ALTER EGO. Understand your shortcomings as you are always the last person to know about yourself. To create the new you, you have to begin with yourself. The new you will be spontaneous and live though awareness and consciousness.

Not just words about love and truth but with experiences to support it. That’s Yongiway’s very “New Age” teachings and processes.

Doc said everyone is born free and life is alternatives to be simple. The gist is to action quickly and easy approach to all matters in life and go on with joy and love. My family members are now very much healthier physically, mentally and spiritually. How about yours? and what are you waiting for?

Name: William Walker

Date: Saturday February 07, 2009

Yes Doc..Just reading your "Doc Yong Says"..Great to hear the wonderful stories..many people are changing there lives and living life to the fullest..so great to hear and wish I was there to share the feeling..but you all know I am with you always as you are with me..Yes..our family there in Maylasia..All is well here in the states..still spreading the message..That I learned there..helping many people fulfill there lives..Give hugs for me to my precious family there..and tell them all that I love each and everyone of them..many hugs and blessings..William

Name: Byron Jong

Date: Tuesday January 20, 2009

After attending ATPY course on September last year.. I found out that i had really had an empty life before that.. After ATPY.. I learnt tat there is nothing tat we cant confess to our family.. I know wat is family, wat is flexibility, wat is "Jangan Satu Jalan" and many more.. I thanked Dr Yong for the very first time.. After ATPY, i expressed my eargeness to attend yongiway mastery course 2 my dad.. And i graduated in December las year wit my family (still survive.. Hehe) After Mastery course.. I learnt more about wat we should do in life.. And learnt tat we sould always be ready to outreach, to help the others in need.. I thank Dr Yong again.. And recently.. I had attended the January ATPY course.. Tears.. Laughter.. And all the stress gone.. I also learnt how to be a true MASTER.. I thanked everyone, every logistic who guide me through my 1st experience to be a greenhorn as logistic.. I thank Dr Yong and all the logistic.. Yongiway.. A course tat will make u understand u! r life.. It is more than a course.. Lastly.. Thanks again 2 everyone who guide me through my 1st ATPY, Mastery course and my 2nd ATPY.. Thanks!

Loves and Hugs

Lester Ling

Date: Saturday December 13, 2008

first of all, thanks Doc!

Woah, mastery course! the best course ever! i was just graduated today for Yongiway Master Course, 13th dec 2008. doc taught me so many things that are priceless! i finally attended after 2 years.

i first attended ATPY on 26th June 2006 in Kch.. i was asked to go by Aunty Lucy Poh. she told me that someone from somewhere coming to give a course. she said very good course. i was very down with my family and i thought it will be a very good chance to be away from home for few days as i didn't want to stay at home. first night i didn't care much as i was so happy to be away from home. then slowly as time days pass, i didn't want to go back because ATPY's family gave me the love and warmth which i don't feel at home. next ATPY i brought my best friend Leon and Lionel went which was on 27th July and i'll go to ATPY whenever i can.

i found myself, my life and the world is such a beautiful place. well, of course i still bad temper but i can tackle the emotions faster than last time.

for everyone who is reading this, stop thinking and join the course! you'll never ever regret. i sometime wonder if i didn't meet Dr. Yong, who am i today? i would not dare to imagine.

thanks Dr. Yong!

Love & hugs,


Name: Philip Tang
Date: Tuesday December 02, 2008

Both Liz and I attended the psychic mastery in Oct and were amazed at the outcome. Liz has always been scared of the ghost stuff.A fear put to her when she was a kid. She has overcome that fear and realised that spirits are all good and are there to guide us. Our guardian angel is there to help us.

As for me, it has helped me to understand, renew and strengthened my Catholic faith.

Also, we had the opportunity to attend ATPY again. Although I have attended more than 12 times, it is always great to keep in touch with it. There is always plenty of room to learn and relearn at the ATPY. Even as a logistic, I can refresh what Doc has taught us on the universal principles. Besides that, we can find time to let go and regain our zest for life again. I would strongly recommend graduates to go back for refresher as well as getting family members to attend also.

Doc thank you again for the priceless knowledge. You are not only a great friend but an older brother I never had.

Name: Roland
Date: Friday October 17, 2008

I’m graduates from ATPY course on 20 to 23 august. This 3 day course by Dr Yong was introduced by my dad. This is best course I ever go and it very funny from the beginning till the end. No stop laughing, crying and vomit. We laugh ourselves and laugh with each others. We cry out the pains from my heart and soul. I really learn a lot even sometime got sadness but I easy solve it and no more headache. Shahahaha…

Thanks to all Yongiway family and thank to my dad for letting me to join this course.

Tuesday September 30, 2008

Doc, thanks a lot 4 bringing us the hope of life. mum n dad always said i m so lucky cos i attended atpy before my spm. i think i am too. i want to attend other events, especially silent retreat which both of my brothers attended. my family encourage me to go too. but, the sad thing is that the time always clash with my study, normally my exam period. many times i m disappointed cause i cant go. i wish to go powerful presentation too... but i cant make it everytime. anyway, no matter how, i wil always remember what u hv tauch me, apply in my daily life. really thanks a lot... ^.^

Tuesday September 30, 2008

ATPY (Awakening The Powerful You)

No talks of morality, theology or ideology. No dogmas, no thoughts (thoughts kill, Doc said).

Meditation, tears and laughter for 3 ½ days. Crying and laughing takes out the agony hidden inside you and let go of pain, and helps to heal. That is emotional release and cleansing, that is catharsis.

Relived, unburdened and revitalized. You’ll live through consciousness, and you’ll be responsible – responsible to yourself and to existence.

Doc, thanks for sharing your experience - the experience that expresses itself in lovingness and compassion. Natural and true; hate turns into love; anger becomes compassion.

ATPY = Awaken your subliminal self through Transpersonal psychotherapy and Parapsychology to discover the wholesome You.

Kevin Yeo
Monday August 25, 2008

Attending APTY is more meaningful than go travelling around the world.....I learned alot & alot...I know that there are many ways Thanks to Dr. Yong...I know the meaning of life, and it feel good to stay alive....I LOVE myself and i LOVE Dr. Yong too....Thanks Doc....

Lydia Loh
Sunday August 17, 2008

i attended ATPY many years ago. Since i did not have much money, Dr. Yong offered me to pay a monthly installment at that time.

my life was never good and i always face many obstacle. i hated myself, really. since i've attended the course, i began to see life differently. everything is wonderful and beautiful. i embrace every bit of emotions instead of denying. ATPY impact is so great; even many years after the course, it's still "in me". I LOVE LIVE and it's so good to be alive!

Mervin Kho
Sunday April 06, 2008

i attended the ATPY course many yrs ago.. best course ever!!! i recently attended the master course last december.. i was like.. wooooo.. damn nice.. highly recommended.. u may think its expensive.. it is actually a reasonable price..

Richard Lau
Monday September 17, 2007.

Three and a half days of Tears & Laughters had guided me through the darkest part of the world in me into the New Crystal World that Full of Lights, Joys, Happiness, Hopes, Meaningful Life and the Importance of Family ".....Zillion Thanks from the bottom of my heart to my dearest Dr.Yong and my Brothers & Sisters for you all are so caring , so loving and always be there for us whenever we needed you most and the extreme spirits that will never be exhausted in leading and guiding us on every step we move forward in searching for the World Full Of Rainbow !!!!!!!!!.......

Sunday October 29, 2006

I've just attended the ATPY course from 19th to 22nd Oct'06. It is a very helpful course, which allows me to release all of my unhappiness. It helps me solving out my problems and it lets me know family with love is so important for everyone. Yet, before attend this course, i was so scare of cats. But after the course, i'm not scare of the cats anymore. Really amazing!!! Now, i can catch & play with the cats. Apart from that, i feel that i getting happy than before. Therefore, i would like to take this opportunity to thanks Doctor Yong and everyone in the course. Thank you everybody... Love all of you...

Lester Ling
Saturday September 30, 2006

This is the best course i ever go to.. i don think anything else is better than this course.. every course jus talk talk without action but this course talk with action.. i was a very lonely, sad, moody, angry & a lot more not good 1.. but after the course i understand more things so nowadays i am not lik tat liao.. i am happy everyday.. eventhough i am sad but i can tackle the sadness very very easily.. there is no point to be sad.. only make yourself suffer nia.. so don be sad..

Tommy Wong
Friday September 22, 2006

hai everyone i just back from ATPY on Sep 14-17 2006. I' really enjoy it every thing that pass true but i miss u all very much. hope can join u all for the next round hahahahha :P thanks Doc. i will keep on it to make my life and others life more colouful.

Eddie Sim
Thursday June 15, 2006

My days in the UK will end quite soon. I've decided to go back for good. It's an ending of a chapter, and a beginning of another. To learn more from Doc n step into being a better man, more colourful life. My days in England taught me a lot, with Doc's teaching n support, I learnt a lot about balance, reputation, self worth, trust n flow, living life to the full, regain confidence, give unconditionally and most importantly...cherish those around, especially the very loved one...

My journey back home will be kept on the ground. I won't fly this time. By end of next month, I will take a train from London to Berlin, then Moscow. Might stop in some places in between. Then from Moscow, via Trans-Siberia route to Beijing via Mongolia. Will stop in Irkutsk n Ulan Bator. Then down to Dong Dang-Hanoi-Saigon. These trips will be taken by train. Of cos got stop in between lar, need to rest n look around mar.

From Saigon, I'll take a bus to Phom Penh ( Cambodia ) then to Bangkok. From Bangkok, will take train to Malaysia!!!Home!!!wahaha!!!maybe up to Singapore, if got ship to Kch, then I'll ship to Kch, travel all the way to Sabah. If not, setakat Singapore cukup ler. hehehe...

I'm quite excited about this, got only six weeks to go. Another way of living to the full. If i succeed this, I'll aim mount Everest. Kam Sia Doc for bringing me this far. For those around me, pray for me, cos yr support is my biggest strentgh.

Dr. William C. Walker
9th Jan, 2005

I would like to take this opportunity to give my full endorsement and high recommendation to Dr. Yong and everyone he works with, in their treatments and knowledge at the cancer center. If you are reading this, then you are searching for answers, well the answers are there with Dr.Yong. After my 2 or 3 months visit to Malaysia with Dr Yong, taking the Mastery course and his great ATPY course [which I highly recommend both for everyone] I was also given the opportunity to witness and learn some of techniques and treatment for cancer patients. I was amazed and so excited with the results. Having practiced almost 20 years here in the USA, following in my father's footsteps, which in turn practiced almost 40 years, I have seen a great deal in the treatments etc., in the western culture. Western medicine is so invasive, treating only the symptoms and not the cause. If they can't fix it with drugs, they cut it out or poison it with radiation, chemicals, etc. All of you know the stories. Some of the techniques used by Dr Yong are so astounding and wonderful...treating the cause not just the symptoms. Again, I would highly recommend Dr Yong and his cancer center to all that are in need, I know and have told countless people here in the USA, that if unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer I would make a direct trip to Dr Yong. Thank You, Dr. William C. Walker 108 Hwy.25 East Newport, TN. 37722,USA email wcwbear1@hotmail.com

Dr. William C. Walker
9th Jan, 2005

This story is not short , but if you read it , it might change your life. This is a recommendation for everyone to take Dr.Yong's Mastery course and ATPY course. I flew to Malaysia on the recommendation of a friend. Having sold my practice here in the USA of almost 20 years, I was ready to learn more. I was tired of the paperwork, etc of running a business here. I was in a rut...I wanted to be a doctor again, helping people with my energy and learning more. My experience in Malaysia was one I will never forget, the people I met were so wonderful and real, I was treated like a king as soon as I arrived. Let me say this, I was raised by wonderful parents and they taught me so many wonderful things, but the things I learned from Dr. Yong was of such a different perspective that I was amazed. Things I would never of thought of, or would never have learned here. I was lost in my direction for many years, my true purpose, always searching for love, fulfillment, my destiny, etc, and making a fool of my self at times. I left Malaysia and though I had learned much, I felt that I would not need to use what I had learned. I still had the ego I suppose, Well all was okay when I arrived back in the USA , I decided to practice again where I was needed the most, I went to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. All was going great for about a year, then guess what, the Doctor that had bought my practice in the US filed bankruptcy and moved to Alaska, (I had financed the practice) I lost all of it for I had the second mortgage, well guess what happened next? Two weeks later a category 5 hurricane hit our town and I lost that clinic too in Mexico.,.destroyed. Wow, I lost everything, what was I going to do? I had it all and now I had nothing. [I thought I had it all] Well, listen to this, things started coming back to me that I had learned from Dr. Yong, with the strength and wisdom learned from him I decided to go back to Tn and start all over. Without a penny I began to work with my hands and mind and innerself. The first great blessing I received was my precious love of my life, I had stopped looking for love while practicing in Mexico and then she walked in with her grandmother as a patient, we have been together ever since. My new wife and I built our new practice together, inch by inch. We gave that love to our patients and teachings too, that I learned from Dr.Yong. We have been in practice here in a small town for a year and a half and it is booming, I'm making 4 times more than I made in the big city, got all my debts paid off, seeing so many patients now that I am looking for other Doctors to help. The materialistic part is great but the most important part, all my dreams have come true, I am happier now than I have ever been in my life, we just had a precious baby girl 2 months ago and she will learn as my wife the things that I learned from Dr. Yong and we will all visit him again as soon as we can. For the people that are reading this, you are curious and perhaps looking for answers, I flew over 10,000 miles to take the Mastery course and ATPY, this is something you must do and more than likely you are closer, if not Let me say that there is no distance too far to learn the things that will fulfill your life forever, and while you are there, take advantage of the time with Dr. Yong and take other courses he offers, I took all that time allowed and they were all great. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, look within and the answer will be given you. Do not think, for thinking kills...thinking manifests worry, fear, all the emotions and disease too. I mention these things to patients each day and they all get well for they feel the love and especially the love for themselves. My blessings and love to my second family in Malaysia and I think of all of you each day, Dr. William C. Walker 108 Hwy 25 E. Newport,TN. 37821 USA email wcwbear1@hotmail.com

Eddy Sim: (etsim79@hotmail.com)
18th July, 2004

“I ONCE WAS LOST, AND NOW AM FOUND”, this best sums up what my testimony will be all about. Before I met Dr.Yong and what he teaches and represents, I was more rotten than rotten. I had a huge ego, very angry with life for it was so boring, directionless, and most that crossed my path were either being used or abandoned by me. To me then, females are meaningless creatures who betrays. I therefore treated them like “good riddance to bad rubbish” as they deserved it. I was into a life of drugs, alcohol, and smokes. I lived like a thug. My parents were concerned, but I distanced myself from them unfairly. This certainly was my life till I attended the ATPY (Awakening the Powerful You) and more so from the YongiWay Mastery Course.

When I first met Dr.Yong, I thought that it was a big joke and wanted to ridicule him by challenging him. I thought the friend who urged me to go to see him did a bad taste joke on me. A person who is this and that (highly qualified according to his resume) and he were not even properly attired!!! Shorts, tee-shirt, bald headed, and wearing thongs was how he presented himself. However, curiosity took the better of the upstart me, and I never regretted one bit now that I stayed and be a part of Dr.Yong’s great teachings. Yes, unfolding in front of me is one of the greatest teacher-cum-healers I have and will ever meet. My life is indeed transformed for the better. Believe me, all he teaches and enlightens are natural without the intrusion of religion, auto suggestion, hypnotism, or occult. His universal principles of life expounded without any altered state of mind or demand allowed me to awakened “MY WAY”.

My anger at myself and society at large since are now lifted. It allowed me to find that passion and focus to uplift myself instead of being a has-been parasite. My first experience with ATPY (Awakening the Powerful You), the process that Dr.Yong insists that all should go through, really carved my belief system into pieces yet allowed me the space and time to re-group and re-assess my character, personality, and above all dignity. A very POWERFUL COURSE and I recommend all who reads this to attend.

The main functionality of it all is that I FOUND FAMILY! My love for family is so strong now; nothing can take it away from me. Then there are now a whole lot of new friends who are the bigger family for me. I love my new found impetus through these new friends. My health has never been better. Laughter and joy is now the norm inside and outside of me. I found the magical word LOVE and its true meaning. I believe in “GIVING” to those in need unconditionally.

As an Oddball Guru, and an unbelievable one (I even wondered like the rest how can a healer teaches Pontoon, the Casino Game), I then enrolled in Dr.Yong’s Pontoon Class. This in itself, the principle of knowing and then playing the game with tools that all of us have but do not use, gave me another insight into life’s journey and the best methods used to overcome. To me, those who have either have not attended or state sarcastic criticism on this unique Pontoon Course do not know what they are missing and have their heads in the sand. I can testify that what I gathered is applicable to all aspects of life including BUSINESS AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Dr.Yong always gives a bigger and clearer picture.

Then the ultimate, THE YONGIWAY MASTERY COURSE! I consider myself most fortunate to have decided to come all the way from London to attend this course in Kuching. It is mind boggling, and an experience and a half that will lasts a lifetime. It is like a journey of wisdom yet has immediate impact with functionality and practicality; like life is so simple and easy (as in YONGIWAY – SIMPLE AND EASY). All that represented me taught me a lesson – my journey was rotten and had to be thrown out (that was why my feet were badly burnt in the fire walking). This symbolic expression of my burnt feet woke me up!!! I found my own God again as in Jesus came to me in my moments of extreme burning pain. I had tears rolling down my cheek. The experience was overwhelming. That there were so many who wanted to help me amazed me and made me realized that there are indeed many good people around. Miraculously, once I accepted this manifestation, I could continue on the morning after and my wounds healed within a week (there are pictures to prove this). Of course, the brilliant Dr.Yong also came up with Honey Activ cream and MacArthurs Cream for burns. What a co-incident for I found out later that normally he does not bring any first aid stuff with him. Life is indeed full of miracles.

That’s not all. After the Mastery, Dr.Yong continued the unconditional follow-up with other healing and living tools. Again I was amazed with two miracles that happened to me. First, I have been stammering when I spoke. Second, I was a chain smoker. He showed me how and amazingly, to me miracles performed, I stammered not and smoke not immediately! I have gone a week now without the two hindrances. Those who know me are also amazed. I urge those non-believers who have problems (health or any other problem) to at least seek out Dr.Yong. His time with you is “FREE” and it is indeed genuine.

The ATPY and the Mastery courses showed me that there are many other beautiful ways to go about in life. The Love, Joy, and Happiness are in our hands and we can actually have them. Like many, I used to say that it is only short-lived. Not now. Mastery taught me to be on top of all, when down, there is no need to whine, moan, groan, or blame. Just get up and go for life again! As Dr.Yong often said, “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, LOVINGLY, HAPPILY, MERRILY.”

From the unconditional LOVE and SUPPORT from not only Dr.Yong but all likewise graduates of YongiWay, I have now transformed into one who is intend to help others in the ALTERNATIVE WELLNESS INDUSTRY. To me it is indeed a career combined with a purpose in life.

I thank you Dr.Yong and all graduates from my heart. I can only say that words cannot describe what and how I feel…may YongiWay live on for years to come! Dr.Yong, a plea to you. I heard that you intend to retire. PLEASE GO ON TILL YOUR DYING BREATH. WE ALL NEED YOU, YOUR GUIDANCE, AND YOUR ODDBALL APPROACH TO HEALING AND LIVING. I FOR ONE AM INDEBTED TO YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND I WANT TO KEEP LEARNING FROM YOU, YOU AND YOUR RED PHONE!

YongiWay Master Graduate, June 26, 2004.


Dad, mom, and my siblings, “I LOVE YOU ALL.”

Thank you to Aaron and Andrew, my good friends, you have been there for me through the pain. I will always treasure the both of you. To the new found “family” in the ATPY and Mastery classes, I love you all!

June Ang
1 July 2004

It took me 1 year after the ATPY course to decide to join the Mastery Yongiway in Kuching. It has been a truly amazing week and I am glad I have attended this course.

Here, I would like to thank Dr. Yong and his team for their passion to share and support all participants in the course. There are so much love and sharing which are reflected in the performance of each game in the training.

Total cleansing on both physical and emotional is the unique part of the course where one has yet to experience to realize this wonderful amazing transformation of the total new self!

I regard myself very fortunate to be able to attend the Mastery Course conducted by Dr. Yong and I hope more people have the opportunity to experience and benefit from it.

Patrick Tan

I really don't know how to Thank Yongiway for their earcandling therapy. I have been suffering from a sinus type problem for years. Most nights I was not able to sleep properly due to my blocked nose. I hardly ever get a continuous night's rest peacefully.

When the earcadling was suggested to me, I thought why not give a try. Never in my life would I expect to have my nose cleared immediately the night after the first earcandling therapy!! Unbelievable!! I have continued on with my 3rd therapy.

I should have met the good doc years ago and I wouldn't have to try all those different kind of antihistamine drugs. My sense of relief and appreciation cannot be described in words.

Thank You soooo....much!!

Adwiti S Haffner

Sunday January 04, 2004

The ATPY as well as the Mastery Course gave me a spring board in my life. I am now a successful clinical hypnotherapist and a motivational speaker only because Doc never let me give up on my dreams.

If there is one course I would do again it would be the Mastery course.


Friday December 05, 2003

hey Doc!!! I first met Doc on Sept 02. I dunno wad I was joining becoz my mum didn't tell me anything about the course. The first time I step into kenyalang hall I tot Doc was mad. He kept asking us to practice laugh like hell and cry like hell. The first day, I begged my mum to let me go home but she refused to. On the 2nd day, I was still quite blur and wasn't paying full attention to Doc but after a few 'games', I realised everything that Doc was trying to teach us is making sense. So after the course, I kept going back to attend again. Crying every month makes me feel better. THANKS DOC!!! I LOVE U LOADS. Altho u are not coming to kch anymore, we will always and forever be together as one. Love and Hugs from Victoria.

Stephanie Kho

Wednesday December 03, 2003

I first met Doc when I attended his ATPY course in Jan 03. I went with my sister Stella without knowing what my mum have signed us up for. She just told us that this course is really good and we should find out for ourselves. At first, I thought it was just another boring course but I finally found out on the 2nd day. Doc's teachings actually meant something and at the end of it I didn't feel like going home. The course was simply different from others. The one and only in this world (I think :p) It was so good and I learnt so much from it that my mum, my sister and I without hesitation signed up for his Healing Mastery Course in June. The Mastery Course is totally another thing and from there I learnt more about myself and what Doc actually meant about getting out of the box. It's a really great experience. Thanks Doc!! you made a huge difference in my life. HUGS and LOVE... muakz...

Gentle Giant

Monday August 25, 2003

greetings, Netizens... a mute person in the house!!! just got back from kl and also from pd... when i say i'll be back.... i'l be back... and of course i came back.... i learned a lot this time... learned bout the love of a mother... husband and wife... brothers... and of course... lovers... i didnt realized that i gave my x so much power in me... and i think i scared most of you with my scary scream... i also scared to hear my own scream... huhhhh... anyway... thanks pk... uncle lee(brother!)... lee hong.... wan chor... ayah chor... kevin... alvin... lee chuen... nickelodeon... cat... pauline... and of course... dr. yong... and others also... for supporting me... not to forget the newly graduated... chia... farah... mr. soh... kelly... lim... asvinder.. mary... syazmin... nazilla... cikgu rohani(MALAYKAI)... lee na.. lydia... siew wan... vincent... ahmoi tee... ann... and mandy... and of course... more like a brother to me... shoan.... thanks for the whole new freakin' experience in my life... thanks again...

Pat Tan

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Dear Doc,

I'm sorry I only got to hear of your dad's passing now as I visited your site today. No wonder I felt that during the recent times that I saw you, you were not quite your usual self. I tho't that perhaps you were suffering from a little burn-out from so many sessions that you have been having. I hope that you are well now and may God Bless your dad's soul.

Take care doc and have a good holiday back home. When you're back, Bak Kut Teh will be waiting for you. I promise.


Gentle Giant

Thursday August 7, 2003

My first freakin' ATPY in PD last year, really unleashed the real animal inside of me... so called, the beast in me... tq Dr. Yong.. for everything... but i know... i still have to work myself out to achieve the better me... not only physically... but mentally as well... nic... lee chuen... cat... pauline... mr. lee... pk... dr. yong... and others as well... i missed you all... and i will be back... again...

Cynthia Lim

Thursday July 10, 2003

I was introduced to ATPY through a very good friend in whom I saw tremendous positive changes. After attending ATPY, I can vouch that it changed my life too & awakened me & as a consequence I became more considerate, loving and most importantly, more alive! I did not realise until after the course how much I had wasted my life being afraid of nothing (really!) and trapped in emotions. Realising that I needed to know and learn more, I enrolled into Mastery Course not long after ATPY. And that was really the turning point!!! I feel more alive than ever & feel all senses had opened up and awakened. I can say at least I am now living and not just existing. The program had taught me invaluable lessons and knowledge gained will I believe enrich my life more, though I can only realise and actualise this as I reflect progressively. My message for anyone reading this, is that DO NOT HESITATE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE NOW! I will be happy to talk and share with anyone interested about the courses I had been under the Yongiway

With love, Cynthia Lim

Mary Ngui

Saturday June 28, 2003

I attended the May, 2003 ATPY together with my husband after I was involved in a bad car accident. I was traumatised after the accident and the ATPY taught me that it is possible to live life to the fullest again even without a spleen! As a bonus, my relationship with my husband has improved tremendously! I jumped straight into the Master course after the ATPY and I also survived that! Hey, I am not so weak after all! Thank you, Doc Yong and Doc Leong, you probably saved me a trip to Sentosa!!

wallace ling

Wednesday June 18, 2003
Time: 02:30 PM

Hi to all of you. First of all, i would like to thank Doc Yong for his teaching and i have learned a lot from Atpy and Mastery Course. I would also like to thank all of the logistics who were involved in every courses for their helping hand and love and care. I would like to thank my mum too, for letting me to joined this mastery course.

I have learned a lot and i managed to master myself too. I used to be an angry person and etc etc, because of the problem i had faced in my daily life. Therefore, after the mastery course, I can feel that i have change. I hope i wont jump back into my box again, though. All thanks to you, Doc. You brighten up my life.

Doc Yong is a great person or so called an AnGel that God had send for above. Lastly, i hope that everyone of you out there will discover the wholesome you just like me and the others. Take care and lots of LOVE @ Hugs. Love you Doc

Alice Fong

Sunday June 15, 2003
12:57 AM

I have heard so much about the mastery course right after my ATPY in April 2002 and my chance of joining the mastery course finally arrive. I can only say “THUMBS UP” now that I have been through the course. These profound & wonderful experience cannot be acquired through any books or in any universities. No words can describe how it has touched my life and made me understand so much in just one week. Burden by all the emotional distress of my daily life, I have almost forgotten how to laugh and smile. In fact I have not stop laughing since the course and have been singing my way into the office every morning. The wonderful people that I have met that have encouraged and consoled me every time when I was down especially my family members during the event.

Every activity that I went through came with a message towards the end with a reflection of my life. The universal blessing from Dr Yong is the most wonderful gift, with so much love, an experience of a lifetime.

Miraculously with the number of hours of sleep that we had I am still puzzled how I could get through all the daily tough morning run and still make it back. This is only to prove to myself that I can actually achieve far more than I think I can. Its all in the mind, as to be positive and to eliminate fear from the system awakes my inner fighting spirit. I have learned to overcome my fear by learning to trust and flow. There is nothing worst than not trying and to think of failure before I even start.

It has indeed been a very fulfilling week and my heartfelt appreciation goes to Dr Yong, Dr Leong and the logistic for making this possible for us. You have greatly enlightened my life & awaken the master in me ..... So for the others that have not participated, don’t wait, thoughts kill and I can guarantee it’s the best course ever....experience it for yourself.....

Bye...off to catch up with my beauty sleep ZZzzzzzzzz

Chong Gueh Ling

Saturday June 14, 2003
03:09 PM

Woh! It's more than what I'd imagined before the course. The reason why I joined the ATPY course in April was partly out of curiosity and most of all I wanted to be supportive to my good friend. After the ATPY, both of us were keen to join the Master course. It is truly magnificient because it reveals your true inner-self and our reflections of other people's. Words cannot express what I had gone through unless you experience it yourself. Through this course, you will do things beyond your limit...the beyond & beyond. Thanks Doc.

Yong Chern Lee

Thursday June 12, 2003
12:10 AM

Words are insufficient to justify the great love and blessing that Doc Yong has bestowed upon us. Having just done the Master Course, I must say that it was the most humbling experience I ever had. We should all be grateful of the blessings we have had, seen or unseen, as without doubt, our guardian angels are out there, forever helping and guiding us. With this belief, I know that we never walk alone. The "master" in us is not just a certified graduate, but our "inner fighting spirit", i.e. our ability to master ourselves, to pull ourselves up during the bleakest moments in life. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Doc Yong, Doc Leong and all the Yongiway family for their selfless love and support to my mum and dad over the past year. It is a true blessing especially to my mum. Lots of love & hugs to you all.

Yun Kean Yong

Wednesday June 11, 2003
04:35 PM

Trust and flow and things will work out you way. I planned to go for a holiday break but then was persuaded to attend the ATPY course in May 2003 at Santubong. I went  half heartedly. At the end of the course, I have to admit that the money and time spent is much worth than any holidays I have been. I discovered myself in many ways and most of all I learnt to let go on the issues and worries that was eating up my emotion. One month after my ATPY, I am a Master Graduate from the Mastery course which I attended in June 2003. What makes me did that??? A simple good reason, what can be more meaningful and beautiful as compared to being blessed by the universe and experiencing the healing process that is taking part within yourself making you a better and stronger Master of your life?

Thanks for the awakening and healing that has brought to me. In order for you to know the wonders of this course, there is no other way except to experience it yourself. I have seen with my own eyes the positives impact and turnaround it has made on people life during the course. Nothing is more precious than leading a more meaningful life in today’s chaos tic world. Thanks to the special people who has brought me to and through these courses.

HS Lee

MEDICALLY CLEARED of Hepatitis C.  See the write-up.

Nicklo George (Nic)

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

My life and journey changed exponentially for the better ever since I took up challenges set by Dr.Yong and his universal yongiway (simple and easy way) teachings. Let me share with you my story. I was at a huge cross-road, feeling distressed, unloved by family, and lost when I was introduced to Dr.Yong (a most down to earth and helpful person that I have ever met). I decided without hesitation to attend the "AWAKENING THE POWERFUL YOU" (ATPY)course at Santubong, Kuching with my companion and great friend, Lee Chuen. Yes, this course is definitely, like Dr.Yong often says, devoid of motivation, no mindpower, no religion or cult, no altered state of mind, and one in which you will finally find yourself naturally. It was to be my turning point. The ATPY is a must course for those of you who are reading this testimony. It made me realise my own shortfalls, my blaming everyone for my low self esteem, low self worth, and being unloved by family. Dr.Yong just sets the scene for me (and others) to find self and to realise long entrenched inner pains. Yes, I realised at long last what had been my stumbling blocks. I attended many other ATPYs and even the Master Healing Course. Dr.Yong teaches about the YOU WHO ACTUALISE WILL REALISE.

As my own salary as a storeman is minimal (RM1600pcm), I again took up Dr.Yong's suggestion that I take up the certified Professional Manul Lymphatic Drainage Therapy course to either supplement my income or go on full time. I am happy to say that the income derived as a part time professional Lymphatic Therapist (a minimum of RM2400pcm to as high as RM3000pcm) has surpassed my full time monthly salary as a storeman. Even as I write Dr.Yong told me to hold on to my full time job whilst gaining more experience. My combined salary allows me more discretionary spending and saving. What can I say but thank you very much, Dr.Yong. In return for this break, I will assist YongiWay in its work to "SPARKLE LIFE BACK INTO PEOPLE".

If you are one of those who is stressed from work and who seeks new leases and challenges of life, I can only advice "SEE DR.YONG" and he will be more than happy to see you. Lastly, Dr.Yong gives so FREELY for it is his calling. All he seeks in return is the sparkle in us!

Amanda Seng

23 Disember 2002

Being a master, I really had learnt a lot and these courses had benefited me a lot. I attended the ATPY was actually a start of my journey of my new life. I had grown so much when I was 18, so much so that I didn't realise and I couldn't believe it until I reviewed it years later.

However, I then went into a stagnant stage when depressions, disappointments, upsets, feeling of loneliness etc. happened and emotions started to eat me up. Everything was blur. Without me realising what had actually happened to myself, I was already deep in the black hole. I was emotionally unstable. It was 10 years until I realised and went to ATPY. I knew I can't be like that anymore, I need to do something for myself and ATPY was a start of my U-turn where it helps me to release a lot of my emotions stored inside me all these while. I started searching for myself, who am I ??? I was lost! But I keep on searching. I then attended Doc's Business Mastery course 4 months later, I was still blur, still lost but still keep on searching . However, as I went through the whole process I then realise that after realising all those emotions, I had found certain lever of calm and peace in myself.

One year after that, this is the time for me to go for the Healing Master Course, I knew it. All this while working in the corporate is a daily routine for me, of course there are challages in every job. Until I was being retrenched, I knew it's a start of another new chapter of my life. I'm ready to move forward despite being jobless, infact, I'm time rich actually. I took up Professional Lymphatic Therapy and then the Healing Mastery, healing myself first before healing others. The whole week of going through the process of self healing, self realisation and doing things beyond the beyond was tremendous. The more you go for it, the more you understand about yourself, the more satisfaction you will find, the more you will see and the more you will learn about life. The more you will find the juice of the course and the more you will find juice of life. After all, 1 week is not enough. I can't find this kind of course anywhere else.

I'm happy now, of course there are more new things, new challanges coming to me one after another but living my life to the fullest is the most important thing now.

Doc, everytime attending your courses, there are more to be seen and more to be found out about myself and things and people around me. I was lost but I'm glad that I had found myself now. I may know some of your principles and already practising them years ago but I still have a lot to learn from you, even just the way you laugh at things. I'm glad to be your graduate, your friend. Thank God for meeting you and thank Boon for leading me the way to meet you.

John Tang

01 Disember 2002

Many words came to my mind when i was asked to describe the impact of ATPY on me. But i cannot think of any superlatives adequate to do the job. The nearest would be AWESOME. After much persuasions and recommendations from my siblings who have earlier attended the ATPY,i finally gave in, more out of courtesy and curiosity than anything else. We attended the ATPY in Kuching beginning of last year. As the saying goes 'YOU AIN'T SEE NOTHING YET'. I was sceptical initially. Then the practical yours truly reckoned since you have decided to attend,you might as well give it a go, to be truthful to yourself. I was glad i approached it with an open mind and participated in the course. We experienced the full cycle of the FEELINGS process. You learn to cherish life,to let go,to be happy. You understand to take things as they come and not to worry unnecessarily. The simple phrases like 'trust and flow','dance with energy','thoughts kill','no right,no wrong'became meaningful and impactful phrases. Most importantly,you discover yourself and your FAMILY. You realise there is no substitute for family and you appreciate your family. The ATPY has been most helpful. We still talk about it frequently and would love to be part of it again in the near future whenever we have the opportunity. This is a 'MUST ATTEND' event in your calendar ! By the way,i have done it 3 times and i am still learning. Thank you, DOC YONG .

Julie Chia

22 November 2002

When I first heard about ATPY from my cousins,I knew next to nothing about it except that " it's really good".So,I went for it out of curiousity.And I have not looked back since.

After ATPY in May 02,I found myself doing the Healing Mastery Course in July 02.In the former,i was definately awakened and in the latter,I gained a phenomenal experience which will last a lifetime.Out of 10 people,10 couldn't believe that I actually survived thro' out the week long mastery course.I couldn't believe it too!

Until this day,I still marvelled at how these courses had changed my life for the better and many other lives which i have had witnessed so far.The concept of "Trust & Flow" has made my life more meaningful & free from unnecessary stress.Of course,the man responsible for all these is no other than Doc Yong as he is known dearly by all in the Yongiway Family.We can never thanked him enough.In 3 1/2days of ATPY alone,I laughed more than I ever did (all these years of laughters added up together).

Even my eldest daughter(6 years plus) often reminds me of Doc's principles and teachings.Not only that,she thinks her teachers need to attend ATPY too!

For those who're still hesitating or doubtful about these courses,STOP THINKING for once.Go for it & discover the POWERFUL & POTENTIALS IN YOU that you never knew existed!


18 November 2002

Well, what can i say. I've changed from zero to hero. I did my Masters in 2001, and it helped me all way long til this day. Never regretted any bit of it. I've helped lots of people, friends, and i'm proud of it. Anyways, it helped me gain confidence in myself on studying. And now, i've managed to do it til my degrees after a long battle, almost giving up half way. All i can say is Thank you Doc and really do recommend this to all. Cheers

Alicia Tan

15 November 2002

After the atpy I felt so light, as though I could fly I could laugh out loud
Cry in a crowd
Share my pain
And not be ashamed
I wanted to hug the sea
And I was so glad, just to be me

Uncaged, I soared to the highest tree
It was wonderful to feel so free.

Hi, I did the ATPY in May 2001 and then the Masters Course in July this year. I whole-heartedly recommend the Masters course - it was a most profound experience which, 4 months later, I still can't get over. Every now and then, I would remember an event at the course and think - wow, did that really happen? - and then, after a pause, I would simply shake my head and smile to myself, feeling pleased that I had the privilege of the experience and excited by the thought that it is such an amazing world in which we live.

Roger Wee

13 November 2002

I really must say that ATPY is a really fun course on the whole. The first days of ATPY i felt like leaving the course. But on the third day i begin to love the course. It showed me to live my life the fullest. I really learn how to encounter obstacles the oddball way. It had been a really fun weekend at the ATPY.

Angeline Leong

06 November 2002


I attended my first ATPY in September 2002 at Santubong, Kuching and sat-in the October 2002 ATPY at Port Dickson. I wrote a testimony soon after returning from PD but somehow never got around to posting it on the website! So, what's my testimony?

Well, ATPY is simply Doc Yong's GIFT.

Some of us have had the good fortune of "experiencing" this GIFT.
To those who have not, this is the GIFT of being able to :

Live life "out of your box"
Cry out the pains of your heart and soul
Laugh at the walls you've built around you imprisoning your joy
Open your eyes to see the blessings you've received and are receiving
Smell the roses along your life's path
Hear the music of angels as you sleep
Touch the hearts of others like you, around you
And see life with a renewed sense of humour ...



31 Oktober 2002

I did the ATPY in May 2001, the whole time totally bewildered and in a daze but now I can see more clearly what the ATPY/Doc (for one is the other) is all about. For others it may not take as long – I’m a slow learner!

When you look around you, you see well-adjusted, normal (you think) people going about their daily lives. Doc sees more than that. He sees people grappling with hurt, pain, sorrow, anger, guilt – all the emotions that humans do not know how to address and resolve. How can we when one of the greatest and most basic human needs is the need for approval and acceptance? We have been conditioned to be tough, to put on a brave front, to not fuss and in the process, we have ended up not acknowledging our hurts and pains, much less show them. The sad result, more often than not, is that our true selves become buried in the rubble of negative emotions and we become disillusioned. This in turn affects our interaction with others in a detrimental way, and ultimately our health also. Doc will show you at the ATPY that it is unnecessary to hold on to all the negativity that has been weighing you down, that it is everyone’s right to be freely happy, that you do not have to let events and people in your life decide who you are and how you live your life. He will help you face your demons and cast them off; he will strip off the protective veneer you have built around you so your original self shines through. That original 'you' is a beautiful person born to joy, happiness and love, but whether you reclaim that person, Doc will say, is a choice you make. What he teaches is that whatever the circumstances thrown at you, you are still free to choose who you are – and why should you choose to be other than who you were born to be? The ATPY weekend is an overwhelming one of healing tears and rejuvenating laughter. You will see in Dr Yong an example of a simple man who ‘is’ love, but who is also, like you and me, a human being. Nothing is a co-incidence; everything happens for a reason, so if you are reading this and you have been searching and questioning, here he is – a teacher sent to show you the simple and easy way. Life is not meant to be a mystery nor a drag - Doc’s universal principles will help you find (and be!) love, happiness and joy on your life’s journey!!


29 Oktober 2002

I have just attended the ATPY in PD from 24/10 - 27/10/02 and it truly is a wonderful course altho I have not succeeded in opening up myself completely during the sessions. I have always tho't that I am very strong, Ying yang yang as you said Doc, and that I cld weather any storm and come out OK. What I didn't realise that it was kept so deep inside me & troubling me without me realising it. Thanks a lot doc. I have reconciled and forgiven and ask for forgiveness from the person I hated and with that a great load has been taken off my chest. Doc did you know when I did that? I did it with the rain running down my face and body during the 6 am walk/run that you made us do.

Also I really thank you for the opportunity to witness a spiritual healing which I have read about but never seen before. It prompted me to do something I have never done before either- go into prayer to pray for a successful surgery. I have always had a fascination for the supernatural especially healing and this experience will remain with me all my life and I hope that I will be given the chance to witness more of this. It truly is wonderful Doc and I pray you will still keep on healing.

I really felt alive & light again and for the first time was very law abiding - driving at the stipulated 110 kmph all the way home - me whose normal speed would be 140 - 160 kmph!

Once again thanks very much Doc and oh by the way, pls don't "threaten" to throw me into water which is deeper than I am - I might really run away the next time. Bye and love to my new found family and of course to you Doc.

Tony & Angie

27 Oktober 2002

Our Dear Doc, You need and rightly deserve a much "Bigger" Thank You from us for enlightening our lives since the first time we met you. How we wish we have met you much earlier! Needless to say, we are very fortunate to befriend a very special and talented person like you and one with so much wisdom. You will always be in our hearts and we will treasure and put into practice what you have taught us. Not to mention our three daughters, Val, Mel,& Ade who have benefited enormously from your teachings and have grown up to be wonderful young ladies. Also our son, Sean, even at his young tender age, is already digesting your "Universal Principle" with complete ease. From all of us, a Big "THANK YOU"

Pat Cash Wimbledon champion 87
cashset @aol.com

06 October 2002

Yong is one of the great people I have met in my life and a true gift to humanity his teachings are so profound yet genuine and loving that they have the ability to change the world. I have written about him in my best selling autobiography and am proud to be one of his masters graduates

Philip Tang

09 September 2002

I love being part of the Yongiway family. I joined the ATPY in Oct 2000, followed by the mastery course a week later. My only regret is that I was 20 years too late in joining the ATPY. Still it was better late than never. Since I have attended, 26 of my family members including myself have attended; by far the largest group of participants from one family. I like to see this record broken. It is worth every cent. What is your worth if you can't find yourself and your family? What I would like to share with all of you is that 2 days after I attended the ATPY and the mastery course I went right back into the box and was very depressed. It took me 3 days the realise that I was back in the box and the box was even smaller than before. This awareness made me realise that I must get out of the box and cherish my new found self and my family and felt enlightened and move forward in life. Some day I hope to find wisdom. Doc Yong gave us the map but we must chart our own journey in life. Many of us 'died' to live again. My family has migrated downunder not too far from Doc Yong's residence. It would be lovely to touch base with the ATPY graduates and certainly the mastery graduates especially those whom we went through the 7 painful but rewarding days. Love and hugs to all.

Jessica Tan

17 Ogos 2002

I'm one of the graduates from Kuching's 11 Sept 2002 ATPY course. Me & my mum really appreciated & benefited from all the things that I have learnt throughout these fews days. Thank you, DOC YONG, DOC LEONG & AUNTIE ANGIE! I LUV U!


13 Ogos 2002

Doc says: This wonderful website is the brainchild and work of Sally Kee, an ATPY graduate. On behalf of all of us YongiWay Graduates and those to come, we thank you from our hearts.

Janet Ooi

13 Ogos 2002

Graduated from ATPY on 11 August 2002. "I have opened up a new page in my life...and no that is and will not be the only page but a whole book to go through. I have discovered that there is much to learn...much to see....much to experience and much to live for. Life is beautiful and I am thankful that I have found that out through ATPY!"

Amanda Seng

08 Ogos 2002

Dear all I know and I don't know, but Yongiway family. It's been a year I attended ATPY, last year Aug. Also grduated from the Business Mastery course in Dec last year. Always wanted to go back to "recharge my battery" and join the activities but can't due to time constrain. Long time I did not log on to Community Zero and then 1 fine day when I managed to log on, I was like "...oh oh...what's this???". To be frannk, I don't know I was lost inside there. We tend to be influence by the society out there after sometimes, instead of being an influencer. Coming back home of Yongiway is necessary, feeling the comfort and outpour all the depress, it's just like a tired child cuddling in his mother's arms crying out for comfort then laughing loud of relief and joy.

Prudence Loh

05 Ogos 2002

Doc's skin nectar is just wonderful.... not only does it make your skin more supple and smooth but it could also be used for pimples and skin irrations like mosquito bites. The skin surface heals real fast! A real value for $ skincare product.


31 Julai 2002

It seems that this website came at just the right time as community zero seemed to have mucked up with the conversion. It is a great site and wish grads do come in for a chat as it was in comzero. Miss reading those chit chat and witty remarks. Was impressed with the theme song 'we are one' played. Great work!!!. The master's course had a great impact on myself too as part of the logistics team, finding myself to have gone deeper into self realisation each time. Hopefully with realisation we can achieve actualisation by being more adaptable, accommodating, agile etc. to go on in life so as happy, joyful and loving pax. Heartfelt Thanks to all the participants as well as logistics for making the course so remarkable.

Terence Loh

30 Julai 2002

I attended the recent mastery course in Kuching and it was a week of great fun. The people in Kuching are great. Special thanks to Lawrence for showing us around. Thanks to all Yongiway grads for showing us the true meaning of life once again.


28 Julai 2002

All 27 participants in the most recent Mastery Course came out trumps. They are truly Masters. Do apply the Mastery skills in your daily life for best results. I am humbled and honored that you chose me to guide you along towards Mastery.

ong wee jin

17 Julai 2002

I'm Ong Wee Jin from Penang (MALAYSIA).I graduated in Business Mastery Course inthe month of Disember 2001.Doc,sure u know me.


Sally Kee

04 Julai 2002

A colleague of mine introduced me to a 3-days course "Awakening the Powerful You" by a Dr Yong Teng Lim (aka Dr Yong). I told her “No, I’m already motivated enough, don’t need a course to tell me that”. She said no, it’s not a motivational course, this is different. So that’s what they all said.

With a weekend to spare, I decided on the spur of the moment “Why Not?” So I packed my bags and off I head for Port Dickson. And if I think I’m going to have a nice time in PD, basking in the sun, swimming in the ocean, that is not to be the case.

And what did I see, hear or experience? Ever wonder what pent up emotions can do to a person? I've never seen so much outpouring of emotions before. And these are from the ordinary, normal people, your man in the street. It is a one weekend of non-stop crying and laughing. He gets us into regression, with most of us sobbing and crying but he is also very funny and soon has us all in stitches. We laugh at ourselves and we laugh with others, but when we cry, indeed the whole world cries with us. He says that crying is regression and laughing progression. We put down our guard and join in the fun. And why not?

There were 19 of us, strangers to each other, including 5 cancer patients. Many with terminal illnesses, suicide tendencies, marital or family problems are now “Living Life To The Fullest” after attending this course. Some cancer patients have in fact gone into remission and referred others to it. Dr Yong believes that our health reflects our emotions and many people do not express their emotions but keep it in and which later physicalizes in our health be it mental or physical. All health related problems, be it cancer of the lungs, throat, chronic backache are manifestations from some stored up emotions like anger, fear, frustration.

“Do not think. Thoughts kill. Trust in your feelings which never fail you. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong answer.” Dr Yong believes in “going with the flow”. Do not expect him to stand on a podium to speak to you nor expect handouts on the topics that he’ll be talking about. No files, no notes, no pens, no handouts … just be there and enjoy.

We, with our pent up emotions can be like a walking, talking dynamite, awaiting to detonate. And anything can trigger it off. Even if you do not go into regression or are adamant not to go into it, it is nevertheless a pretty enlightening weekend and a good way to destress and detoxify your whole being. It is indeed a journey of self-discovery.